It's never too late

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If you have ever felt like it's too late to follow your dreams, that it's too late to discover and live a life of purpose, then you might be setting your own limitations and creating your own mental prision.

There is this story I was told a long time ago, that I like to tell when explaining this perspective, at the end of the day we seem to learn better with stories and in my case this has been no different.

The story talks about a young man who was studying to be a doctor in a prestigious university. He was one of those young minds full of thirst, but at the same time full of fears and insecurity.

On his first day of class as he walked to the first hour, he kept on thinking to himself how he had to ace all his classes, how he had no time to waste, how he had to be a doctor in less than 7 years, because he did not want to waste his youth just studying.


As he walked to the first class he noticed an old man standing by the door who started to walk into the classroom as well, he look at the old man and said "Good Morning professor" without much hesitation the old man replied "Ohhh no young man, I'm a new student just like you".

"But how old are you?" replied the young man almost in shock, but without hesitation and with a smile on his face the older gentleman replied "I've just turned 73 this month.... " The young man of the story could not believe his eyes and ears so he asked, just to confirm "Are you studying medicine too? and again with a smile the old man replied "Yes of course, I always wanted to be a Doctor and now It's time to follow that dream".

After a few seconds of akward silence the young man just had to open his mouth one more time "But... you will be 80 by the time you become a Doctor, it takes seven years at least". The old man one again with a gentle tone and gesture said "In seven years I'll be 80 regardless if I follow my dream or if I don't... "

The message is kind of simple, yet powerful... there is no better time than now to start, there is no better time than now to begin your quest of self improvement.

I will leave this post there for now, I'm working on writing Chapter 4 at the moment, but I was reminded of this little story today by a friend and felt like sharing.

All the best to you all, the tribe of good intent.


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The story perfectly fits in my life situation now. Thank you very much for the lovely share!


good luck, i hope your strong


What is your life story? :)


Long story, will it fit here? :)


I guess not :)

Great message! Yesterday WAS the best time to start. Today is even better. Tomorrow is often second-best. I should say Happiness is: starting something big and something new.

Have anyone heard about Colonel Sanders? Once he discovered that he got only 500 bucks in his retirement monthly, he got an urgent to create his own restaurant that is now a well-known KFC.

Post great! Well done
A really beautiful story .. Yes, we need this inspiration
Thanks for sharing

@chbartist thanks for your inspiration because without doubt is motivating.
How many times I was been stopped by myself from to reach my dream?
Thanks you. I voted you.

it's never too late to flagging you. why? you raping the trending page


Wow,you are fantastic."Don't regreat the past,focus on your present and give 100% on your work and enjoy the time while working"should be the motto of all of us.Hundreds of yesterday had gone,thousands of tomorrow will come but today is only one ,so focus on today.Thanks for your great article and storry,so inspiring .


We also have a saying that goes, "Better to be late than never." This stands true for we can not live our lives in regret. We have to live our lives to the fullest and take chances, be daring so that in the end, we can "I did that". We may fail BUT at least we have tried. It's never too late, so what are you waiting for....


I love this focus on your present and live life happily, wish I have higher sp

I love this story. I always tell people that there's no time like the preset to start something.

This touched my heart. We indeed are getting old regardless of following our dreams or not, so we better just do it :)

The old man was in it for fun and the young man was in it for the money. This story also tells a tale of the wise old man and a still developing young man.

Thanks for sharing @chbartist .Time is irrelevant when there is a dream and singleness of purpose.

You are sooo right! It's never to late :-D

There is no better time than now to start @chbartist
Very inspiring

Thank you for the enjoyable post. I'v heard that story before but with a slightly different retort from the elderly gentleman. "And just how old will I be in 7 years if I don't..."

Well, in case of that old man, it's about the journey.

If you make the journey your goal, than achieving the actual "real" goal is not important. As long as you enjoy the process of getting there, it's worth it and makes all the sense to do it.

Aww.. It really hit me. My dream before was a dream until now. I hope i have that courage like that old man in the story. Thank for sharing worth reading it. Godbless😊@chbartist


Thank You Rachell!


I agree


this is how it is never too late to reach our goals and never to think negatively ... we will always have obstacles in our life ... but know how to overcome them

Thanks for this story. I just turned 62 and sometimes I think; "Yikes. It's too late to do anything now that my kids are grown and I'm nearing retirement."
I really needed that mental realignment.

Sometime we think that our moment has gone, its too late to start anything we want in life. We feel so upset with our condition, sometimes success is just so far away for away because we have no spirit anymore. But I realized that maybe just about "Time Shaft" which mean never too late to start something. Make our dream come true by believes and confidence in mind. This article so inspirational, thank you @chbartist


Thank you! All the best!

When you find yourself in a pit, the best thing is to stop digging. It's never late to restart a journey because no matter how far you walk to a wrong direction, you can never get to your destination.

Your post just lifted my spirit. Thanks alot

Inspiring! I feel I'm starting late to pursue my biggest dreams and it's always great to find encouragement :)

Really inspirational

quizás mi voto no tenga mucha energía pero de verdad me enamoro esta publicación, a veces pensamos que es tarde , que ya " nos dejo el tren", que sencillamente se nos paso el tiempo. pero los sueños no caducan, están siempre allí, quizás los escondemos un poco pero aun es posible sacarlos a luz y hacerlos realidad. Me encanto! gracias...


Por supuesto que tienes mucha energía ,porque estas viva. el corazón late 70 veces en un minuto ,inhalas y exhalas 6 litros de oxigeno por minuto y llega a todas tus células. Así que ese voto tiene toda la maravillosa energía de la creación.

I couldn't agree more! Nice piece @chbartist

What good story. Never is too late.
I wait for the fourth part.

woo, this story is very interesting and it is true that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams and feel fulfilled, I liked the story because I am studying electrical and I am going to the middle of the race and there are times that I think it galrates me a lot of time to graduate, but you have to persevere and be patient.

This is so true, so insightful.


these statements has crushed potential talents and huge dreams.

Thanks for sharing this

This sums it all: "In seven years I'll be 80 regardless if I follow my dream or if I don't... "

Time will pass by anyway. Why not make use of it productively rather than watch it go by?
This is the first time I've heard of this story. I've heard similar ones but this one had an explicit way of reminding us about time, life, perseverance and choices!

wow, it was such an amazing story. It only tells us to never be afraid to chase our dreams in our lives. We should really never give up on our dreams. Salute to you sir!

how if I Always tried but it's failed again, again and again ? It's So tired you know

It never too late to study

Never to late, make your spirit with Keep Moving Forward and do all of your chalenge. Moving from one place to another.

nice text and a nice picture...

No mater what stage one is in life, or the things that has happened, either wrong choices, bad decision, lost opportunities or misused fortunes, it's never to late to retrace your step, do the right thing and create a better record for yourself.
Death is the end of it on earth, and every time before that moment is a time you could use for something that is worth it.

Its better late than never :) It is never too late to get started on a new path of success. You can shape your life the way you want it to be by putting in the work on a daily basis. it inspires you to believe that it is not too late for you to live your dreams.


Thank you Mila!


always welcome :)

wow, that's inspirational. it ain't over till its over

Hi @chbartist wow! Its true that we only live once i know to myself that i have many times i wasted not knowing what to setting this example i am now know that time is precious. ITS NEVER TOO LATE to attain your dreams.

Yeah, dreams are not only for the younger ones. Time passes by but the desires of the heart remains.

This is exactly what I needed. Sometimes i get haunted not to do the things I want because I should allow the younger guys to run. Thank you for your posts @chbartist. Short and effective..

o si es muy cierto! no dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy!. muy buena reflexion! D.t.b. y nunca es demasiado tarde!

excellent work . its the reality . to start something present is the best time for us.

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Wow it never too late,thanks for the motivating write encouraging

there is no better time than now to start, there is no better time than now to begin your quest of self improvement.

I entirely agree with you. If you have a dream, go for it. It's never too late to get started. Now is the best time!

Thank you @chbartist for sharing this!

Great Post! I am a true believer of following your dreams! You can do anything you want to. The only thing that can stop you is YOU so GO FOR IT!

Yes, its never to late. It starts today, not tomorrow. The sooner you start, the better... Great motivation and story.... Upvote the positive....

Realy..there is no better time than now to start or follow dream.....really very inspirational story.

This is a great inspiration for me . Working towards your dreams early is the best way to great accomplishment. Chasing your dreams at old age may be good though but it's better to start early

@chbartist Nice one
I will love more of this.


Love the meme. lol!

I love this post , it got some feel going into my heart...

Very significant story.. There is always a hope as long as we live/breathe..

I was told that if you do what you love doing no matter what that is you can become rich. No amount of money is worth doing something you don't love doing :)

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Wow, this is really impressive.

Hmmm that's great, one also needs courage in this kind of thing it's just by grace of God and it's better to know or follow your dream early

Thank you for inspiring me !

Wow! It is really a great motivational story.

"it is never too late !" sentence of my day ;)

Thanks, so inspiring.... @enyinugget


welcome... i always try to visited your post love u

well writing,sir @chbartist..
Vote for your post remaining the consummation of a writer..
i like it and also the old man who try to meet up his dream in 73 year...
salutes to him...
man has a own dream,,but dream is not reflected in real life,but man must try to do it...
that's the inspiration which i get from the old man...
Morality is that contnt is that "Hard work and Patience is the pillar of success"

@upvoted @resteem
just following you

Inspiring story. This is so touching. @chbartist

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Excellent the message that this story leaves. Do not make excuses to realize your dreams and goals. Fight until the last moment of your life, since you do not know when it will happen. Congratulations!.

Amazing story! Thank you for sharing) to live, to strive and follow your dreams. Set goals and see yourself successful in those goals.

I am also trying to start a new path. I regret to take risks before, and now I need to take some risk to develop my career. I have been assured, that it is never too late to do anything.

Sure until die

Thanks for this awesome and very helpful post. This advice is applicable to all and specially to me as I am a student with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Keep posting thing like this. Best wishes.

I do not think it's too late to achieve dreams. there is something that will make us will not give up our dreams. There is a reason behind our dreams. whether it is because of our loved one or our family. for me, still not too late. essentially we have to keep trying and keep trying until at its end we can not afford anymore to achieve it.

Excellent. I agree it’s never too late. You are gonna be here so why not invest in something that you really want to do, especially if you have the time.

I love this story,never too old to learn : )

Yup. It’s not too late.

es una historia de gran leccion....!!!!

Time will pass anyway whether you like it or not. Why not invest the time in something you care about. Better late than never.

Good post. Yes, It's never too late, and we are never too old. Thank you for the reminder. Cheers! :-)

Sometimes though, I believe in logic. What could an 80yr old man do in the hospital? It's motivational, but this will remain a fiction. It doesn't happen like that in real life.

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long life education

I don't know, man. This post made me want to kill myself.

I like your post.

This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today! ("In seven years I'll be 80 regardless if I follow my dream or if I don't... ") Thank You so much for the inspiration! I've recently been diagnosed with cancer and as you can imagine emotions and energy is swirling. Because of your writing, I'm going to take a new leap into LIFE again today and do something that has scared me for years! Deep bow and please keep writing! One life is definitely changed today because of your courage to share!

Nice! Its not too late to follow my dream.

I like hope you will post more!

Nice one
I will love more

@chbartist Nice one
I will love more of this.

Good content! I invite you to read mine and I hope your support as well as you have mine, I am new!

yeah its never too late,
because what I know to learn it does not look at age, my mother said learning it from birth to the grave

I'm just 29 and thought my life will be just focused on my family. Reading you post opened my eyes to the posibilities that I can still accomplish. I salute you sir.

study is full part of in our life

Perfect story!

@chbartist it's a really inspiring post! it's never too late. let's follow dreams NOW.

True indeed! It's never too late. Nice story! I like it..