Being Uncomfortable - What To Do???

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It's completely normal for all of us to want to move away from discomfort, as a matter of fact we are programmed genetically to do so, but in truth there is a necessity for discomfort as much as we might not see it.

You see discomfort makes us want to change things, if we are too happy with our situation, then there is no motivation for us to do anything.

Imagine what kind of world we would live in if people never found reasons to try anything new, if everyone was just too comfortable.

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This is very connected to what I spoke about recently, educating yourself. Because when you learn new things, when you try new things you feel discomfort, you feel insecure, and I’m here to tell you that’s not just normal, it’s actually a good thing that you do.

All it takes is for you to frame the ideas of discomfort wisely. If you feel uncomfortable that you don’t understand blockchain for example, you have two choices:

1 - You can continue to be uncomfortable with your investment.

2 - You could educate yourself about it enough to know if you are doing the right thing or not.

The point I’m trying to make is that feeling uncomfortable can be used as a tool for motivation, but it takes us first recognizing what we are feeling, why we are feeling this way, and then actively working to change it.

So next time you are feeling uncomfortable about something don’t just stop there, ask yourself: “What am I going to do about this?”

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Could not agree more! My personal practice of meditation led me into a decade long exploration and practice of what I coined becoming "discomfortable" – the practice of turning TOWARDS discomfort to the point the the discomforts of today become second nature in the future. I cannot tell you how much I learned about myself in the process. I quit a high paying gig and worked for a non-profit for nothing/peanuts at times, picked up all sorts of new life and professional skills, and I came out on the other side nearly unshakeable. My user name literally means "Fearlessness" and it's not because I've transcended all fears, but rather it's a constant reminder that Abaya IS the goal!

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yes...meditation is definitely a great way to observe discomfort and stay as cool and detached as a buddha.. ;) thanks for your comment!


Thank you for your comment and kind words! Regards


Great insight, thank you for sharing!


And thank you both for your encouragement!

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It is very easy to say this sentence, but to live it, in its daily life, is completely something else. Your success, your happiness and your level of abundance are in your ability to become comfortable in your zone of discomfort and to always go beyond when you have to realize what is important to you.
Put yourself in danger, take risks, it is extremely stimulating but sometimes disorienting! Better to equip oneself, to surround oneself, to celebrate and then to continue to push our limits. This can only be done through a lot of failures and perseverance. What happens to you in life depends on what you are and the only way to change your results, permanently, is to change yourself.
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Thank you friend! Have a great weekend!

Thank you for your post! For me, stepping into uncomfortable zone can trigger big insecurities, but when I trust my intuition and follow my heart this feeling of discomfort starts to disappear and transform into something higher, it develops my stability, confidence, faith in myself and in life, it expands my world and usually a lot of wisdom and inspiration comes from this step out of my comfort zone... but most humans fear change and prefer to stay comfortable and secure, it just feels good...for some time... until you feel stuck, frustrated and the world has become to small for you...then an external crisis happens in your reality to shake your bootie and make you step away from your comfort zone... peace


Thank you @xianda. Regards!

Completely agree being comfortable might make us amotivated and lazy.
When we are exposed to discomfort or a challenge this might make us think something new and bring best out of us.


Agree! @moghul. Regards

When an individual stops seeking education and development, that is when the declines starts for opportunities. I would also think that learning the unknown provides additional perspective that could help in decision making when it really matters. Our single best asset is our minds and the human capital generated from it.


Exactly @newageinv. Have a great weekend!

Dear @chbartist sir!
Different types of impetus are found in the person. The discomfort is also one of those impetus. Discomfort is felt only when there is lack of confidence in us, there is no knowledge about subject matter, unable to recognize their potential, fear is hidden within the mind, think better to others than ourselves.If you have a conversation at a psychological level, of course, it will point to these factors.You gave a good example of Black Chain. In the early days, I did not even know about this blockchain. Something was uncomfortable in writing and posting. Then slowly, some good people like you gave inspiration, increased excitement and removed my discomfort.Geniuses are in everyone. They are unable to fully exploit due to their incompatibility. By strengthening our mental state today, by awakening the belief, by controlling the tendency of the rest, by removing fear from mind, we can control it.Regards

Brooks was uncomfortable after he got out of Shawshank and look how that turned out...

Staying positive is the most important part! The next bull run should start soon!

Obstacles on our roads make us stronger 💪❤️

If we look at the stages in childhood development form birth to the ages of 2, A child actually adapts better than adult in the face of discomfort because at that tender age, he has no experience or definition of what is comfortable or not.
Basically one can argue that discomfort arise from pain or bitter experiences which we immediately want to put an end to, but the question we need to ask our self to better have a grasp of this feeble reality called discomfort is what make you uncomfortable in any circumstance or situation.
Then you can work towards it to address it.
Its all in the mind

Acting upon situations and educating oneself is the integral part of growth in life. keep on sharing such motivating and interesting content.

Uncomfortability is the key of success.

While it may not feel like it at the time, a touch of misery goes far to the extent personal growth. Unquestionably, no one enjoys feeling uncomfortable, yet it's a noteworthy bit of improving your execution, creativity and learning as time goes on.

Timetables may make you feel quiet and in control, yet what an enduring standard genuinely does is dull your sensitivities. Consider the events for an incredible duration when you've driven a comparative course again and again: after a particular number of treks, you start shutting out its lion's share. Have you anytime had a trek to the working environment where you barely recall what happened after you got in the car?

In case you don't get away from your standard scope of commonality, you may end up shutting out a great deal of your life once every day.

However, when you attempt to experience new things, or when you let new things come to pass, your body makes spic and range neural pathways that fuel your innovative begin and enhance your memory.

Putting yourself in new and new conditions makes you more creative and logistic. Here's the mind-blower; that striking zone of the cerebrum is simply activated when you see or experience absolutely new things.

Barely any people truly value the conclusion of being uncomfortable. The test is to move past that hidden assessment of expecting to return to the standard, so you can create and advantage from that trouble.

Thanks for this awesome article from now I'm a continuous reader of your blogs. If feels great when I read the blogs written by you. Really you are doing great. In just couple of days I became a fan of your writing skills.

Keep people motivated


When we are troubled by thinking of our deficiencies without thinking about our capabilities, then we are going on the wrong path. This can be a weakness, and even this prevents us from enjoying some of the precious aspects of our life. The comparison being done with other people reduces your self-esteem,


@chbartist Understanding your writing, I comment that everything in our life has a reason for its change, you use the word discomfort, the human being with a normal level of nature is unhappy, this makes room for our personal transformation, being a reason for improvement, it is correct when invite you to perceive the discomfort as a motivator to overcome the difficulties that may arise in your daily activities, those difficulties of my part I identify as barriers, the first obstacle to overcome is the way to perceive the difficulties, we have to look at them as opportunities to improve or transform for the better things.
Greetings, a pleasure to share your writing.

Yes, without discomfort in life you won't going to change you life and there won't be no motivation for us, our goals wont redefine which to me is necessary, we should redefine our goals with the passage of time and the sutuation.

We want to change things because we get discomfort by them. Succces is nothing but getting desired result. Suucc doesn't come easily. It takes lots of efforts and continuous hard working to achieve the desired goal. But as hard working is a process which gives us a lot of discomfort, sometimes we begin to take shortcut in order to avoid the pain and discomfort. This halts our progress and we become unsuccessful and dejected. So, it is also important to bear discomfort when it comes during the course of hard work.

The changes and improvement we have today are because of someone or some group of persons dont like the way thing are, but it can still happen in a different way, greedy people who want to accumulate wealth for themselves and put the masses into poverty would not like the smooth running of a stable economy and would do anything like sabotage, terrorism, e.t.c to effect a change. A case of Libya is a good example

If i tell the truth then the discomfort will never end because this is also a part of life the way in which both good and bad people live here. and yes, you get to see the effect where you first do some work for the first time, you feel uncomfortable. thats why people give importance to experience.

This is so true, but I feel like I have to keep on reminding myself. It's like "damn, I feel shitty. I wish this shitty feeling would go away... Wait this feeling has a purpose. It's telling me I need to fix something.". I wish I could skip the first part, and just realize there's a problem I need to fix, but it's that nagging feeling that catches your attention and makes you NEED to make a change. Thanks for helping change the world for the better with the Steem blockchain.

@chbatist! Sir I think you are absolutely right. I see the people who doesn,nt earn or they depend on their father they are discomfort to do anything. That is why everyone should comfortable to do anything.

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Hello @chbartist welcome back ,self education is very important for success in life. I agree on that we have two choices in this situation but best one is that we should try to learn about the issue.

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We have to come out of our comfort zone if we want to try something new and this discomfort is good thing. If we worry for loosing comfort then we can not take challenges, we can't try new, and can't do innovative things. To start with something new creative and innovative we have to stop worrying about discomfort. Even when we try new then we feel discomfort ans even after a certain period of time we feel comfortable that means there is another change to try another new challenge .. have a great day @chbartist

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@chbartist, Yes, most of the times whenever we face the Discomfort Environment or Tough Phase then many of us try to run away from those situations like it was already an Designed action. And in my opinion, the fear is nothing but an essence of Alertness which advising us to focus towards those aspects from which we are trying to run because, To Overcome the Fear, Facing Fear Is Vital. So let's face it whatever the phase is and let's expand. And great to read the REMEMBER Note and specially the point which is saying as, constructive discussions and comments are supported here and motivating others to follow the cycle, this message is great to read. Keep up the great work. 👍

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Sir, you are right, whatever information you have in the post, it is very useful for us. Thank you for continuing to inspire us.

Ok okay sir, we are moving forward while supporting you completely and hopefully everything will be fine.

And this sequence has continued to be forwarded to your post.

There are certain things that make you uncomfortable: Insecurities, unpreparedness, unequipped to do a certain tasks. These should motivate us to learn more and grow.

But some uncomfortable feelings are just saying you are in the wrong place or with the wrong person.

Always perfect saying sir, you are really helping people. I'm with you sir. Keep on posting such motivational posts.

Some people can't think with their mind because when they're uncomfortable, they freeze and panic and can't think properly. In those situations i would recommend get a notepad and pen, write every single that comes to you mind no matter how ridiculous it all sounds because the purpose is to get it out of your mind.

A clearer mind has a clearer purpose.😊

No one wants to be in a discomfort position for a long time, life will be hell here, everyone should try to come out from there, find a way to the comfortable position as soon as possible,taking help from friends, like you, if he / she unable to.

Entre los beneficios de hacer algo nuevo, o mejor dicho algo que nunca has hecho, está que te saca de tu zona de confor, se activa tu creatividad y te vuelves más sabio.

Sir really have you any idea to avoid from uncomfortable position?

i always wait for your response


Hi @ahmadklason, You need to reprogram your Mindset. Read some previous posts I've written about paradigms and the last one. I hope you find answers to many things that should be changed for you to have a better life. Regards

the best thing is to educate yourself to learn about what bothers and so you can know how you can handle it. if we were all comfortable there would be no new discoveries or new inventions.

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I came back to this post after reading another of yours. Great stuff. I for one can relate to this. I came across this platform as I was an investor. Who at the beginning knew little of blockchain. I made all of the mistakes of a new investor, lost money etc... I then turned to something I have always been good at, research. I then decided to post my research here so others may benefit from it. Education is mans greatest gift.

Why ch bartist

Sometimes feeling uncomfortable is good for our mental improvement. When we take small step to widen our comfort zone, we feel nervous. It is a natural feeling. Our brain is designed like this way though. The brain don't like unsurity. But most of the time uncomfortable leads to depression. So at first we have to identify the cause of uncomfortable feeling