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I decided to rest in the room alone, but a Chinese friend invited me to dinner. He said he would cook Chinese food.

It turned out that dumping was dumpling.

I was hungry and wanted to eat quickly. I raised my arms and joined the dumplings. And they gathered one by one and eventually all the hostel guests gathered together to make dumplings together.

Foreign workers working in the dumpling factory.

After filling the boat with dumplings that she owed herself, female guests gathered in front of the beer and began to relax.

Courtesy questions that come and go

How long have you traveled?

Where are you going after this place?

Where was the best?


The flowers of each other are in full bloom, so I don't know why. It seems to be a natural flow of conversation for no reason.

Japanese, Hong Kong, Chinese and Korean. I don't know if you noticed each other's love stories, but no one was open to everyone.

Korean and youngest, I carefully brought my thoughts.

The story I brought up, and the thoughts I have so far are like this.

Don't love if you're traveling. Don't fall in love if you can.

Studies have shown that the appeal to Lee, whom he met while traveling, is greater than the general situation. This is due to the common interest of travel and feelings that have been dry for a long time .

Traveling with good reason while traveling is the best story in my opinion. How happy it is to travel with someone you love.

But I personally find it almost impossible. It's very my subject. Each plan and thoughts I brought when I started my own trip.

I have to do these things, but when I fall in love, it becomes very difficult to continue . Also, if there are different routes, you will have to break up in the middle.

How can we handle having to fall apart from each other in love? Can I continue traveling after that?

Even if you see something good, you don't know how to eat it. Soon this would not be a journey.

If so, the best and worst thing that can lose both love and travel is 'love during travel'.

Said my thoughts and said a Japanese person next to me.

"I wish I had met you earlier and heard this story."

And the Hong Kong people sitting opposite

"You're right. I've been experiencing what you said long ago. Six months ago."

After hearing the love story of the two of them, my heart was strengthened. But what does the human mind do?

Over time, the flow of the purpose of this trip and how to solve it began to gradually appear. As such, goals and processes are becoming clearer and clearer.

Then suddenly my mind control wasn't working, so I'm afraid I'd also fall for someone. I'm afraid my trip will be chaos. It's a big deal then.

In the meantime, every time I go abroad, I have to do it properly ?.

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