Lighting up a beach scene at night

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A beach night has unique attractions for everyone at night. The lighting makes the beach area magical. The eyes do not believe it is heaven on earth. There are street lights along the beach fence that speads the magical lighting scene.
There are many hotels and restaurants. where people stay all night to enjoy the beach night with great love.
but covid 19 destroying every corner of the world these days. All the beaches of the world are closed to people. there is only diffuse light from street lamps, but no visiting spectators.


bhut he payray tasveer hain ju ka aik magical life ku har tarif phila rahi hain, har tarif aik khobsorat manzar hai, log adar atay hain aur raat ku hotels ma qaym krtay hain aur phar sari raat sahak say lotaf andoz hotay hain.








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