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I do not know if you have fun on the Internet, but I do. And this is an app that many many people around the world has fun playing with... So who is going to be the first one to make a SMULE APP/Frontend for the millions of KARAOKE singers out there currently paying $10 a month to sing songs about shitcoins?

  • It needs to be a phone app to sing in
  • it needs a web front end
  • it needs upvote functionality

Are you up for the task?

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I always thought you were funny and now you have such brilliant ideas :P be the first before someone does it

I pay for SingSnap every month. I paid for it this month and I will be paying it for it next month.

I would be really excited to support this type of app here!


I hope you do better than this guy. ;) lol

I am amazed at the Success of the great Shitcoin Singer, and want to show everyone that this is the FIRST video and this Smule video is the SEQUEL

so watch THIS one FIRST everyone!

and then watch @mrviquez amazing Remix of it as a Hip Hop / Rap Version of the Fyrtsikken Shit Coin @fivestarmedia


Waooop 9ce 1 very creative.

Where’s elephant coin near the bottom? Cause it’s so heavy!

omg I died. Very funny @fyrstikken. You are a genius and should get out of the shit-coin business and start working for Disney LOL!

I love Steemit’s crazy Viking @fyrstikken❤️😆😂


Truth be told, I discovered SteemIt because of this crazy viking!

Bacon Steem.JPG


Seriously @frankbacon? You and I have the same taste in crazy people....hahaha <3



That's a nice app.

Haha!Thats amazing.

I think there's no shit coins but only shit traders and shit whales.

lol this is cool 😂😂


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Hahaha that's really funny!!!

Awesome app will get full support karoake singers :0

and we are also happy to hear this news

Hey @fyrstikken POTCOIN is not a shitcoin its the future of the world economy. But I laugh at this video, you are hilarious and interesting.


I like potcoin, it gets high

That freaking hilarious

Now this is one app I can get around lol..
Come one developers, give us an app

Hahahahaha!! Really funny my friend. Nice app!

that was actually good.... i really enjoyed it no bs...

I liked your post, I'll try, there's no better way to win than doing things you like. is the first post I see of you, I'm thinking of continuing, greeting from South America

I could not recognize you after this cool undercut hairstyle. You seem to be totally different in it.

This is a very creative thought provoking post.. I know of a software engineer. I'll give him a shout and see if he's keen @fyrstikken. I believe in this, because I produce music. I also believe that an initiative like this is relevant for mass adoption as not everyone (in fact it's only the minority) is into cryptocurrency content..

That must be the best app ever. Fantastic application

just got back from a long day at work and yes a can take some shit coins tooooooo.......

Dang Sir @fyrstikken, your videos perks me up! No more need for coffee when you are around. :D

"No, i don't want to trade shitcoins." :v

Wow this is a wonderful idea, great innovative idea. Thanks for the suggestion. This app is truly gonna be fun for all

I'll trade shit coins with ya. great vid

Not knowledgeable in this of this nature sir.


Freaking hilarious!


hahaha. We should do a duet. 1 place #openmic guaranteed.. :D


DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SMULE is really a great Karaoke App... I like it a lot... but somehow during recording it does not yet play the reverb, only when I have sung in my part...Maybe because I am not yet a paying customer, but only use the free version ?
yes, would be very nice to have such a Steem powered app...

When Larimer made SteemIt, he had no idea that he would create a Dapp that would single-handedly challenge and conquer the worldwide "America's Got Talent" demographic - or that @fyrstikken would win Season 1 of the show...

I had just found one on a google. Would you like the link


hi...nice post .thank you..

its coin very good ,, and app is just owesome

wow its really very very funny . cool .... @fyrstikken you are genius boss. . thanks for sharing . really happy to hear this news

Thats a great app. It's a big achievement for steemit community. I also appreciate your beautiful video.

Hahahhaha, Amazing App. Thanks for sharing

Do you want a ton of pipcoin
Okay buy!

I love this post, very creative

The app paying $10 to singers who release track bout shitcoin?now that's shitty kpa n im loving this shit

LOL. Maybe wolong is right opposite in that shitcoin building :p

You are different thinker about a app in a current world...

This is great! I'm new to Steemit and I normally don't use many apps, but this looks like a blast.

haha check out our news - upvote 4 upvote

hhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! this is good

Ha ha, awesome man, tiger coin, elephant coin, now don't know which coin, we are literally living with shit coins. Great song and awesome background music with add on effects. As i always say, you can convert conversation into effective music. Thanks for sharing this awesome video piece with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

If we could sing song about shitcoins, shittokens, and make memes about them as well that would be amazing!


And please let them only take a maximum of 5% beneficiary rewards lol That way I could sing out upto my hearts content :)

It needs to be a phone app to sing in

Sing in or sign in? I would be satisfied with a quiet one, @fyrstikken ;)

BTW, excellent video :)

Hahaha very funny...but making money should be real fun, right?

Resteemed for my followers pleasure!

I'm @tomfreeman!

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I am trying to get as much people as I can in the discussion. Thanks.

Saludos, interesante publicacion. en verda me gusto. gracias por compartirla.

good for the singer community

very interesting information..just cant wait

Karaoke just got more better than ever ;)

Awesome app will get full support karoake singers :

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You have some amazing pipes, Dude!

You doing it right ! you make as fun. Let me try this app too @frystikken

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I will always pay SingSnap every month. I pay it regularly this month and next month.

internet itself is fun. thanks for this

interesting, greetings

That was epic lol I actually sat through the whole fucking thing.

Haha! It's really funny. I will absolutely try it. And i think your voice is so cute. Lots of love sir @fyrstikken