Indian Delicacies / Goan Fish Thali / 08-04-21

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Greetings from sunny Goa, India!

Goa is not only known for its beaches and the spirits but also for its delicious FOOD.
Particularly the fresh catches right from the ocean. The Goan fish thali's has been somewhat of a staple over the past years with traditional Goan fried fish & curries served with love on a platter.

Its comfort food that'll fill you up, lip-smacking and easy on the pockets.
If you're taking a trip down to Goa be sure to go for one of the most satisfying meal you'll ever have. Promise you that.

My first recommendation would be VINAYAK Family Restaurant in Assagoa.
Its somewhat of a tradition if you're a frequent visitor or even a first timer to Goa you have to go grab a meal at Vinayak.
Always packed with sea food lovers from around the country during lunch hours, the food is freshly prepared and served with love. Must try: Fish Thali, Prawns/Squids/Chonak Rava Fry, Kingfish Reacheado Fry

If you know any undiscovered Thali places, please post in the comments below.
I'd love to go check it out :)