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If you're a little messed up in the head and have a solid coconut going for you, and somewhat like to destroy other people's lives. Well look no further ya messed up scrub, cause this article is just for you! Look I hope you already understand the fact that scams are awful and have no place in our society, or in the crypto atmosphere. Especially with the Bitconnect, Bit Petite, and Falconcoin scams rocking the crypto communities reputation.
But if i'm honest with you, maybe a little too honest. I was on that bandwagon very early on...

I learned about the magnificent world of Bitcoin and all her altcoin companions back in late 2016 all because of Bitconnect. And sadly to be honest, even with all the money that I made, I still wish I never took part because i've seen how that scandal ruined some people's lives. The only way that I can ever validate my participation was the single fact that I NEVER participated in the affiliates program. From the beginning I always had a hunch that they were scams, but I couldn't resist because of all the bag of coins I was getting each and every day! I had myself thinking that they were actually legit companies doing good for the world. I mean for once I was believing that HEY! I might actually be able to go to school, study and become a pilot! My dreams were bright at the moment and I didnt want to see it any other way because for once I felt like I had a future. I couldn't imagine anything going wrong and my dreams coming to a flatline. I would have rather been dead at that point to be honest. It wasn't till couple months in when I started to ask myself questions.

“Hmmm, So how in the hell is Bitconnect going to manage account and pay them that have millions or even billions of Dollars invested?”.

The answer was it wasnt and couldn't. It was impossible! Compound interest is a beautiful thing, like seriously beautiful and you should look into! But Bitconnect would nowhere in hell be able to keep up with the demand of such giant portfolios and paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars every single day! It was an unsustainable system. When I realized that fact I started to take out chunks and chunks of my money out as quickly as I could. I had been in Bitconnect and other from the very beginning, and by the time it had gone down I had already made ten time and over the amount that I had initially invested. The sad part is that Bitconnect saw a huge spike in new users just a few weeks before it went down. Oh lawd! I don't even want to know how much some of those people invested into it. Lives were probably ruined. But did they screw themselves over with greed? Eh maybe. But it sucks to know that their money was used to pay me.


So what is this magnificent idea of mine that is just as screwed up!
INVEST in scams early on!
Yes you heard me and i'm sorry for saying it. But look, hear me out okay? If you invest very early on. You can make 200x what you had initially invested! With all that money that you're going to have you can reinvest and help out project around the world that are morally right. You will have the funds to make a big difference in the world if you so choose. I hope you choose right! We need more good people. Just remember that the money that you are making is from the greed of another. That might be enough to settle your uncomplacent heart, but just know that it was their dumb fault for investing more than they could afford!

Use this power and knowledge wisely padawan! Please. For the sake of humanity.

Let me know what you think! Comment, follow, and upvote for more great content! See you next time!

P.S Send Trevon James a very unhappy letter!

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True that's why they are pyramids money at the top and the bottom is supporting them. Its not your fault if you get in early infact you have taken the biggest risk coz it might not get big so you deserve it if your willing to take the risk. people that have come in to summat coz they listened to a random guy on YouTube deserve what they get coz they don't want to read up on anything and do research they just wanna go in blind so good luck to them. No one has ever put a gun to anyone's head they have promised them something and have fallen for it. If I knocked on your door and gave you a pitch and you gave me all your money whos to blame and no one would anyway! so why is it different when its in cyber space and you cant even physically abuse the guy?

Haha I wouldn’t say you should ever invest in scams. Invest in Fantom. Much better.

i upvoted, follow and coment you... you also upvote, follow and coment.

Scam artists are always trying to find the "new" so that they can exploit people for their money

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Sad but true. Invest in these scams and make sure you cash out early. Ponzis, cryptos etc

Sad but true. Invest in these scams and make sure you cash out early. Ponzis, cryptos etc

You right pro thanks for this words

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