2020 Tokyo Olympics will be postponed because of coronavirus pandemic, IOC member says - CBSSports.com

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As indicated by USA Today, the Summer Games have become the most recent major game to be delayed/dropped because of the worldwide COVID-19 flare-up. Universal Olympic Committee part Dick Pound disclosed to USA Today that the games will probably be pushed to 2021, and that an arrangement will be set up on the most proficient method to continue in the following a month.  

The declaration from Pound comes only days after both Canada and Australia said they would not be sending competitors to the 2020 Games in Tokyo. There has been rising concern and discussion over the beginning date of the 2020 Games in the course of recent months in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. With the CDC putting limitations on huge social occasions and the infection proceeding to spread around the world, hypothesis over a potential postponement or inside and out retraction of the Games had started getting steam lately.

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Ya it's unfortunate, but the decision will prevent the further contamination of corona.

Hopefully it will happen soon as many are eager to witness the grand event