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A university researcher has figured out how to get a PC’s power supply to make noises. Why’s that interesting? Because it could be used to transmit and steal data. Yes, the irrepressible Mordechai Guri has found another weird way to exfiltrate data from an air-gapped machine: using singing capacitors. I bet the CIA is quaking in its boots at his “POWER-SUPPLaY” scheme.

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Our thoughts: unfortunately, this is not new. We've known about this risk for many years. This reminds us of people learning about sim-swaps only after they've been hacked and five years later discussing them. Just like cell phones are not secure, no digital device is secure. There are mechanisms in any digital device to steal and transmit data (yes, even printers). While people may develop new techniques to jump air gapped networks, these have existed for many years.

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