Remember when a guy drove a car through some people at Charlottesville?

in informationwar •  2 months ago 

Kind of hard to forget isn't it? Wall to wall media coverage about some guy who "drove a car through a crowd to kill them" and ended up killing one person and injuring several.

But what about when its the opposite happening? And it is being done to a Trump, will it receive wall to wall MSM coverage for days? Granted nobody got injured or killed in this.

But you won't hear almost anything about it because the left has done such a great job of turning anyone who is against them into "others".

It goes without saying, using terrorism or trying to kill/injure people is a stupid and tyrannical way of trying to implement your own personal system of control. Don't let the govt and MSM brainwash you into thinking your fellow man is your enemy.

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....yet some (maybe a minuscule amount) of your fellow men, DO see you as their enemy.

Human nature is what it is, and evolution doesn't try to be 'nice'.

So whatcha gonna do?

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