You owe the government NOTHING!

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Here is how much you should have to spend on taxes: $0. Such a number sounds ridiculous I know, but hear me out. Taxation should be voluntary. The government can offer specific programs, but if yearly revenue isn’t generated for it, it means the public does not deem it worthy, or, a private company offers a similar service for less money. The government can hold the money for that service until revenue is later generated, or cut it completely.

The purpose of this is to control wasteful government spending. There is no realistically possible way the government became over $21 trillion in debt with efficient use of funds. The government has created many copy programs, all doing the same thing in the same area. If one government program isn’t effective enough, they create another one to replace it, hopefully more efficient than the first. But the big problem, is that the first program isn’t cancelled. The reason sited as “it’s too expensive to cut a program then to start another”. The exact same reason old, arbitrary laws are still in existence.

Voluntary taxation brings about competition between private companies and the state, which is good for everyone, as it raises quality while simultaneously lowering cost. The state would have to show that it can provide the service at a reasonable cost, while also being useful to the constituents. The private sector would have to make a higher quality and cheaper alternative to the states operations.

One point of contention normally brought up is “who will pay for the roads?”. Well the answer is, private companies and the government can both pay for the roads. Private companies usually do it 4-5 times cheaper than the government does. The government chargers on average $1 million a mile, while private business charges $200k through $300k per mile. And to recoup costs, they charge a toll. Obviously it isn’t a fully fledged argument or idea for the entire country, but many counties and cities throughout the country have private roads to great success. You probably drove on a private road without even realising.

The thought that government is somehow necessary, and even worse, needed to provide services that nobody else can is ridiculous and how the government grew so big. We need to demand for our power back. Government is meant to serve the people, not those who work for it.

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I don't believe with goverment, and i agree with you. They use too much money from us

I really wish the general population was mentally strong enough to realize this

I wish that people actually had the balls to stop paying there taxes like i have and fight if need be to take back our liberty. Bring back propaganda of the deed