4 Days Tour to Bangkok Thailand

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You heard that little voice inside your head telling you to see the world? Do it! Get a passport, see a map then choose your destination. Need some help? Chrisann Travel And Tours can surely arrange everything from your visa to a tour package that is suitable to you.

For first-timers, our advice is to start in Asia. Many might say... "If you already came from Asia then the plan is to go on a country that's just nearly next to yours.. You just waste time and money."
In fact, India might be a little dirty, maybe Cambodia looks ordinary to the eyes of a Filipino. But if you travel to Asian countries, you will surely come back home with fresh eyes. You will enjoy rich culture, exotic places, the food, and the people you will meet. All the touristy stuff!

But for me, the most incredible thing TRAVEL can do to a human soul is when you start to see things differently and feel what globalization looks like on foreign lands. Those countries somehow look the same as Philippines on the surface... but the truth will slap in you the face and start to appreciate whatever advantage we have here in our country. You will stop complaining about 40mins traffic going to work, and start loving our own hot weather. You'll stop seeing other nationalities who can't express themselves as "bobo" because you will understand how expensive Education in their country, and that we should feel grateful for the public schools we at least have.

So before your next complaining session about the Philippines, our home, this Government. Always remember that people in other parts of the world are experiencing worst than ours.

See what leaving my country for a little while have done? Imagine, what travel can also do to you. What lesson you can take at the tail of a flight.
Travel is more than pictures, it's the experience and life realization while you're on the road.

Thanks to my boss Ate Anjie Chris Ann Travel And Tours and kuya Choy for taking me here. Bangkok, Thailand tour is not only an Instagram-worthy trip, this surely makes every individual to become a better version of themselves.


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