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Fascinating and scary Max's view is always eye opening no matter what you know. He has really opened my eye over the years. Great interview 💯🐒

we live in a full fledged dystopia, no doubt about it. It even is one of my favorite words these days.

Cryptocurrencies are helping the cyber prison take shape as much as any other digital cards. True freedom starts in the mind and cannot be bought. Only Overcoming The "Psychosis Of Material Success" And A "Revolution Of Values" Can Free The Human Experience

The answer to everything is "The Fourth Estate". Media. Just what Luke and many of us are doing. Government would work if Media was free to report the truth. There actually used to be laws that protected the media's "right" to report the facts.

It seems to me the easiest way to peace and freedom is an uncontrolled media.

Thank God for the journalists out there reporting the facts, we actually are starting to take reality back by reporting the truth.

Well done you guys!

We are all slaves. Try giving up your nationally, it's impossible. You have to be a slave to some country. You cannot become a non citizen. Maybe a banned citizen but not a non citizen.