Erdogan's Grey Wolves Attacking Antifa on the Streets of Vienna

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Thugs loyal to the Turkish Madman Erdogan bringing their culture to the streets of the Austrian capital Vienna.

Dozens of the so-called 'Grey Wolves', a group of radical anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood thugs, attacked a house where an Antifa rally in Vienna after the latter escaped a road fight due to the support of the Turkish Kurds who Erdogan's regime is bombing their villages relentlessly in northern Iraq and southeastern Turkey.


No sign of the Austrian police, either they were taken off guard or they preferred to watch both protesters finish off each other.

There's no real count of the Erdogan's thugs, some sources were telling they were only around 100 while others put their numbers much higher.

A long time ago we sent a Syrian youngman undercover to one of the schools of Erdogan's followers in Turkey to understand the mentality of the followers of Erdogan and he returned with a very dark picture of thousands of Turkish youngsters radicalized within religious groups, our 'spy' said their loyalty to their leader is far more than to their religion.

Syria suffered of waves of terrorist attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, the first of such was between 1976 and 1982, the terrorists would blow up any place in any city taking the lives of dozens of innocent bystanders, in one incident in the city of Damascus and not far from where I personally was they blew up a massive bomb near the Azbakieh bus stop in Baghdad Street opposite a military recruiting agency, more than 240 civilians were killed and more maimed in the heinous attack and I was thrown several meters away from the pressure of the impact, luckily I wasn't hurt but completely shocked.

The main factor forming the Al-Qaeda FSA terrorist group is the Muslim Brotherhood Vanguard members, using the same tactics of their fathers in the late 70s of the last century. The current chief of al-Qaeda Ayman Al Zawahiri is a Muslim Brotherhood, FYI.

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why didn't the police in vienna catch these turkish thugs?

They destroy wherever they go, even Vienna the peaceful city is now full of Turks, bad.

AS I watch the unfolding of events @arabisouri, I feel sickened by what is transpiring. While I understand warfare (not Empire building) I have never understood the wanton destruction of civilian targets that seem to be the norm today. There are several of these (I would say "Criminals" but that would give them credit for something) useless POSs that seem to think like drumpf and the earlier Great Britain that they deserve everything they want.
I truly hope that someday the world will grow up and realize that we are all in this together and stop the murderous criminals that inhabit the fringes of society.
Be Careful and stay safe!