Keeping a Promise to a Friend...

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Last week, I was happy to see the community rally and help long-time Steemian @chelsea88 raise funds for her sudden move from Minnesota to Georgia.

As part of that effort, I also mad a fundraising/charity post of my own, which paid out earlier today.


One of the great things about Steemit being on the blockchain is that we can see transparently share and see what activities take place.

So this is a sort of "proof of promise" post to document that I did, indeed, collect and send the rewards from my post to Chelsea.

First, here's a screen shot of the rewards payout data:


I promised that I would share both the liquid and the SteemPower part of the post when the rewards came due... with the SP portion disbursed as liquid Steem.

Here's the proof of transfer, documented as a screen shot of Chelsea's wallet, a few moments ago:


Safe Travels Chelsea!

I realize this may all have been just a drop in the bucket, but hopefully it was all a help in your hour of need!

I hope you find a safer place, and some brighter skies at your destination!


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Your generosity INSPIRES, @denmarkguy! Thanks for being exemplary.


It was just the right thing to do, Erika. She's an HSP like us, and her situation had become untenable.

My heart swells with the love i've received from this community. I'm sorry i'm just now seeing this. Thanks to everyone here at steemit and a big thanks to @denmarkguy !!! Means more than you'll ever know.

GGod i give too my upvote to her, i think it's important help each other in our community as much as we can, steemit it's a wonderful place in these cases ^^

Thank you for helping Chelsea out in this time of need, you are a true inspiration my friend!