Carry Protocol : A Blockchain For The Offline World

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Carry Protocol and the offline data revolution

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What is Carry Protocol?

Before going into specifics, I want to inform you that the whitelist process starts tommorow, the 14th of june. In case you want to invest in this project, you should be ready for it. You can find the whitelist information and requirements here. And don't worry, the contribution period will be on another date.

So what is Carry Protocol ? It is a blockchain based offline trading platform that connects merchants and consumers. A protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail. The whole system is geared towards enabling consumers, merchants and advertisers alike.

At this point you are probably confused as I was, so stick with me a bit longer.

The problem that Carry Protocol solves :

Silo-ed data in brick and mortar stores means advertisers can't market to these customers or access consumer data effectively for better advertising. The solution to this problem, that Carry Protocol brings, is to incentivize people to share consumer data using an anonymous blockchain based address, as opposed to their name, via redeemable tokens or branded tokens. Rewards are for sharing consumer data or for reviewing advertisements.


Key futures

  • provide a platform for merchants to understand their customers and communicate with them

  • enable consumers to control their own transactions data and monetize the information

  • offer a new advertising channel that is effective and transparent

The Carry Protocol offers :

  • Crypto-enabled payment terminals for offline businesses. (10,000+ terminals in place tracking $2 Billion in real spending offline, thanks to Carry's key partner company, Spoqa)

  • Branded tokens for offline brands and shops-the "loyalty points" of the future

  • A wallet API for payments that enables consumers to manage their own privacy and optionally monetize their transaction data

  • A targeted advertising system based on the opt-in transaction data blockchain

There will be two kinds of tokens available :

  1. CRE - It is pronounced "carry" and it is the main token in the Carry Protocol. It can be used in many ways, one of the primary ones being that consumers can use it as a currency to pay merchants for goods and services within the Carry ecosystem.

  2. BT - Branded Tokens for merchants to use as consumer incentives

The Carry Protocol is operated by the co-founders of Spoqa.

spoqa partner1.jpg

Spoqa is around since 2011 and has the experience of growing a business from zero to 15 million customers, with rewards enabled for $2 Billion in transactions annually. They have an existing working system.

The most important thing about Spoqa is that they already have customer-facing tablets installed in 10,000 stores across Korea. The Carry service will be launched on these tablets with an easy update that the merchants can easily implement.

Spoqa partners :

spoqa partnerssss.jpg

The Carry team


Interview from Coin Crunch with Carry's Protocol co-CEO Grant Sohn:

If you don't follow this guys, I suggest you check them out, they are doing great projects reviews. Link to youtube channel : Coin Crunch


Function of the Tokens

  1. Merchants must stake CRE to order carry out transactions

  2. They can also use a pay as you go model with higher cost

Token metrics and token economics

token metrics.jpg

token metrics1.jpg


Why the project can do well in the long term

  • Very experienced team

  • Solid investor backing and possible future partnership with ICON

  • Good plan on how to reward other network participants and to incentivize them

  • Korea is a crypto and POS friendly country

  • It won't have problems with distribution, which is one of the biggest obstacles for startups


For more details on this project you can visit this links

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Recommended exchanges :



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Good day, I will like you to share more light, why crypto price are going down.


No real reason with all the bullish news, probably whales playing with the market... But confident that the bull run will come soon, in the upcoming 6 months.

Good day, I will like you to share more light, why crypto price are going down.

Interesting technology, good read. Definitely a company I will keep my eye on now. Thanks!

So you get tokens for your data or watching ads and then you buy things with the tokens?


Consumers get tokens for their data. They will need to agree if their data can be used. And yes, consumers can buy things with the tokens that they earn from providing the data.


How much is the data expected to be worth?


I can't give you a clear answer on that, but I don't think it can be estimated right now, as the project is in the early stage. I also think it will depend a lot on how much it will be used and how much the companies are willing to pay for that.

For more info, please join their telegram group here : . I think they can provide you with a more clear answer on this.


I think one obstacle would be that they can already get all of your data pretty cheap and most people have very little value to most advertisers.

A good read thanks equ1l1br1um for this article.. I am personally interested now as Hashed is backing this project

Really intersting , every day are changing so fast this financial world, thanks for sharing

Really nice project!
Good to see on connecting merchants with consumers on offline trading platform. It is going to be revolutionary step for financial sector!! :)
A very nice well-framed content you delivered :)
Thanks for sharing this!!
God bless!

Nice project It will boom watch closely thanks

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Interested read!

Good luck team carry protocol.

Nice project.
The Carry Protocol offers a platform for merchants to understand their customers and communicate with them and enable consumers to control their own transactions data and monetize the information.

Nice. I have upvoted you.. your content is good.

Wow, what I love most about this is the fact that it can be used offline

It will work in worldwide?


I'm sure that their long term goal is to expand worldwide, but probably they will start with the companies they have partnerships with, which from what I saw they are located in Asia. For more info please contact them on their telegram channel :

Is it confirmed that token will be listed on binance?


No confirmation about that. The project is still in ICO, actually holding the presale starting with the 24th of june. Exchange listing will happen after the ICO is finished and the team can't never announce in advance on which exchange they will be listed.


OK thanks project is interesting and offline concept is revolution in bloclchain.

@equ1l1br1um thanks for sharing the wonderful post..

I would to post a related blockchain learning post for your followers, Hope this will be helpful for many and add a value to your current post..

Where were you been? You came after a long time.


Hi man, first I took a vacation and also took care of some personal stuff. And now researching and working on some projects. I will post more often on different subjects, but mostly about cryptocurrency in many departments (projects, tools, opportunities of active platforms, etc...). So I will be more active :)


ahaan waiting for posts :) do you have any update about d-mania?


:) No, didn't look into it recently.


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Incentives for your customer's data? 🤔 Sure Facebook would be delighted. I'm intrigued.


The difference will be that consumers need to agree with their data being used. They can earn tokens for sharing their data in order to be used, but need to agree with it and after that they can buy things with the tokens. So very huge difference.

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this is scam. You look at the team. Two men with the surname Kim. Have you ever heard the name Young?


Before throwing accusations like that based on names, I suggest you visit their website, read the whitepaper, search them on google as a first step. Also join their telegram group , currently sitting at 36000 members here :

And if still not convinced contact the Spoqa company and watch this interview here :

Enjoy !

Интересная статья.Подписалась на Вас.Подпишитесь и на меня.Будем дружить