We turned a school bus into a hostel on wheels - The Nomads Bus

Hi everyone,

I know the tag introduceyourself probably is best used when you just start out on this platform, but we just finished this video and for me, there is no better way to introduce ourselves and our project to the Steemit community than watching this video. I really hope you like it, we have put a lot of work into it.

Here is a short summary of the video, but the video explains everything so much better, plus you get to see a lot of great images of one the most beautiful countries in the world!

For 3 years we, as a family with a 3 year old, have been living in a American school bus, one that we converted into a hostel on wheels. We take guests from all over the world to the most beautiful places in Europe (at the moment mainly Norway) and experience unforgettable road trips together. The guests become a part of our family for a brief moment in time and some stay friends forever.

Life on the road has been very interesting to say the least and even though we had more than our fair share of bus breakdowns, it can never compare to all the unforgettable moments we experienced thanks to our house on wheels. It’s been 100% worth it to keep going and conquer the many challenges that have crossed our path. We want to share this beautiful video with you so you can the potential our hostel on wheels has. The freedom to be able to choose a new backyard every day, to sleep in a comfortable bed no matter where you go, to meet like-minded people and to offer our three year old daughter the opportunity to discover the world and herself. Sometimes it might look like a fairytale, it is because of years and years of perseverance that we are where we are at this moment and it's time to focus on all the beauty and positive things the bus has brought us, brings us and will bring us in the next years.

A million thanks to our friend Jitze Jaap Osinga who created the film.
Copyright 2018: Letsbenomads

Check out: www.letsbenomads.com

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All the best to all of you and please let us know in the comments what you think about our project, we are always ready to improve based on the feedback we get from our community.

We upvote sincere comments and our long term Steemit goal is to build a true 'traveling/living on wheels' community that can support each other through a strong on and offline connection. If you want to collaborate with us in any way, just give a shout!

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It's a great and interesting idea of a mobile hostel. Living on road, traveling to different places while meeting new people on the way and earning and making friends ...that's simply awesome.

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What a great video and awesome idea for the bus and your travels! Thanks for sharing this post!!😎


What an amazing idea for a lifestyle, while bringing up a little one.
Have you had other family's on the bus before?
Do you only travel during the European summer?


We have had a couple of families on the bus and one has booked for this summer as well :)
We travel all year round and this winter we did a part in Austria and in Norway.

"We don’t like to go places where the tourists go" - the best way to approach traveling. Love your lifestyle and video!

Watched the entire video , loved it and followed. Norway looks beautiful but also cold, too cold for me to live. Haha


Thanks! I love cold, so for me it is a good fit, but I must add that Norway isn't as cold as you might think. Summers are really nice here :)


Yes I'll visit only in the summer haha

I love this!!! Very inspiring and I can really relate to how you guys are as my wife and I live a pretty nomadic life. We would love join you to just help out!!


Ha, lovely, just let us know when you are around!

Incredible!!! what you are doing is simply incredible! I mean it is just amazing how you are able to transform the van. I sure will not pass on the opportunity to ride in one.



This sounds like a great adventure, which is actually your life now. You are a very brave family, but most of all you set a great example for the little one! Good luck. Following @toocurious

Hey guys! That sounds awesome! I'd love to jump on your 'hostelonwheels' during my travels!! Following @toocurious to keep posted!!

Feel free to check out my blog, I'm the backpackingchef and would love to cook for you all on your bus some time!!


Hi, I just read a bit through your blogs and this is actually the way we started out, we traveled the world for two years on a very tiny budget. If you are ever in the neighborhood you are more than welcome to stop by :)


That's good to hear!! I'm sure we'll cross paths sooner or later!! I look forward to it!

My favorite part about what you are doing is that, for the moments the guests are with you, you are including them in your family. In my opinion this is the most important part of the experience you are creating. You are quite literally creating a "home way from home" which for the traveler is a lovely, grounding feeling. Say hi to midnight sun for me !



Freedom living ❤️👍🏽

This is awesome! When I backpacked Europe a decade ago I would have jumped on this in a minute. Who knows, maybe I'll still need to go and check this out some time. :) Looking forward to seeing more videos as you continue your journey.


Thanks, and I would say it is never too late ;) We even had a 60 year old Finnish woman on board.

Thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful and amazing way to live!

amazing idea, looks like lots of fun had a great time watching it!!!! thanks for the amazing share!!😆 😉 😊🤘 👌

wow, this video makes me want to got to Norway, it is so beautiful. What a great life you all have, full of such amazing adventures. You do well to share your space with so many different people. I do not think I could manage that but really happy to see that you have made it a possibility for so many to enjoy this way of life. Yeah to promoting life on the road xxx

Creative. Would love to buy a school bus to do things like that too. I am always Too Curious just like you.

Awesome! Just awesome! Love the whole idea and hopefully, we'll get a chance to be a part of the Nomad Bus in the future!

The more and more we read about stories from nomads, the more we would like to dive in, but there's always something holding us back. It's the FUD of life. Maybe we need to push ourselves 😊


Hi, thanks for the compliment. More and more people are taking steps to live and work in the road. We convinced a fellow Belgian who is a programmer to buy a van and ask his boss if he could work remotely and he could! Life is what you make it :)


Thanks for the inspiring words! And now we know where you're from. We were trying to place your accents whilst we watched the video - we thought of French for Tim and Dutch for Valerie, but we weren't too off - both Belgians! Probably Tim is from the French speaking side and Valerie from the Dutch one?

Going back to your point, life is what to have make of it! So, you decide and make your own path. Like it! 😊


Close, I am from the Flemish part of Belgium, but I worked for 10 years in France :)
What are your upcoming plans to travel?
Where are you from?


Ah close indeed!

Well, Sam is half English and half Thai and Becca is English, but grew up in Portugal for most of her life. We live in Bangkok now and have been for the past year and a bit since Sam decided to do his masters here. Becca is teaching English to earn an income. We travel monthly to neighboring countries as she needs to do a visa run. Didn't want to sign a full time contract and get a work permit as the conditions of the contract restricts her from doing anything, but work for them and also we don't know if we'll be here after Sam finishes his masters at the end of the year. That is why we are looking at all options - stay and work, new place and work, travel and work, something else? Time is ticking away.
Our next trip/run is in two weeks; going to Vientiane, Laos for a long weekend. It should be fun!

Wow - Tim /Valerie , this is amazing adventure and lifestyle. And what a great idea to make is a hostel. 3 years 20 countries is would have been an experience of lifetime. You got an amazing setup on the bus, my favorite part of the roof top dining table - what a brilliant idea! Fenna is so cute and blessed to experience this so young ! And yeah the moment seems very magical when then deer came to her.

The video is well directed and shot with some mid blowing landscape of Norway. Drone shots are super cool ! Only felt first few minutes of background music is bit sad tone

I saw an view of another couple with a Dog on Netflix they also built using a american school bus. Any specific reason you choose only an american bus.

I love change to , Best wishes to you guys !


Hi, thanks for your kind words!!
Yes the deer was kind of crazy, I felt a little bit insecure about the whole situation, but in the end I believe these are kind animals and wouldn't hurt a toddler.
Why an American schoolbus? Because it gives you a blank canvas when you take everything out of it, you can strip it down way better than most European busses, plus there are too many of them in the US, so can buy them quite cheap ;)
The other couple we have also heard of, we started earlier with our project than they did and we are hostel :)


I see , thanks for the info. Yes yours is a unique concept.. best wishes !

Hey! I'm a digitalnomad myself and I really admire the kind of innovation and creativity you put into reinventing the traveling and living style.
Thank you for this sharing!
(We should find a way to get you connected somehow with the @neomad platform)


Cool, I am looking for digital nomads to create a strong community on Steemit. I am all up for ideas. I think it could only make us stronger and give the living on wheels community something to rely on, because there are a lot of things that we could benefit from, like sharing parking spots, tips for traveling and living like a digital nomad, etc. Are you by any chance in Norway this summer? Or where are you based?

So cool!! Dyou think it would be possible to pull a trailer and have it grow food for you?


We actually thought of planting plants on top of the roof, but I don't think they would hold.. A trailer would be great, but the thing is already quite the challenge to drive on these small roads in Norway :)

This video is awesome. My husband and are new nomads as of 8 weeks ago. We are still in our home town for the next 36 hours and then on to travel the US and want to start traveling the world within the next 2 years. Your traveling hostel is super creative. Thank you for the time and effort that was put in to making this great video that brings your story to life.


Thanks a lot for the compliment! Do you have any working plans?


We will be working in Yellowstone National Park for the summer. Then on to the Sugar Beet Harvest in October. My husband @jbreheny and I will be blogging and creating video of our experience while working on the road and interviewing full time travelers. Check out @jbreheny first interview at https://steemit.com/travelfeed/@jbreheny/full-time-traveller-interview-series-episode-1-meet-rob-ridgeway-and-dottie

It amazing post thank for sharing

wow i would like do the same the next year

Great video and awesome idea for the bus and your travels! Thanks for sharing this post!!😎

This is really awesome

just followed you! I wish I was young and able to do what you do! I guess I'll vicariously live through you guys!

Great video

What a great idea. I think this type of thing should be more popular. Is there any more chance of seeing how you have it set up or even a bus build video if you have any footage from when you started. Being in Australia it will make it a bit hard to book a week travels with you guys.
My partner and I have a bus and plan to build it out this summer.
Great production value on the video.Keep up the good work.

This Is Amazing.. I love the idea and Everything else... You Guys are just Too incredible and Divine.. Thanks for this Post..

That's such an awesome way to live! Awesome :)

Great video and an inspiring story! I really wanna visit Norway too - Followed you :)

Wow guys that was a ton of fun thanks for sharing - followed - can't wait to see more from you - going to check out some more of your stuff now. All the best ! E.

Great video @toocurious 💪

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awesome job

To be candid, I'm moved, I have got no good voting power but I'm glad to send you some amount, and I'm sorry it's small but, I really love your creativity and intelligence. My regards to your wife and your little jewel. I really thank you for the good upbringing, maybe I will try and bring my first born up this way too. Lol.... mine may not be as long, but I think months will be cool instead of years. I really love this....... Please, I don't know how to get in touch, your LinkedIn link, or discord will be preferable. And I would like to partner with your video editor maybe in the future he could help me too, as I will start my blog too soon. please how can I be linked with him?

Norway, I may consider starting my career in this country. Lovely...


Thanks for the kind words, our videographer lives in Holland and is a very busy man. I can always ask him if he has time for a project, what would yours be about?


I don't wanna share it here, I'm sorry, but I think if I could get your discord link I will try and connect... Mine is @kuboskeey#9931. I released mine because I've recieved some links in which I have tried to connect, but all efforts proved void


We can discuss more there.....

Great post!!

Amazing video guys! You guys are living my dream. :D

Greetings. How can I join to this journey ?


you can check our website for the detailled roadtrips this summer :)