Consistency And Persistence Pays

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There is power in being consistently persistent.

If the rules change, you become confused. You need to figure out how to consistently earn rewards, A good blogger or promoter must always use same command dynamically to gain people's and community attention.


"Consistent" and "Persistent" in a simple term:

Being consistent means acting or doing things same way over time, having same attitude towards people or things or achieving same level of success all the time.

Being consistent means continuing firmly in a course of action or opinion in spite of opposition or difficulty.

Consistency and persistence are two virtues difficult to sustain if not regularly engaged. Show me someone who has applied those two words and i will tell you without doubt that they have attained some level of success. Personally i can tell that applying both in what you do can help you measure your success.


The need for Consistency

I want us to be very clear while on this subject. Success in this context is not limited to certain areas of life, if creating quality content on Steemit is your primary goal that means taking appropriate action or steps on a frequent and consistent basis may be considered a success because it will be evident on your blog.

Too many people look away from the power of consistent effort towards their goals, when one applies it to what they do daily, it becomes part of them that when they don't do what they have been doing they feel something is not complete, it becomes the ability to consciously make continuous effort despite external or challenging forces, ceaseless determination is paramount in this case in order to achieve a positive outcome.


Let's dig deep into PERSISTENCE

Being consistent is not enough, you need PERSISTENCE.

All this while in life i have focused more on Consistency forgetting that the application of Persistence to it will make it much more worthwhile.

Persistence is a state of mind, It is a Never give up attitude in man, Persistent people push through pain, challenges, setbacks, roadblocks and difficulty when moving ahead in life.

Note: All the above mention will certainly be experienced and the only person that can make whatever you want to do successful is YOU.

Persistent people have an indomitable WILL to succeed, they recognize those forces (i.e setbacks, roadblocks, challenges etc) which act on us, forces that can hinder ones progress, yet they still linger ahead.

I read an article sometime ago and this is the summary of it.

Change the way you look at things so the things you look at can change.

You can control these repetitive thoughts through "Cancel/Clear/Connect strategy". When negative thoughts pop up, say to yourself "Cancel." When the same thoughts keep popping up, work on clearing your mind. If the negativity persists, connect to what inspires you.



@ejemai told me during my first few weeks on Steemit that the only challenge that i may have on Steemit is ME, those words may seem simple but i got the real picture with time and that has kept me going.

Dedicating this article to everyone who has inspired me one way or the other @samstickkz, @ejemai and @surpassinggoogle. I will always be grateful to you all.

Till i come your way next time

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yes you are wright we do really need those two attributes in life consistency and persistence

Great post ma
These two things are currently lacking in my life, thanks for sharing