Ready for a New Oscars for Terrorists Propaganda?

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For Sama is Hollywood's newest entry in the Academy Awards in regard to the war propaganda against Syria as usual demonizing the victims and glorifying the terrorists and whitewashing their crimes.

Nothing new in Hollywood's acts, they feed on the masses, they've been in bed with the war criminals since the very early days. Propaganda is an essential part in any war, especially when the aggressors need to justify their aggression. What counts in the war media is what stands the truth checks, the war against Syria since its early days was already exposed to the Syrian people that's why they never joined the US-led campaign and the US and its cronies had to import terrorists from all sides of the planet, literally and call them Syrian Opposition!

Hollywood went many leaps ahead with the use of its special effects and the most advanced technologies in producing its propaganda material, it taught these practices to news layouts such as Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Channel 4, and others. And when there was no news they created and staged news:

And so on. We have extensive reporting on such practices on our site, just type in Google Search: "" [mention the western news agency of your choice]

Miri Wood has analyzed a number of Hollywood plays, including the recent one and brought us a tutorial on special effects, the use of CGI, setting the stage, showing children bare naked skin for sympathy drawing, and more in her latest: Hollywood and Syria: The Uses of Enchantment in Crimes against Peace

Your objective comments are always welcomed.

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They really feed on the blood of the people in other countries as well as their own, how much evil in their souls there is....