Who is responsible for the triviality on social media? Don't make fools famous

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In recent years, the phenomenon of what is known as 'trend'
or social fame has spread, especially in western countries such as the United States of America, what are the causes of this phenomenon? And how to eliminate the fame of fools, he says like ami 'no smoke without fire' nothing without reason so I will delve into the supposed reasons why naïve people influence the masses.
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An enormous number of people accept terribly the gasping behind scandals and the non-purposeful videos that are not merely entertaining but exaggerated; Those who are submerged would not be able to become stars out of nothing if we did not follow them and publish their works. Our minds are not very much in line with thought and reading, but they find their way to satisfy their needs through the demand for actions that are described as trivial, such as following people who gained fame through a crazy act or through a scandal they committed, or even a stupid act that brought them to the list of the most viewed on the YouTube platform, except that there is The reasons, as I mentioned, are many.

Every person consciously thinks, he should not waste his time and thought in pursuing scandals and absurdities, otherwise he will be a contributor to a lower cultural level.

Ease of popularity through the availability of smart phones for everyone

In the past, the process of photography required money and time, but it remains private and does not publish and the person keeps his photo. Today, all of us have a camera and photograph everything. And when he depicts the most trivial thing, he is a candidate for becoming a star out of nothing, for example, it is sufficient for him to say funny words that YouTube visitors like to mock him and be spread on a wider scale. But this does not mean that the matter is completely innocent. Certain governments may intend to feed insignificant materials in order to increase "colonization" of most components of their people.

The responsibility of some governments to feed the swamps of insignificance

After corrupting the public media in some countries of the world by planting insane and exaggerated entertainment programs and spending huge money in this at the expense of high-end and targeted programs, perhaps the turn came on YouTube sites that are not often imposed by government restrictions, and the visitor to YouTube is free to choose what he wants to watch where it started A parallel campaign that some people see as directed by the authorities to push for the installation of "stars of triviality" in a declared war against everything that is useful and meaningful on social media. The result is that young men from an Arab country asked them about football players and stars of insignificance, and they answered extensively until they became tired The journalist then asked them about the Rightly Guided Caliphs, and they did not know one of them.

To counter the phenomenon of fools fame

Omar bin Al-Khattab Radhi ALLAH says about him, "Let the falsehood die by silence on him." As users of social sites, we should ignore them in order not to increase their size. Their danger became that they became role models for future generations. The biggest campaign to eradicate the phenomenon in the West was by launching the campaign "Don't make fools famous." But we cannot fight a phenomenon based on ignorance without fighting ignorance itself.

Are you finished, my children?

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Should we finish contributing to the high rates of social wasting and offer to follow scandals and go into tracking the symptoms of others? The human soul is tempted to love following the whims of scandals and stuffing the nose with what does not benefit it, for it has succeeded in zakaah and all interest in trivial content will only serve to pledge allegiance to a person who is not useful in order to take the attention of newspapers and websites and to become a star on a throne of a swamp of absurdity fed by some press that is concerned only with making money Its main role is to educate the public and not "subjugate it". Every person consciously thinks that he should not waste his time and thought in pursuing scandals and absurdities. Otherwise, he will contribute to the low cultural level. Do not let idiots be famous and role models. Do not honor your children to be a fluid person who is their role model in life and to build their personalities on A ridiculous act that pushed its owner to set an example for our children instead of being the master of all creation. Muhammad is the Messenger ALLAH Prayers ALLAH upon him

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