Canada is so green - Single Shot Photography

in landscapephotography •  11 months ago

Hi fellow travellers,

For 15 days we have been in Canada traveling around BC in our van and the landscapes are just breathtaking. So wide, so vast, so pure. Especially when the sun and the clouds come into play. I just love the light playing around on the mountain tops and could watch it for hours.

wetlands green.jpg

Single shot photography Category

Photos that I am the most proud of, all-time favorite photos that I make during my travels. This category is about that moment when you take a picture and everything feels just right; the moment, the setting, the light and magic just happens.

All photos are my own work.

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Very beautiful . It looks like a fantastic land .. good for you
an amazing picture . Well done
Thank you for sharing‏..

Wow I was totally like that looks like here, wait that is here...W00t W00t BC for the win very nice photo!

That is so true, light is everything. Especially when the sun breaks through the sky.

are you coming to Vancouver Island at all? If so, let me know. I have quite a few contacts and suggestions I think you would enjoy 😊


Ah yes that is actually on our plan to end our trip. Everyone has been saying we should go there! We should be there in a week or so and stay for around 5 days :)


Hello @toocurious I own a coffee house in Victoria come on by for a latte :) 102-284 Helmcken rd :)
Also a good place to stay and get refreshed and do laundry is Fort Victoria rv park just down the road from us.
Enjoy your stay on the island, it would be fun to say hi.
CHEERS for that.......
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@thomasjmitchell Where on the island do you live? I'm in Victoria

Hi @toocurious . A great image, I really like the composition and how you distribute the space, the color also very worked and with very soft and natural tones, very good job dude;)

amazing view, thanks for sharing!

Great clicks all your photos are amazing

So Beauty ^^
I always wanted to go to Canada. Wonderful countries.

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Nice LOTR vibe

amazing, really beautiful scenery. I love it

Very beautiful. in the busyness we need to travel a little bit. Because the human mind is good and its talent helps shaly....

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Yes i agree place is amazing .Iam sure in that river allot of wild trouts .

Piękny krajobraz, dobre zdjęcie.

@toocurious Beautiful place, amazing photography. British Columbia is the beautiful city.