Building the road to success - Chapter 2

in life •  11 months ago

Before starting this chapter I would like to thank everyone who interacted with me on the previous one and ask to be excused for not responding to everyone due to time constraints.

I did however read all the comments made and I wanted to clarify that I'm not here to be the owner of the truth, there is not one guaranteed way to find success, what I am doing is telling my story showing some of the key points in my life that were crucial so that I could achieve what I wanted in my life, which was the ability to choose my path and share some of the decisions I made that brought me to this point in my life. My one objective is that my story can inspire someone and maybe give you some direction that can help you not make the mistakes that will delay your growth or even give up.


Continuing the story…

When I was 13 years old I started to play at night in many bars in Sao Paulo, it was a different time then and working at that age was not considered child exploitation, it was my choice to do so, I was never forced. Today in Brazil its against the law to work before you turn 16 and on some other cases 18.

But I digress, it was obvious that a teenager of just 13 playing in a band with grown ups old enough to be my his parents attracted lots of crowds to the bars and this led to the entrepreneurial spirit I spoke on the first chapter being woken inside of me. I started to observe many things around me, one of them being that when I would start playing in a bar with little public all of the sudden the public would start to grow and I remember a musician telling me how the kid that could play guitar was bringing a lot of attention to the bar scene.

That led me to understand that my presence was helping the venues make more money and it started to make me take the stance of negotiating a better compensation for myself. It my head I kept on thinking "If I'm helping increase the revenue of the place, I deserve a cut from that"

I started to negotiate my wages some venue owners accepted and of course others did not, but in any case I achieved something incredible with that attitude. My wages increased on average by 50% and the consequence of that was that I had to play in less places to make the same amount of money.

The biggest win was however that it gave me more time time to study my instrument "the guitar" and I started to play drums and bass as well.

Out of this part of the story I can tell you two pointers.

1.- You have to be able to offer the market something it does not have, you have to different, analyze the market you are working in, leave some of your personal biases behind and open your eyes, because what defines the rules is the market and you have to adapt to this if you want to stand out and be successful in your area.

2.- Learn to negotiate the value of your work. I know this is very difficult but let me leave you one thought that you should always carry with yourself.

"The no you already have automatically without doing a thing, so start acting and you will find that after a few failed attempts you will find your first yes"

Another thing I noticed in the music scene is that many musicians had the wrong attitude and they conducted themselves in a terrible way with their work. The attitudes that lead to drinking at work, being promiscuous, using drugs and even though I was only 13 it was very clear to me that they were complaining about the life they had, while that life being the direct consequence of their attitudes and actions, I would tell them that and their response was always the same "You are too young, you will think different when you get to be my age"

Here is another rule that I live by now that at this time was not that obvious to me, but as I got older became very apparent.

"Do not waste your time with who does not want to listen, you can't change someone who has chosen to cover his ears and listen only to himself"

Another rule I live by for you all:

Always look in your field of work for what I refer to as "The Tribe of Good Intent"

What are people from this Tribe? Positive people who do not complain about life all the time, people who do not use heavy drugs or drink excessively. People from this group will help you grow, they don't judge you, they won't suffocate you, they don't instigate bad things, they are not jealous, they want your success, they get your vibe, they feel inspired with you and it was by finding people of this tribe that I found the help I needed to grow in my life.

Sadly I saw some negative comments on the previous chapter and I regret they feel this way, they don't realize that I'm simply telling a story on "my blog" and it could help someone, maybe inspire and teach, and if they do not like it, that is fine, buy a book, read romance novels, watch some shows, but its OK to let other people enjoy what I'm talking about. You must be of the "The tribe of good intent" I'm here using my time with good intent and time is the most precious thing we have and we all need to value it.

"If you don't value the time of others, how do you expect for others to value yours?"

I will leave one more phrase I live by that I learned during my professional career.

"if you have nothing good to say, nothing to add value to someone or something, it's simply best to remain quiet"

With this I will close this second chapter hoping it had some value to you.

Much regards, success to you all

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Thanks a lot, I am new member and it is a very good strategy.


Es muy cierto hay que valorarse y respetarse principalmente a uno mismo de lo contrario nadie mas lo hara, un claro ejemplo de constancia y exito! muy bien! :)


I have found your hyperlink on YouTube and verified you.
Thank you

I love that quote about remaining quiet. It applies on Steemit too. It's even better than plagiarizing or telling a lie. Sometimes, I want to comment in an article but I see others saying the same thing, or I don't really know much to add anything of value, so I remain quiet.. Haha! But sometimes, it's just fun to say what you really have in mind so you'll see many comments basically saying the same thing.


I've been on here for about 2 days and don't know what to make of this whole thing. I like to keep my mouth shut too and just let things play out. But once in a while I speak up... lol

The reason why Bill Gates succeed is because the value that he contributed to the people.

What I noticed is the harder the problem the more it is profitable if you can figure out to solved it.


You are right ........!!


People who have an eye for problems they can solve are the ones who can build a successful life.

Sure, all it is about is celebrity types from the world making insane profit on The Steemit. All they need is a huge following from youtube, then use a whole bunch of robot whales. Then you can get to trending and make post after post for thousands of dollars. That's what @haejin is too... no not really he has special up vote pals! He is a celebrity with a following before The Steemit is my point. I think it is good to fight and be angsty towards these types of people! However your story told on this post makes better sense than your other ones. Has a little more content to your story. Me personally I don't have huge followings from other sites and I refuse to use bots ever so far. It's just a piss off any old person with a following can be a hot shot and shoot to the top of trending and make thousands a day out of nowhere using bots of course. It seems cheap honestly, seems fake. However the rich and poor dichotomy exists on steemit as well. There are dirt poor people not looking for success, just some recognition. It's up to us to know how to acknowledge that. In Brazil there are people living in garbage dumps, the extremely poor. To me there is no 'success' until people don't have to live in that condition anymore. All the glue sniffing children on the street that get killed like dogs. Steemit is a good place to connect with the disaffected, again personal success is not what one should seek in life, however you must love yourself first to help anyone later. Will have to see the rest of your story. I never trust 'success' story people that act like it is some sort of religion or cult. The ultimate goal in life is not happiness or success if the babies are still starving.


Excellent comment my friend! I personally worked hard in my life to seek a single thing that for me is success and this thing is called peace. When you achieve financial success you just need to have enough to sustain your chosen lifestyle. After achieving that more money means just a bonus of life. But this is not success. Success is you achieving what I said earlier and having peace. Nothing is more important than peace and respect. Thanks for your comment.

Nice ..
Anyone who works hard will deserve success, thanks for the tips
For more creativity

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Bot rape?


It's not rape if they want it ;D


Nice job


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Nice piece Sir, bless you so much. The lesson have learnt is majorly the no doesn't stop me the yes will come. Permission to follow you? I'll like to learn more from chapter 3'


Thank you, I will do the chapters, it is a book of a real story, with real facts and I hope to share this and you can learn more and more. Regards


Keep on writing sir, I'm inspired by your strategies in life...I do desire to be successful like you. God bless and more Power sir @chbartist .

I've also read your verification post and and you've done it well, sir.

I really love to read all your blogs its very nice and more lesson. Before we go to a successful road life we need to passed all the circumstances. Your story gives me more lessons..

I want to share my story to but I only wrote is to my sister story about "Single Mom" .

you give me inspiration bro :).
and i like your word
quote "if you have nothing good to say, nothing to add value to someone or something, it's simply best to remain quiet".



Thx Bro! You are Welcome!

Negotiating the value of your work is one big step to success.

Offering the market what they don't have is a good way to build authority.. And authority is how every other thing flows in

Sorry about the Negative comments. People have a way of seeing negativity in a place where it does not exist.

Just ignore them and focus on how to continue helping the readers that believe in your work.


Thank you for your words friend. What I do not understand is because when someone comes along with the willingness to truly help people along with this comes a bunch of people just making bizarre attacks. The world has created the terrible habit of thinking that being financially successful is a crime. Let's move on. The best all


Yesss.. Let's move on... Alot of people are bitter and they think its normal.

I like that you sound unbothered

Very wise words

you are really an inspiration for all of us,
keep doing the good work,
ignore those who are disgracing you.
just keep write motivational content like this and keep sharing your life with us.


Thank you my friend!

wow I really learnt some things on this post... Thumbs up bruv. Highly inspirational

Wow very great content! It will ne very much appreciated for me to connect with you! Btw I just followed you


Thank you friend!

Great Story!
I like the way you ask owners to give you your part in the earning, that was increased by your efforts.
It is our right.
Very inspirational story!
keep sharing,
waiting for the next chapters.


Thank you!

I was really looking forward to chapter two. I'll tell you what I'm not disappointed at all. I guess I was just lucky not to have to wait too long/ I read chapter one only few minutes ago.
I wish to agree with you that people who don't have words of encourage should better keep quiet. In Nigeria where I'm from it is called "putting sand sand in one's garri" . Garri is a staple food made from cassava. The size of its particles is almost the same as that of fine sand. It's simply saying don't ruin the little I have.


Excellent my friend. Thank you for reading the chapters and for teaching me something about Nigeria.


You're welcome

At least you're the owner of your truth, so many people can't even claim that! Keep it coming :)

Great post... I've been playig guitar for two years now and i like your journey... keep up the good work

It seems very good what you write, continues with the third part, of course it will help me and other people too


Thank you!

Now that's a post which has actual value in it, @chbartist!



Did you have to remind us about that again?

You are really a wolf not just in name. Lol


Thank you for your respect. All the best!


@therealwolf, I prove in my introducemylself and now this happening? I'm very disappointed and I feel disrespected. Read my two chapters and see for yourself my own intentions. Being accused of being a thief is extremely disrespectful to me. I made my intro to teamsteam. All this does not seem correct to me. I really do not understand why when someone wants to help people people appear evil. Is this how steemit intends to treat people who have information relevant to people who need it?

I would like to also mention in case you are not aware that I even delegated 100 SP to your service. Because I believe in it.

all the best

I did not know you also played drums and bass .
What multi-giftedness.

Well, I got the lessons from this chapter: we have got to have something unique to sell to the market and also to put appropriate value and price on our services.

About the previous post you talked about, let it slide.
People will always have something to say.

I guess you have taken a positive step ahead by bringing forth this chapter against all previous negative comments.

Thanks. I am inspired by your Life!


I agree. Although it's not always easy to find your own unique think let alone set a price to it. It's hard work searching the competitors for perpective; what they do and how, and what they are payed.


Thank you so much my friend!


Oh, you are always welcome.

i am new in steemet ,,,first see you as a smart guy


You are Welcome

Awesome, a nice history starting to young playing guitar


Thank you!


I like that you brought up the issue about those who have covered their ears and listens only to themselves. I've realized lately that most people find the short term satisfaction of making fun of new ideas more rewarding than the long term satisfaction those ideas might bring.

This series is awesome so far. Keep it up!


You're right, but you agree that this is also an idea, sorry for the expression, but do not you think this is a stupid person's tendency?
I believe my friend that the world is sick. It lacks humanity, respect and other important personal values. Thanks for your comment.


Yes, it might very well be a stupid person's tendency, but then again, I see this tendency in a lot of intelligent people as well, so I guess I'd rather call it an ignorant person's tendency.

Your words have inspired me a lot. I want to thank you for that.
And as for me, I am a big metal fan and want to form a band me as the lead guitarist. I love guitars more than anything. But as I belong to a middle class family from India , I couldn't afford a good one. Well , that's why I joined Steemit.
And I am maybe not lucky as you are. I don't have a mentor. I am walking down this path all alone cause very few listen to classic rock and metal in our society.
I am not giving up though. xD


Good words my friend But do not give up. I was not lucky I worked very hard to get here and I did not have a mentor either. If you read the first chapter you will see that what I had was a great energy when I was still very young. Go on your way and do not stop fighting for your dreams. Cheers!

You just gained a follower, Kindly check my page as well. Thanks in advance :) Cheers.


Thank you Friend!

Your article is very insightful and takes your soul. And most importantly teaches. Keep up in the same spirit!! Come and visit my blog)


Thank you! All the best!


Thanks for fund.

I must say this part has many words that feel inspiring indeed.
But two things that really hit the right spot in my opinion Tribe of good Intent and
if you have nothing Good to say, nothing to add value to someone or something, it’s simply best to remain quiet
Thank you for you inspiring insights and I can’t wait to read even more

Thank you for all your Inspirational posts!!

Hello I'm just checking the comments!

good strategy.if a person apply this strategy then he will must get success.

pleasant reading friend chbartist, it is incredible that with only thirteen years and you had an entrepreneurial spirit, generally the inexperience makes young fools and make wrong decisions, I admire in your case that you have remained clean of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, demonstrating this way you can be responsible from an early age, I congratulate you for that positive attitude and inspire others with your example, every thought you raise leaves an apprenticeship, I hope to continue reading your story, my greetings from venezuela, country neighbor to yours, waiting your next story ...

Belo trabalho continue sempre assim

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you are doing really great job. i cannot imagine how can you create this wealthy informative information which is really very useful for rest of our lives.
thanks again and keep on doing this please.

i really like your post!

Keep up the good work, am following your write-up.

you are give me best inspiration brother .good job,BEST OF LUCK.....

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thank you for sharing your youth. I translate one by one your post to be able to understand ...thanks for posting to wake confidence from to be able to try. hopefully i can try it.

so smart,,i like you

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Kann mir jemand sagen, was es mit dieser blöden Puppe auf sich hat?
DAnke im voraus für Infos.

I love this part "if you have nothing good to say, nothing to add value to someone or something, it's simply best to remain quiet"
Your post is truely inspirational...weldone

good writing ,like it

I love this post brother, it's awe inspiring

Help me please, voting my picture

how to get viewers and upvote the blog can somebody give the answer

Dear @chbartist , I was looking a bit around the trending topics within Life, music and some more. Everywhere I looked I saw yours posts appearing. First thing that came to my mind "Wow, that guy has something going", and than I started reading your posts. Although they are great and informative posts I didn't see directly why the rewards where so high. Because I indeed saw other posts with similar messages, similar followers..but just without the massive reward. Don't get me wrong, I am not jealous and I sincerely award you those rewards. But what I am very curious about is why do you pay so much money (SBD) to all kind of upvote bots and services ? I'm not convicting anyone but I am quite currious what's the motivation? If I look at this post I see that you paid 255 Steemdollars to get massive upvotes. Again, I am not judging you but what's the use of this? I am very currious about your answer cuase I really want to understand.

Thank you very much, and keep on with the music..
Have a great day.

Great post! I like it!

Awesome work. Often the people who complain in life are the ones who lack passion and patience. If you always look for immediate results that you'll never gather the Drive to pursue in life.

Thank you for the insight into your success. I am trying to be a writer. This appeared to be a great format to share and exchange ideas and talents. Looking forward to knowing more about you and take your advice. There is already one motto we share in common...

"If you don't value the time of others, how do you expect for others to value yours?"

Well stated....

Im More than certain you will get more positive comments than negative.

Your suggestions for an individual regarding life are precious and also very inspirational.It doesn't matter that you are a child,a grown up or old,the thing that matters is your liking or disliking,dreams or goals of your life.

good story very complete I congratulate you continue like this

luar biasa semangatnya

grate...amazing.good job boss.carry on

Excellent publication, I love this quote "If you do not value the time of others, how do you expect others to value yours?" thanks you're beautiful

Negotiation skill is one of the things I have to learn. I don’t like speaking too much and I’m sincerely fear at persuading people. I should go further than now. Courage! All I need.

i hope i can succes like you

I really like your post

hi, i am new, please guide and support me, thanks :)

This is Building the road contributed to the people. thanks for good article.

@chbartist you look like an indian actor akshay kumar

nice pic With this I will close this second chapter hoping it had some value to you.

nice words .
i like your profile . do you follow me please

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I like your guitar, it's really beautiful, that the successes continue..

Depending on whom you ask, success means different things. If you were to ask me, I'd say it means having a career that revolves around my real life. If you were to ask my cat, she'd say it involves finding a way to catch, immobilize and destroy her own tail. The first step in achieving success is often deciding what it means to you.

Chances are your answer is similar to mine. But whatever your version of success, people who want to be successful should mimic the behaviors of the great ones who came before them. These behaviors include:

Follow your talents. It's helpful to be passionate about your pursuits, but passion without talent is like a car without a full tank of gas -- it won't get you as far as you want to go. The book The Element discusses this: no matter what you are good at -- whether it's writing, drawing, computer coding or motivational speaking -- focus on that area and keep pursuing it. Everyone has a gift, so find yours and put in the time to make yourself better at it.

wow your great post and I really like your post, this amazing boss, very very good job, thanks for sharing

so very excellent in this inspiring .

Great read, hope you will post more!

I really like your blog
I had learn a lot on your thoughts
Thanks for sharing
I'll keep on following you
God bless

I'm impressed you can carry on the energy from one here, It remains interesting, now looking forward to 3. kudos.

Very impressive. Life is for learning. I deduce useful lessons in your article

hiii..... can u msg me personally..... on hike

Excellent post...thanks for sharing your story.

Life is a challenge, learn how to live your life
Express your feelings any time and any where
Don't give a fuck about what people think abot you
Be whom you want to be, and not what they want
You to be..... Make them appreciate your presence and Adore your Absence...

really loved this🥇💡

Thank you for sharing this! As a young man coming up myself its crucial to know your worth because people will easily exploit you if you're unaware. I am about to go back and check out the early chapters of this story. You inspired me to maybe talk about my own stories in life and break down the lessons. You just earned a follow!

Hello! You've really inspired me to be a better person. Thank you for sharing this kind of blog! It can really guide me to conquer my challenges to be able to be successful in life @chbartist.

nice work!

bro i can see u doing a good job bro , im new here from venezuela, im really interested in overcoming in the platforme , can u help me out , any tips ?

Beautiful posting
Plzzz follow back

I appreciate the content you have shared. In reality, before we achieve our success there are circumstances that you will experience, good or bad as long as you don't stop dreaming at the end it will be given to you.

I love that quotes <3

Really great advice that applies to many different fields of life. Value yourself and your value will increase. Thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing your experiance life is amazing inspire me .

please follow and upvote for me ! I will do same for you!