My First Steem Birthday - Honest Re-View about the Blockchain in an Almost RAW Video

in life •  7 months ago

Everytime we have a Birthday we Think Deeply...

And let me tell you that this is not the tipical video that you are used to see in my content.


Without mincing words I must say what I think, and what I feel about being a year in this New Crypto Life.


Really appreciate to know what you think!




Peace V!

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Steem blockchain was rated as the second best just next to ethereum b'chain and this is a great news for us steemians. We are so lucky that we are here coz its so promising and its potential to be on top is high. There are so many platform scrambling to use steem b'chain due to its efficiency and its transaction is so fast than others. Hoping that soon we will be on top 😊


Could be great to know the relation between this post and ur answer


Could be great to know
The relation between this
Post and ur answer

                 - leotrap

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you for your honesty and for your reflection @leotrap. It takes a lot of hard work, especially when you pursue the community endeavors / philanthropic work that you have been pushing and pushing for. It's hard work in two directions also... one direction requires you to rally support here within the blockchain world (delegation, upvotes etc) which is difficult, and two - to help build up awareness and education on the ground within our own neighborhoods.

It's important to remember, the Steem community here is very young. 1 year ago, when you began we had only one or two apps available to us. The blockchain world here is maturing, and as it matures we'll have more opportunity to accelerate forward.

Steem on brother! Here's to a hard working but action packed year ahead.


Always a pleasure to read this beautiful words @sndbox team, @voronoi, @hansikhouse, and believe me guys that without your help all my work in ther ecosystem could be almost impossible to achieve.

And I'm not talknig about the love support you give to the community, I talk about the honest way you do things and the professinal way you do everything, and that's made me keep on trusting in the Blockchain!

Cheers for that! ;)

Congratulations! One year and you managed to stay. Many people don't. Yes, it is hard work. But things that will be good are never easy. I think you have done really well for your one year here. I too am here a little over a year an I have not done nearly as well. Yes, I worked my butt off and put in 14 hours a day. I have had my moments when I was very discouraged and wanted to quit, but I am still here. Why? Because I believe it will get better. All crypto right now is unstable and has a low value. Everything that is new has growing pains. We are still early adaptors of Steemit. We are here during the time of the changes. I think people who join much later will have a more difficult time than we had. So, chin up my friend! We will survive!


So glad to see your words in here @cecicastor...

And yes I think the same. We are early adopters and it got a nice side of course. I really understand your feeling about working hard in here and what you think about the hard path we have been walking, but as you said; We will Survive!

Peace V!

Feliz cumpleaños @leotrap...el mio fue hace un par de semanas...saludos desde argentina


Feliz, feliz @matuca! Abrazo y Feliz cumpleaños atrasado!

Congratulations, and i am anjoyed your videi

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You welcome sucsess for you

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woooow I hope that steemit will continue to reward you for being a great blogger


Well... I hope it can start doing it some day! ;)

my first day on steem birthday


Hi! Please take care of your rep man if this is your first day and you are at 21 (4) below this is not good enough ;)

Welcome to thge Blockchain!

So far it’s pretty neat, I’ve only uploaded a single video so far, but the idea is really cool, I’m very interested to see how things go as parts get added or taken away, My only complaint is (and I’m not sure if this is changed yet I go on my pc every few days to check it out and or upload) is having to go through the menus to find my uploaded content, it feels awkward, and I wish it was so much simple, perhaps a tab at the top “View” -> “My Uploads” and then display all the users uploads, how many views, revenue from the upload, status of the upload (live, under review etc) and of course an option to upload from there

leotrap exelente post te felicito , este es mi correo puedes escribir por allí necesito preguntarte algo de curazao vale disculpad.. [email protected]


Para eso esta Discord y Curazao no funciona por el momento.

Congrat. i just past it at 5days ago🎉🎉🎉


Congrats! ;) I dunno why but so many Stemians seems to be joined in July 17

Cool to have so many Sisters and Bros! ;)

mujy b btaho kesy kamahon