before the miyagi became known

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before the miyagi became known the guy has already managed to acquire a family and to know the happiness of

paternity before the miyagi became famous rapper graduated from the Medical Academy and even had experience in operating people he preferred to change the scalpel of the surgeon on the microphone considered that as the miyagi became known the guy for life will get disgusted to arms all he almost blew his brains out with a revolver Welcome to telblognet we'll drive Miyagi before it became known the real name of the rapper known as Miyagi in a joint project with Dr. Other rappers neighbor endzpil azamatu 26 and he as his partner Endgame is from Vladikavkaz in the childhood of the child can be called ordinary if not for one detail and which rapper himself does not like to remember it and it is

understandable because in 7 years the boy got under a tram How to tell the miyagi he was on the verge of life and death doctors miraculously managed to save little Azamat also in the network are actively rumors that the alleged rapper has incredible everything as a risk to dangerous situations, moreover, the illusion is seriously telling how Azamat played the Russian rudder and even raised himself in the head from the trunk that with him Merefa already for the second time in his life the rapper himself calmly refers to similar stories. Sergeyev explains that people like to embellish and accustomed one or another story to the fact that in reality my brother shot a shot Well then it was 19 years old and it all happened by sheer chance He found the house not working gun Channel soldered And the barrel shot I do not know

how it happened I never shot and do not understand weapons I hate guns maybe the case with my brother and caused him to repulse please well that and this time it cost the doctors cured brother No it does not appear the brother of the rapper suddenly found the gun was disassembling it and almost knocked out the brains of the word. The father of the miyagi is a very famous surgeon. The head of the center of Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery of North Ossetia, it was Father who insisted that after school the son be trained in the medical academy IO the mystery of a good son listened to his father graduating from the academy ...

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