Vlog 306: The coolest way to share photos on the blockchain. Demonstrating the Steepshot app!

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Steepshot is a photo sharing app build on top of the Steem blockchain.

For me it's one of those apps that will lead a lot of people to the Steem blockchain because it's so easy to use.

It's basically just like Instagram with a huge difference!

You have a chance to monetise your content by just using the app.

Today I like to give a small demonstration of how the app works and how much fun it is to use.



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Steepshot is slowly getting the adaption it deserves, indeed a great photo sharing App on Blockchain....

Many thanks for your Steepshot demonstration.
How many tags can you use? Also a maximum of 5 tags?
Why do you use a different username? Safety measure?


5 tags. No, I didn't want those pictures to mix with my current blog.

I just like how fast it help in getting content to the steem blockchain without login to steemit directly. I have once use it and i really like how it works
@exyle, thanks so much for demonstration how the app works, other minnows will really find it useful.

Mark @exyle Thank You for doing this Post on Steepshot. I actually used the Steepshot App this morning to Welcome people to #PirateSunday ............ I even let @s3rg3 that I wished him well as he does his Pirate Treasure Hunting at the Beach today...............I hope to see you and him doing a lot more of looking for those Gold Coins....

I actually downloaded it yesterday, and had my 1st post on it 👌



Well that's a first. I've never heard you call yourself Mark before @exyle. Talking to a new audience?

I just wish I could post on Steepshot without it appearing in my feed in Steemit. Maybe I should start a new account like you did. Good idea! Thanks for the demonstration. 😁

I really like the look of steepshot, but I prefer to connect with steem connect. I'm always a bit hesitant about using my private keys on third party aps


Steepshot only needs your posting key so it's pretty safe. You can even scan the QR code straight from your permission tab on steemit.com.


Thanks for the reply @exyle, I just realised they only needed posting key so I decided to risk it 😊 - I'm now half way through posting my first pic!

It's really cool to see how these apps have developed over the last few months. Thanks for keeping us updated!


I feel you , that is why they request posting private key.

That was a perfect demonstration of steepshot- I liked it. What a great app to have to post and check out interesting photos. Thank you for sharing :)

I just used it this week for the first time and i totally agree: My idea was the same as yours, it is like instagram but on the blockchain.

Im only wondering on what is wisdom: Im not really a one picture poster, this might mess up my account using it too often.

Im considering opening up a second account for it


A second account solves the problem for now. But it's not always handy. I'm hoping when SMT's come out we can just use our main accounts on all these apps and prevent them from mixing up to much.


No exactly, I was seeing the logistic issues already coming with that second account

I am also using masdacs at the moment to cross chain post on golos and whaleshares (something for you are well maybe?), and already have different accounts there is so much more work. Not everything blends in.

Hopefully these SMT will just fix exactly that. Nobody knows anything on when and where, right?

Steepshot has surely gone a long way, @exyle! I hope other Steem apps become better too, especially Dtube. I'm having troubles viewing past videos because it seems like forever to load.


Dtube videos work for about a week so what you are experiencing is 'normal' (IPFS). They are working on this longevity in future updates.


Not much of a problem, @exyle! 😊 What's important is it's getting better and better.

Hi Mark @exyle! I followed your second account and liked the cup picture. I love the app, I use it every now and then to mix up my contents a little bit. Steepshot has the ability to bring a lot of new users who want to simply post their pictures on the blockchain, in fact a lot of my friends who I recommended Steem to already use it a lot.

Hey man, you're getting good at at this green screen stuff! I think that it adds a lot to your vlogs but I do like stripped down style too!


I think I will do a combination of both going forward. I want to use the green screen mainly if there is something well...to show. If not then I just leave it.

Excellent video, @exyle! Your videos just keep getting better and better. This is awesome!


Thank you!

Thanks for the video @exyle! I'm having fun also posting on the Steem with Steepshot. I wanted to ask you a question that might seem unrelated. As the apps on the Steem Blockchain are growing and will keep springing up. It is normal that we'll be sharing our keys more and more. What strategies do you use to keep them safe? Thanks in advance for the help!


Yes, that's true.

The most important thing of all is that you never use your master password to sign in anywhere.

Always use your posting key (most secure) or active key.

In case you have your account compromised you can use your master password to reset the other keys (posting key/active key).


thanks @exyle! I just wanted to test a new app called "What-App Q&A" that is supposed to be built on top of the Steem Blockchain. However, when I try to log in with Steemconnect I see it asks at least for the active key, which makes me wonder whether that is secure.

Love Steepshot...Still not the most comfortable putting just pics up on my main account so I love what you did to create a separate account for the app. Great idea!

What do you think Appics will play with the future of Steepshot?

Competition, or different models?

I did not use it yet,but i had seen lots of people's attempts on this field.Thanks for sharing ,your attention on this field makes the things attractive.

It absolutely is. Have been addicted to Instagram for quite a while however since the day I joined steepshot there's no looking back.
We all like to share a part of life and what better than getting paid for it.

Nice post , thank you . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

Yaah the steepshot app are focus are bright in all

The more I read about the wonderful apps the more I learned and surprised. It is amazing. Thanks @exyle for sharing the youtube back up video.

It's an amazing app. It is well said that the app lead a lot of people to the steem blockchain. Yes it is very easy to use. But it's a matter of sorrow that I could not add the app in my mobile. May be it mobile's problem. Thanks sir . You added you tube backup link. It is more useful for users.

Steepshot is an amazing app. In my opinion it's better than instagram, although not as famous as instagram but hopefully due to it's amazing fueature it will leave behind instagram. Thanks for sharing the demonstration about steepshot

Nice, i think we have our very own instagram on th blockchain

Thank you for such a good post!

i am using steepshot since two month ago. i love this app because it using so easy, we can easily post some nice photo on this platform.

I think it's a cool steem item. How about make a marketplace for souvenirs or items related to steem blockchain that can be bought with real cash. I guess it will be a good promotion.

i am using steepshot a few month ago..
its awesome to share my photo..

Hi @exyle! Is it real to make posible to share on steepshot not only photos but and videos too?

sir, i have a question steepshot is another category app of steemit like dtbe dlive dmania etc? or it is something different from others?...

Just downloaded it thanks for sharing

Thanks for the demo @exyle! I think Steepshot is really a good app. It just need a little good advertisement so more people will be aware of this app.

Wonderful demo of that nice and easy this is so awesome addition on the steem blockchain

Enjoy! @exyle😍,steepshot is perfect, easy, not slow.😙

Thank you for sharing this!!!! Instagram is my last regular social media outlet that is not steem related!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice one, am sure this app will be relevant to selfie savvy people like me


that's pretty cool to know, thanks for the tips by the way..

coolest indeed brother ^_^

Oh this is great! I'm new here, and I was just thinking yesterday if there is an app like this... and there you go! Thanks for sharing!

This is one of the good goodie goodie apps of the blockchain

Amazing app, steepshot is user friendly, it is very interesting to see how far you have gone, Well done.

Thanks @exyle already tried and it looks promising. Fingers crossed!

Only one downside thing is, that it gets 15% of your reward... I think it is too much, but d.Tube gets 25%. Why that much?

i really like steepshot. i have long supported @exyle as a witness. it is a good witness

I think Steepshot is slowly getting the adaption it deserves, indeed a great photo sharing App on Blockchain agree with me?

Thank you for sharing this experience


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I greet you

Just found it on the Apple App store, the colour scheme is reds not blues, but it looks like the same App...I'll check it out, cheers

Thanks! I had no idea what steepshot was!

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki article about Steepshot. Thanks and good luck again!