BoldspiritTravels on a budget: No, not all Colombians know how to dance Salsa! 😂 [Solo backpacking on a budget in Latin America]

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Bogota, a city of contrasts. Just like most of South America. I remember that it was sometimes heart-breaking to see how divided and unjust those social differences can be. And although I surely want to write a post about this topic one day soon, it will not be today because I feel the need to expand my knowledge and understanding of it. This is too complex to just write general and empty slogans.

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So today I will take you with me to a big party place where young locals from Bogota like to spend their weekends. As I mentioned in my first post about Bogota, my hosts were members of privileged, upper class. But they were humble, hardworking and simply very normal. So this evening was far from being fancy and over-the-top.

A party with locals. "Andrés Carne de Res"


I was invited by my host’s younger sister to join her and her friends for a Saturday night out. I was told we are going to go to a place called "Andrés Carne de Res", located outside Bogota. Apparently a spot to go, with great food, music and a possibility to dance! Of course, I was happy to go there with the group.
This is how Lonely Planet describes it:

Food-wise, it has really ramped up the quality of late (perhaps shockingly to some, it crashed into the coveted San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list at 49 in 2017) but it's the surreal decor and designed gimmicks that truly fascinate. For most, it’s more than a meal – but a leave-the-watch-at-home expanse of late-night rumba that will leave you mesmerized, drunk and wondering, "What the hell happened last night?" Staff will get you on the floor if you resist joining in.

Pretty encouraging. ;)

We met outside the flat and got to a minivan rented for this occasion. There were already some of Raissa's friends inside in a mood to party. We went to pick up the rest of the people and then took off to the disco. On a highway ,we took a little break because everyone wanted to buy some extra alcohol to drink in the car. I was wondering why we/they didn’t meet before, for a proper “before party”, but I think I didn’t finally ask that question. ;) Oh, I didn’t mention everyone was in their mid-twenties, so I was the oldest, haha ;) One thing, yes, I’m from Poland, and according to a “single story” if you’re from Poland (Russia) you suppose to drink like crazy. I mean people expect you to drink vodka first thing in the morning, just like water. They are always a bit disappointed hearing that I don’t drink much and seeing me with a glass of wine instead. ;) So here I were, in a mini-van with 12 students who were drinking their super strong and not tasty “aguardiente” – firewater and asking me to share the drinks with them. In my eyes, politeness and respect to locals require from me to join. But it wasn’t pleasant to say the least ;) After all, “aguardiente”, a national alcoholic beverage, is a spirit made from distilled sugar cane and aniseed.

After around 45 minutes of the ride, we arrived around 10:30-11 pm. and it was getting packed. Part of the group found a place to sit and ordered food, Raissa and I, we headed to the dance floor. This place was huge, with several dance floors, restaurants and tables to seat both on the inside and outside. The music was already on, there were some couples dancing salsa. As I adore dancing, and Latin dances are what I really enjoy, I felt I was in the right place for the evening. Back in Europe Latin dances like Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton etc are popular. Even my brother, who all his life was highlighting that he would never be able to dance – learned it and now he’s really smooth and pleasant to watch. (yes, I am very proud of him! :) )But you know what, it came with dedication and many hours in dancing classes.


A few lines above I was mentioning the “single story” about people from East Europe. Here is the “single story” about Latin people – they all know how to dance salsa because it is in their blood. This cliché is not harmful, and honestly it is repeated by the Latins themselves. But the “sad” truth is… NOT EVERY LATIN PERSON KNOW HOW TO DANCE SALSA! So guys, stop pretending, be a little less macho/cocky and just learn how to lead. There is no shame in that. But instead, a half of men were leading in a very uncomfortable for a woman, invasive way.
Apart from this little disappointment, I had a really good time.

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Thank you for being here with me. I hope until next time!
Pura Vida and enjoy your journey! ❤

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Hola amigo.
Bueno..... Al final creo que la debes haber pasado genial. La hospitalidad del Bogoteño es única. La carne a la brasa es genial. Lo del Aguardiente lo entiendo. Las chicas geniales. En un próximo viaje y con una mayor estadia te sentiras muchísimo mejor.
Saludos hermano


jaja! hola :) Muchísimas gracias por tu mensaje! de donde eres? Abrazos!


Hola amigo.
De Venezuela. Si, del único país donde manda un burro.

A really great place. Your posts are always great. I'm always happy to be there


thank you, so nice to hear that!

A really great place maybe someday I will get the opportunity of going there to taste the fun of it and maybe I can eventually learn salsa the Colombian way. Thanks @k-a-s-i-a for this.


you are more than welcome.

upvote me too. Greetings! (:

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Super! ;) I thank you if you follow and upvote me too. Greetings! (: