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Hello again, my dear friends!

In one of our blog posts this week, we talked about how most people are often living in a state of delirium.

Without mindfulness, these people merely think that they are awake, when in truth they have forgotten the most fundamental ideas and philosophies that gives them strength and motivation for their journey in life.

But you know that I have never been one to merely preach about a concept, so I decided to write a post and give you a technique to counter the deceptive forgetfulness of your mind.

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The problem, as you may recall from the other post, is that we are constantly forgetting our incentive and strength to do the stuff that we are supposed to do. That is why we never appreciate the true value of our time.

Bringing mindfulness to your every waking moment can counter this deceptive trick of the human brain, which is constantly evolving with the new information that we pour into it on a daily basis.

If you want to learn how to appreciate your time, you need to be mindful of its passage.

First, I want you to think about your most fundamental and core values and ideas that define your character. List them in their order of priority.

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Now, what we want to do is bring mindfulness about these ideas and values to your daily life. In order to do that, you need to appreciate the passage of you most valuable resource: Time.

I don’t want to put pressure on your shoulder, that is why we are not going to talk about the mindfulness of the seconds. Instead, I want to give you something that can forever change your mood and productivity.

Using an app or a clock or a reliable reminder, you divide your time to one-hour or two-hour breaks. Whenever the alarm or the tool starts to ring or notify you that an hour has passed, you begin to think about those beliefs and values.

That basically gives you strength and motivation to do your job. You will become mindful of your own values; the values that have been foreshadowed by the cruel tedium of everyday social life.

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Your social life does nothing other than distract you from your ultimate mission.

That is why our minds are programmed in this society to be forgetful of their core desires, and instead seek the approval of other people and places of authority.

By bringing mindfulness of such values using the passage of time, you will constantly remind yourself of why you are fighting and why your mission in life is important.

You will immediately start to notice that you are more productive than before, and you are willing to do courageous things that you otherwise would not.

Apply this method and you will not live to regret the mindfulness that it brings to your entire existence!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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you mind your time
so that my mind has been timed out

while time has crossed

mind to mind

we turned our thoughts
embraced to endless whispers

from time to time

from time
to time

Hello @chbartist!

Excellent the information of your publication. Time as it has already been said is a valuable resource, which we must administer

As you indicate in the publication, one way to manage time is by means of some time measurement instrument that allows us to evaluate our progress in our objectives over time, allowing us to focus on our personal goals, controlling external distractions.

Using an app or a clock or a reliable reminder, you divide your time to one-hour or two-hour breaks. Whenever the alarm or the tool starts to ring or notify you that an hour has passed, you begin to think about those beliefs and values.

For me I try to be mindful every breath that I take, every beat of my heart and every moment as possible.
Maybe it works for me because time is no longer controlling me.

For those who work, setting goals and aiming to achieve something, mindfulness seems obscure because time is their master.

Good ideas on time management. Many people have a long list of things they should do. It might be good to also note the things that waste our time and put those on a list of things we shouldn’t do( that list might be shorter and we might find we have a lot of “spare time “ to do the things that really matter.

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Thank you for this. I have been practicing mindfulness for years now and it is absolutely life changing. Something I have been doing lately that is really helpful and wonderful is to tell myself while I am doing something, this is all I am doing right now. For instance this morning I was making our bed and my mind started to wander to all the things I needed to do today and a bit of stress stared creeping in about how to get it all done. Then I told myself, You are just making the bed for now. SO I just focused on making the bed and nothing else. Its so simple but so profound. The stress released and I made the bed with a small smile on my face doing it just how I like it. Then I went on to my next task and did only that until it was done. I accomplished all my tasks for today and I did each one with all my focus. I was present and calm through each one. It is such a gift we can give ourselves.

I just started here on Steemit a couple of days ago so I am a bit of a noob and am not familiar with everything. I do like your content and would like to learn more about this community and how I can become involved in it. I create content daily and have been posting on other social media so I am going to include Steemit to include my posts.

Structuring time in increments to achieve goals with milestones is a great way to remain motivated and gain momentum. Adding mindfulness to the process is surely a great way to fulfill our achievements over time.

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A daily meditation practice of 15 minutes and 10 minutes of Pranayama (breathing exercise) will do miracles in cultivating the habit of being mindful and raising your consciousness for you to be more aware of your surroundings

@chbartist whats an important thing to talk about managing our minds to spend a useful routine life, I think time management and motivation.Actually we spend our most of the time our we encircle our surrounding with those people who felt that every new generation should take some advance steps as compare to them. Do you agree with it

Rigidity of ideas will bring rigidity in personality and a rigid personality can break anytime. So don't be rigid.

This post has really made my morning. It's 4.18am here, cant sleep but this has given me a new lease of life to make the best out of today be setting goals to achieve.
Many thanks @chbartist for sharing
Please add me to community list. Cheers.

Good advice.
Nicely management of time for achieving goals.
Great job keep continue motivate.

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My friend I think you are well experienced.
Good motivation tips I mostly ues your advice I motivete I appreciate your job. thanks

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I love your thoughts, about time and how it should be. Life is what we make it.

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As always, your publications give us good advice that we must take into account to improve our path to success and achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Thank you.

Your time and energy dedicated for the people of our society is really praise worthy, have a nice time. Thanks.

thats good
.. Nicely management of time for achieving goals.
Great job keep continue motivate.

Your technique reminds me of one in the book, The Ant and the Elephant by Vince Pocente, which is referred to as the pattern interrupt. Thank you for a different way to apply what I know.

Mindfulness is such a powerful practice. I try to incorporate it into my daily routine. I like your technique. It seems like an excellent way to bring awareness to ones goals and values.

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I often bring my mind by watching animes and cryptos

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i always love your write up it so amazing

Motivating and informative

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