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in intrepidsurfer •  5 months ago

Simple. Vote for your favourite surf photo. 

All you have to do is to upvote one of the photos in the comments section that takes your eye. 

Vote open to absolutely everyone.

Voting lasts until 00:01 hrs in Peru on Sunday.

The photo with the most upvotes wins. In the case of a tie, @intrepidsurfer will be the tie breaker. 

Good luck everyone.

Read the opening post for week 14 of the Steem surf photo giveaway here

If you would like to read my posts, then find me here @intrepidsurfer

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thanks. Waves helped with making the shot. Super fun that day.


I have a feeling that week 15 of this contest is going to be a little busier :)


Its looking that way. Seems to be more interest gaining.


This one is very good ..

Hi, that's a cool contest! I'll try to participate for the next one!
I've got a question, is it normal that i can't look at the photos of this post (the one in the comment) in full size? Maybe i'm missing something...
Anyway, thanks for the contest!


hey @brsim and we hope to see you participate in the next contest. I will post it tomorrow evening (Peru time).

Yes the photos in the comments are the max size. If you click on the intrepidsurfer tag. It will take you to all the submitted photos and posts about them.

Having it in this format makes it easier to view for all to vote :)


Got it! Thanks for the answer!

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This is the best action shot