The Office: That's What She Said!

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A few months ago doing a retrospective of all the series I've seen I realized that there are few comedy series I've seen, I made a small list and of course could not miss series like: Seinfeld, Friends, How i Meet Your Mother, Two And a Half Men and even recent series like Rick and Morty or Bojack Horseman although these last two have in their plot other more genres and I'm sure I'm forgetting other ones, but recently and casually being bored watching TV, something that I don't do so much anymore, I set out to see Two And a Half Men, since at that time they were being shown on TV, however I realized that this series aged badly, I did not laugh at any of the circumstances of the chapters and his humor seemed ordinary and simple, and all this without speaking of the last season that after the departure of Charlie Sheen this series collapsed even more, but it is strange that a series that at the time I liked quite a lot when I saw it again, I saw it with another perspective and is no longer what it once was. And many will wonder: ¿What happened to The Big Bang Theory?, that series if it's great and good, to sum up, I think The Big Bang Theory is rubbish, period.

But after the disappointment I felt when I saw Two And A Half Men again, I wanted to see some comedy series, but one that really made me laugh, so I decided to go for one. For several months last year I had heard and read that The Office (the USA version), is one of the best comedy series, but I had never given the opportunity, both its UK version, as the USA version, are considered the best comedy series, but I decided to see the USA version, because one of its main protagonists is Steve Carrell and I consider this actor as one of the best as far as comedy is concerned, has an absurd and quite physical humor that makes it suitable for my type of humor and so I started watching The Office.

While the first season is the most normal, so to speak, from the first chapter you get an idea that the central point of this series is the character played by Steve Carrel, Michael Scott, he plays the boss of one of the branches of a paper company, but his role as a boss within that company is something totally unreal, is a boss envious, sexist and even racist, but due to the great performance that Steve Carrell makes it impossible not to be amused by every action that this character does for almost every season.

The Office, as I already mentioned, is about the life and daily life of workers in a branch of a paper company, every day in this office is a nonsense after another, wars between colleagues, deception, but above all, absurd situations that are so absurd that it is almost impossible not to cause a laugh, that's not counting the great performance that all the characters do, because although many do not have much interaction within the series, each of them brings what is necessary to make the situations within this series really fun. In addition to the fact that we must emphasize that much of what is done in the series is totally improvised, something that is really difficult is a comedy series, many times when you see the bloopers of The Office you realize that many of the scenes that were left in the final cut of the chapter were improvised by the actors, because what added to the fake documentary style that has The Office, is able to create situations that feel real, despite the absurdity and crazy that is seen, is a very good in this aspect.

Although in the last seasons due to the retirement of Steve Carrell from the series, it meant for me a big drop in the quality of this great series, because as I said, this character was the main axis of The Office, I could enjoy the rest of the seasons, because the inclusion of some new characters, despite not filling the gap left by Michel Scott, served to complete the development of some characters and finish plots that are happening for some seasons now. The Office is currently my favorite comedy series, I haven't seen the UK version yet, but having one of the greats of humor as Ricky Gervais is, besides playing the same character as Michael Scott, I'm sure his role in the original version The Office is as good as Steve Carrel's.

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