You can Only Accomplish SO Much!

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The other day, I decided to sit down and take stock of what it would "take" for me to be efficient and caught up on all the things I need to do, on a daily basis.

This included my various avenues of making a living, being part of a household and family, managing businesses, doing yard work, and so forth.

I tried to be "reasonable" with my time estimates, rather than overly hopeful as I tend to be.

Time to find more time to chill out!

*The current total amounts to about 34 hours of work... PER DAY!

Clearly, something is wrong with this picture!

I once heard it said that the best way to reduce stress from work and having a busy life is NOT "time management tools" or scheduling, or "better organization."

The best approach is simply doing less.

I think "doing less" is one of the options we tend to overlook; we get trapped in the belief that we "must" cope with whatever workload we have... and to simply say "this is TOO much!" is some kind of admission of failure, as human beings.

Of course, "doing less" takes some adjustment on the back end if you find that your current life is dependent on you always accomplishing everything, all the time.

Perhaps that's when it's time to make an agreement with ourselves that a smaller life is in order!

That's my current task.

It's also part of the reason you are not seeing me on Steemit, as much as you used to.

How is YOUR life, these days? You find yourself overscheduled, or can you easily manage what you have to get done? Do you ever wish for a "smaller" life? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!


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It's almost 5AM and I'm still awake. I think that sums up how my time management has been going these days.

To much to do and still getting no where I want to be. Doing less is simple not an option as thing would be even worse off. Replacing things not working out with things that might and shifting that time towards them is the solution I often go with. Which at least keeps things from getting boring for to long.

Reduce the size of the rice bowl, and life gets much easier, sir...

...and excerpt from the link that is relevant, that I posted last week..

I walked away from ambition, as a quite conscious act, when I realized that I'd been kept on a gravy train I never actually knew I was riding. That stung.
I jumped off that train with full intent.
15 years ago, I was making close to quarter of a million dollars a year from business. I walked away from it.
10 years ago I was making 60k a year from a business. I walked away from it.
5 years ago, I was making 30k a year from my business, and I didn't walk away from it.
Now I make less than 10k a year, as I continued to downsize.

And here I am, with 10 times less income than 15 years ago, and with 1000 times less stress in my life....Seems like I got a good return on that deal!

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First of all the pictures is amazing.....
Living style management is too difficult according to me because I can't run on routine

"Do you ever wish for a "smaller" life?"

My life was very small for a long time.

This was largely because I found that the societies I inhabited to be so corrupt that I wished to engage with them as little as possible.

Life is a game, and if everyone from athletes to accountants are cheating at the way they play the game of life, then why would I want to play with them?

However in 2011 I discovered that there may be ways to bring about honest play, for those who so wish, to engage in the game of life, with the added goal of cutting out cheaters from our part of the game. Since then my life has become extremely busy. It has been pretty well 7x16's or more since I discovered crypto and now the distributed web.

But I honestly do hope to be able to cut back again soon and start smelling the roses :-)

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Yeah, I am with you. But it is hard not to read too much on steemit. Or more generally spoken on the internet. Seems to be a hard drug. Have a beautiful day!

Being organized is a must for me in the construction trades but I tend to think of things like... Well really most things are a relationship, Steemit included. That being said perhaps a review of Rusbult et al., 1998, is in order.
In short, Steem's value and reward system hardly makes it worth the investment to organize and create good content, at least that's my thinking on it and also why so many seem to come and go or perhaps why they stay. At any rate Tidbit is a good read so here's a link if you'd like to ponder how his theory relates to a good number of things.
Have a blessed day.

I think "doing less" is one of the options we tend to overlook; we get trapped in the belief that we "must" cope with whatever workload we have... and to simply say "this is TOO much!" is some kind of admission of failure, as human beings.

I've rewired my mind to make sure that i'd replaced "this is too much" with "i'm fine" and all of a sudden it makes my head feel lighter and the workload doesn't seem at all that hard. Whenever negativity overwhelms me I firstly clear my head and fill my head with positivity and only then would I succeed.

Curious, was that number including sleep, eat, shower, etc. or no?

Well i read your post and i think " Yay i was the same way some months ago" by the way actually i did not feel overscheduled but sometimes i feel unable to manage all what i have to do if something happen between, like this week i have a bad fever and i can not visit my costumers so next week i will be very busy and in the middle i have also too some deadlines that make me feel a lot of anxiety, i wish a "smaller life" but i mean i wish that my feelings and attitude about life will change, i always feel like " i must do this sooner as possible" and run run run also if there is no need to run so i wish i could calm down myself and do what i have to do without anxiety ^^

Glad to hear you are well. Came over to check on you. ")