Vlog 248: Yesterday Steemit.com was sluggish but the blockchain was fine. Steemify kept running great because @blockbrothers build Nozzle.

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Yesterday Steemit.com and Busy.org were a bit sluggish.

I had lunch with our @blockbrothers dev @bennierex yesterday and he explained to me what he thought that a reason could be.

He said, there was either something wrong with the API or with the full node(s) that is being used by these frontends.

The blockchain was never in danger and all your funds and data are fine.

Many noticed that communication with the blockchain was working perfectly through www.steemitstage.com proving the blockchain was fine. It uses a different API or full node.

With Steemify we solved this problem of not being able to connect to a full node with Nozzle.

A tool @bennierex build.

It will basically cycle through different entry points until it finds one that it can use to connect to the blockchain.

What is Nozzle?

Nozzle is a free, opensource, low-level steemd RPC client, a Python library for the Steem Blockchain. It aims to allow developers to communicate with the Steem blockchain in a reliable way.


  • Auto retries and failover to backup nodes.
  • Clean error handling.
  • Customizable retries and timeouts.

get it here

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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I found difficult at time to comment but I still could my way around.
I guess we need more like busy.org, steemkr to tap into steem blockchain.
Keep on steemin'

this is the positive of the decentralised platform if one front end goes down we have many yesterday was a bad day not cool at all but busy was ok ok not doing bad great that blockbrothers keep it running :D


Yesterday was very challenging but we survived!

Well great to hear that we are in great shape again with the platform :)


With so many options there is always a way!

Glad the blockchain is fine. May the best frontend win. Love the competition.

Patience is another strategy that worked for me,


For me too!!!!!


@doctorjohn, I also used this strategy yesterday. :-)


Patience didn't work for me! It just gave an error message. I had to abandon ship!

Owk now I have learnt something new from you video. Didn't know initially how the blockchain was run and didn't understand what the API and nodes were all about.

From your explanation you said we have about 10 full nodes and steemit.com and busy.org are connected to one while steemit stage .come is connected to another and chainbb.com to another . What other sites are connected to the other nodes? Or are they just free without connections ?

I havnt heard of chainbb before and would love to check it out. I always thought steemit.com gives us the opportunity of seeing our very first post. Never knew we could only see 6 months back...lovely.

Pls protect yourself from the snowey cold. It's quite hot here in Nigeria and we are currently begging for the snow you are experiencing over there...lolzz.

Do have a nice day @exyle

Yesterday I had some friends talking about the issue on there access to Steemit on the group chat, but I came late to login and was it has already been resolved.
It's cool to hear how the steemify app keep running.
I will like to congratulate @benneirex for his good works on the steemify app, and for his creative mind.

yesterday steemit.com was fine sluggish blockchain.this is a very good news and great work of you. you lunch doing with dev @bennierex yesterday.i hope you take a good experience of nozzle.its very important for steemit blockchain.its developed to doing commuinication of steemit blochchain matter.so,every steemians should be know this matter.thanks to sharing of your good post sir @exyle.very well done of your good work.

Good thing that it's now back to normal. I'm amazed that there are tons of platforms that you can go to when you are down. I've just learned about steemitstage.com yesterday. ^^

It was a relief before the sluggishness started that I finished my blog post of the day just in time. There were instances that this happened in the past but I am frustrated that I cannot do my daily things on Steemit. Upvoted!

It was something..Lots of newbies kept calling and asking what really was wrong showing their eagerness to connect with steem..indeed patience pays..But it also worked on steemitstage.com Many thanks for getting things solved..this is awesome @exyle

That is a fantastic and clear explanation- I too was wondering what was happening with the website. I think nozzle is amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

That Nozzle park is some innovative thinking. Defo some kind of API problem yesterday because unlike issues before other front end were affected. Slightly annoying because I usually post through busy!

Good morning! Was wondering what was going on yesterday. Thanks for giving us a clue as to what's going on. How is your mouse hunting project going?!! Hopefully those lil'buggers heed their eviction notice!! 🐁

That is a fantastic and clear explanation...

this is awesome.

Good to know! Thanks :)
When Steemit is working slowly, I use Busy.

Very helpfull post dear . Blockchain is most important on steemit . Thanks for shareing

Upvote follow 👌👍

Hey @exyle this is great update , that will be helpful to this community . I will like to add a quote here that may also be helpful to bloggers on this platform ;
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yess, it shows 504 gateway timeout on my side and I thought I was the only one hahahah

My experience tells me that the case is definitely the latter one:

...the answers are so fucking simple and right under our noses that we’ve missed it near our whole lives

A few thoughts in response to what you have to say, based on my understanding/experience:

everything is pin-point accurate. Accepting this is to go with the flow (of life, the universe or whatever the BIG thing is :)
an experience of suffering/hardship is similarly accurate. We suffer when we resist the notion that it is accurate - we then fight. Instead, accepting the accuracy of all experience and not resisting also allows for learning and growth and, ultimately, the dissolution of the experience of suffering (as this particular strand is no longer required).
it is a process of discovery. What anyone else says or does may guide or provide examples, but ultimately I am my own highest authority. In other words, only I can find out - noone can tell me. We are, necessarily, our own gurus :D
by comparing our experience to another's (positively or negatively), we not only relinquish the opportunity to understand it and grow from it, but we also end up resisting and suffering
everything is connected, therefore anything can inform on anything else. The outer is a reflection of the inner, and vice-versa, it can actually be read as such.
the nature of the universe is fundamentally benign....... Life is Shit is a perception, it is not reality, however real it may feel
Just my thoughts on your post @exyle. Cheers.

@exyle thank you very much for information.
Your post is useful for small fish like me.

I plan to join with .nozzle

You always get sad when you having issue login in or do something else on Steemit. I actally could't login in Busy either which use to be my backup plan.
But Steemify worked

i too had problem may be a ddos attack going on like earlier

Significant Things We Do not Know More Than Many Than Thanks For The Honorable Quotes

Yeah that's true

unequalled writing sir, great explanation. thanks for sharing the important information.

Great one
This is @mr-awesome

Thank you for reassuring me, again. Have a good weekend as well!

No, not funny. Yesterday I wanted to rage quit and throw every device I was trying to post with out the damn window. That was ridiculous. i Kept waiting to hear the early 2000's dial up eeeeeeeeeee errrrrrrrrrrrr eeeeeeeeeeeee noise as i was waiting over a minute for the spining circle of death to register a simple up vote. I can almost guarantee anyone that was trying out the site for the first time yesterday will never be back.

it was very sluggish glad that we could access it at the end and no more dramas

upvote and resteem.

Hi, am new here...
I just want some clarification please
is steemitstage.com another way to access the steemit community just like steemit.com and busy.org?
Which is more user friendly?

I was wondering about the reason for the sluggishness. Thanks for the explanation. It does make one appreciate the speed when it gets back to normal.

Yes , I also face the problem but we should be patience.

I follow u..please u follow me

Resolutely support useful things and hope to get better and better

We also experienced the same thing yesterday but to be sincere I didn't know the cause of this until now that you share this useful information.

That is reason why someone should move with people who can be of benefits to one another, having lunch with @blockbrothers let us know the root cause of steemit. com been sluggish yesterday. Thanks @exyle

yesterday was not a fun day for posting but steemit seems to be working fine now

Good info!

It's the first time I've noticed Steemit not working properly, hopefully it's been fixed and won't happen again!

hello from poland

Yes, yesterday was almost painful to be on here

hola siempre te sigo por tus buenas recomendaciones gracias éxito

Yesterday Steemit.com and Busy.org were a bit sluggish.

Yeah, noticed that too...at first, I had to contact some of my friends to confirm if it was really steemit or my network

success for you bro :D

Is nozzle an application just like steemify ?

Yeah, yesterday was very annoying to get anything done on Steemit, but I'm glad that it's solved now. Saw you in the dutch community discord btw ;-)

Yeah yesterday I was trying to get to steemit but it worked so slow, I thought thats because of my internet, but still I waited couple seconds (or minutes) longer to reload and somehow it worked. Today it works perfectly :D

I just moved and thought my connection sucks,
thanks for this update, now I can sleep again 😁

That would be great. I didn't know anything about steemitstage and I had a hell of a time trying to connect between 1100 hours and 1400 hours GMT.

Patience. Thanks for sharing

liked the post .. keep it up

it very well okay to talk about your day to day activities..

I do not really understand but I'm learning it @rahmato

Good strategy!

yesterday was not a fun day for posting but steemit seems to be working fine now