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Effective discussion ...
A thing may happen and be a total lie; another thing may not happen and be truer than the truth.

Highly rEsteemed!


Rwanda 1994 around 800.000 people dead in a few weeks. 10% of the entire population of the country butchered by their neighbours. Divide and Conquer.

Martin Armstrong says everything is a cycle, take Northern Ireland violence. He says that it is due to erupt again round now as a new cycle is beginning and we can see it happening just like he says.

Cycles are all based on Pi.

He says everything is a cycle from religion to war from government to currencies. His daily e-mails (BLOG) is well worth reading. He spent 7 years in federal prison in contempt of court, never charged with anything, totally innocent.

The movie made about him after he managed to get out (The Forecaster) is worth seeing and another movie is in production in Europe about him at present.

His computer system predicts events from earthquakes to currency crashes so no wonder the government wanted to get hold of it, luckily they failed.

He also runs but its a paid service which predicts ALL the stock markets and their future movements.

Beginning with beLIEf...

That should be common sense at this point.
Be the change in the world,
even if you're corrupt,
we thank thee.

Truth and Reality occur moment-to-moment. Reality exists because every point in the universe "agrees" to what happens next.

After all, each point in space has spent eternity getting everything set for this moment to happen, when we ignore or resist the pattern then we create discord.

Man's mind is something different. We get to create and experience reality and imagination at the same time. Certain influential people are trying to use OUR imagination to manifest a reality that doesn't fit the larger consciousness.

This is the only lie that can be. Thank god that so many of us see the lie so clearly, we are changing it JUST BY SEEING IT.

This should give us inspiration and encouragement.


Great explanation about lie..@maxigan

I HATE silly petitions but this may be the only way Ross has left to get out. HIs life is more or less in the hands of Donald Trump as all legal venues have now been exhausted.

Oh Max... I always enjoyed your shows and the information on the Smart System and 5G is some of the best out there, but boy are you going completely off the tracks....

I speak this from the heart, seriously, but this is what you sound like "Nothing is true, all is a lie, even books and the information we get from them.... But the Vedas are probably true!"

Are you serious? I really mean it, are you serious??? Where do you get this utter crap from?

So all religions are a lie, all books are a lie, probably even the people are a lie, but waiiiiittttt the Vedas are true! Why are they true? Because I (Max Igan) also found literature that (for some reason or another) I like, and so that's why it's true.

Max, I speak as a friend. You are going down such a rabbit hole that you will never get out from. You spend almost a year (or more) warning people about rabbit holes, and now you fall into one.

This wouldn't be a problem at all but because you are now presenting the one argument that Flat Earthers (for example) have always given, which is, "If I can't feel/touch/smell/ear/taste then I can't say it's real" it really makes me wonder where you'll end up.

You already question history (not just whatever version of history you decide makes sense, but basically all history), saying the middle ages didn't exist, monuments aren't even a thousand years old, books are all lies, I guess archeologists and people like them are all liers and deceivers as well... Where will it end? Seriously, where will it end?

And most important is where do you NOW get the nerve to say that anything is real or factual if before you already said that nothing is true and everything is a lie? So who is telling the truth now? For example, how can you now be speaking of mud slides and saying that "other people" are looking into it. Looking into what? Into BOOKS! Into the INTERNET! Into the very things that you already say that they are all lies... So where do you get your information??? Do you see mud slides? Is it all because of some number next to a door that's about 5 meters beneath the earth? Is that your basis for all this?

Seriously Max. I'm just a normal guy trying to find the truth and live my life without hurting or imposing on anyone, and dealing with everyone with love and care.

But now you seem to have lost grip on anything (not going to say "lost grip on reality" because what is "reality"?). You have nothing which you can say is true or has some basis for it besides whatever is stuck in your head that particular week or whatever is still in your memory. So basically for you, whatever comes from before the 1900's is most likely a lie and all that exists or can be verified is what's inside your own head.

Kind of a sad state of affairs and speaks more about your mistrust in everything that anything else. Also note, that your lack of trust has a very real foundation, but to distrust government is one thing, to distrust the entirety of human literature (books) is an entirelly different thing.

Know this is a long text, maybe you won't read it. But if you do and find it just to a bunch of rambling then at least answer me one simple question: Why do you still think that the Vedas texts are true and why everything else isn't?

A big hug and much love to you. Inlakesh.


I was simply referencing that old original written texts may possibly contain some truth but little else bar what we experience ourselves.... sorry to have offended you by thinking outside the box or speaking about any topics I may enjoy


Offend me? There's no offense to be taken Max. That's not my point. My only point is you say everything is a lie but somehow there are still texts which you say can be true. I was just wondering about your thought process on why most are lies but you still find some true ones.

Honestly, I agree with you on basically everything. But I feel that maybe you're not expressing yourself well enough. You can't just say things like "books since the printing press are all lies" and expect a rational person to instantly be like "of course!". You have to get some facts in there, and you don't. Lately you just say something, expect people to believe what you say and jump on to the next conclusion.

I can't do that. I can't listen to you saying such broad and unfounded statement as "books since the printing press are lies" and take that as truth.

I still listen, and I still "imagine" what if that was the case. But come on...

Also, this "thinking outside the box", a little truth for you (which you know btw), there is no box!

Apart from that, it was still a great show and I love it when you start getting "angry" and make your feelings heard. We're on the same page and fighting on the same side, that won't change regardless of what you or I think about history, that's all peanuts compared to being together in unity and love =)

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you didn't take offence yourself about what I wrote (maybe I came off a bit "angry" myself) but that's just how I write.

P.S. If you think the Veda texts may be true, I would just like to mention Sefer Yetzirah as a book that I feel is true, give it a read if you haven't already and if you find the time for it. Again, big hug and much love. Take care

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yes it is

Being beholden to what others say is true has been a problem for me for some time. Experience is really the only teacher I trust. With everyone else, I just accept that that is what they believe, and it may or may not be true. Since, at a high level, I believe in something very different to what others believe, that divide suits me completely. The one major benefit of not simply accepting what others say is that you can never be challenged by the propaganda concept of 'fake news.' Since your own truth is your truth alone, and no one else's, whether it is seen as fake in another person's eyes is irrelevant. By the time we are adults, we should have our own individual understanding of truth anyway. Sure, it's a bonus to have friends who think alike and who agree with your truth, but at the end of the day, no two people will ever agree on everything they believe, since they've had different experiences, so believing that truth comes through agreement is foolhardy right from the get-go. I praise Max for being bold in calling out our history as a lie. If anything, it undermines the foundation that the existing elite stand upon as they continue to grow their empire on the false belief that we believe in their truth and their status as our rulers. We don't, and since they really have no way to prove their truths, they must either forsake them or be challenged for as long as they continue to stand upon them. So, who's for a regular, old fashioned empire burning? Count me in.

Great talk again @maxigan

On world population I have the same theory. Mine is based on the 1st rule on the Georgia stones. They won't say keep it below a specific number if it isn't already there.