I'll Trade My Wire Wrap Jewelry For Steem

in jewelry •  last year

Or SBD. Or Litecoin. I'll make it custom. I can do a lot of designs.

Here's an example

I can do designs like this too

Or even like this

I tend not to make overly complicated designs and prefer to remain elegant and simple.

The one above is for sale still if you want to buy it.

If you want me to make you a custom pendant wrapped in Sterling Silver (I can do earrings too), just leave me a comment below. I will wrap first, show you a picture, then you pay. You can even pick out the stone. You can see the rest of my work here:


Or just hit that upvote button if you like my work!

And stay tuned as I will be bring much more art, music, fashion, video and books from Artopium.com real son! Love you all!

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Wow that's cool! U can use steemgigs.org to post your future ads like this too. 👍


Oh ok I'll check that out. Thanks!

And I do very much like your fine detail and tight, precise work!

I am slowly venturing into the "will work for Steem" world. Its a bit complicated, but have sold some items and used the proceeds to power up. #happystore is another place that is trying to get some sort of a market started and @happyme will resteem and promote your efforts. I have looked briefly at peerhub.com and it looks like they are growing and another option to sell your work for steem.


Hey, good to know!

Prices are just to low for me to spend right now, I'm all HODL right now, otherwise I'd be getting that Blue Lace Agate. That one looks sick. I'd just pick it up with cash, but I'm totally broke right now. I should be getting my theft (tax) return soon. When I do I'll buy a bunch of this on sale Steem and pick up a pendant or 2 from ya.


your steem is no good here anyway :)