Thoughts about making mistakes

in life •  9 months ago

I spent a good hour today on the phone with a good friend. He was asking me about finances, about moving forward after making big mistakes. As it happens many people believe that those who have made a lot, never lost. The opposite seems to be the truth.

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There is no way to eliminate risk, not from life in general, so it makes sense that it would not be different in the world of finances. I can name distinct situations when I have lost opportunities, made poor decisions and found myself wondering how I could ever recover.

When we make those choices, when we lose a lot, the biggest loss is not the asset itself, but the motivation that we seem to lose with it. It can feel at times like we spent hours building the most beautiful of sand castles, but never took into account the shifting tides.

The truth is that no matter at what level you are operating in, at what risk tolerance you feel comfortable, one day you will make a mistake and you will lose. If we can accept this possibility, if we can accept that because we are humans who are bound to not be right at times, we can also learn to forgive ourselves when we make those mistakes.

It almost does not matter how hard you fall, as long as you are willing to get back up. I've been there, more than once actually, and as much as I remember those days as some really rough times. I like to think of them as my most important lessons in life.

Until next time...

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Mistakes are part of our life. We do mistake because we make efforts. Only dead/lifeless things like a piece of stone will not make mistake because it has no choice. We humans are not perfect that' s why we try to be perfect. Every mistake gains some experience for us. Experience cannot be earned by simply reading things. To gain experience we have to make efforts and do things. In this process we make mistake but we should not think only about our mistakes and losses, we should take a lesson from them and see the way ahead.

Great little bundle of wisdom there again @chbartist :-) It's better try and fail, then to not try at all!

Thanks for sharing this @chbartist.
Mistakes are an integral part of our lives, in fact, they are like dark manures that aid our growth.
Those who finally succeed are those that yielded to the nourishment of their mistakes and grow thereby.

Hello friend @chbartist, thank you for your motivating lyrics, although it is not easy to get up from some falls, we have to do it in order to move forward and seek integral growth. Whoever is not mistaken does not live, the visa is a constant learning and with the mistakes we painfully learn more. So you just keep going and always be happy.

No one can't escape mistake as long as the fact remains that we are human. You're right that the loss of motivation is the actual loss in mistakes but most times I see mistakes that cause failure as opportunity to re strategise. See you till next time man ♥

Every mistakes can make you more perfect. You can learn better with your mistakes. Good luck @chbartist.

We're all bound to make mistakes as no one is above it, the best lesson is to learn from yesterday's mistakes and make it as experience in our daily activities. We just have to keep moving


Así es la vida, altos y bajos de los cuales vamos aprendiendo y evolucionando, @chbartist. excelente reflexión.

Mistakes are a part of life, and you cannot be successful without making many. They provide good learning opportunities for us to move forward.

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It does not matter how much blows you can gives,

already how much you can receive them ... and rise again ...

Sometimes mistake is not made.It just happens :(

I agree, besides living a life without mistakes is not living.

Motivational as always. Getting up after a fall is all you need to learn!

I see a lot of comments agreeing with this idea that mistakes are "necessary" "part of life" etc etc. Maybe the successful folks reading your stuff have figured this out. For me this is a major challenge. Yes, I see that mistakes contain valuable information.
But!!! to actually turn that corner internally to arrive at that state where people actually seem to welcome mistakes or criticism with a truly open mind and heart, that is another thing altogether. I believe I've been able to do this during brief moments in life but overall and currently, I don't have it. What specifically do you think makes a person finally turn this corner?

a mistake makes us more experienced we should gain motivation from it .