Update on Novel Coronavirus (2019-NCoV) Risks

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(NOTE: I am NOT saying that this new virus never kills anyone. I AM saying that it is far less deadly than the news media would have viewers believe.)
The article linked below provides medical professionals with the latest information about the novel coronavirus from China. The authors caution that the dangers are being overestimated, because people who have no symptoms or mild symptoms are not being counted.

Among people who have had severe symptoms (which is a small percentage of those who are infected, and an even smaller percentage of those who are exposed), 2 - 3% have died. To put this in perspective, during the largely made-up H1N1 scare of 2009, a 6% fatality rate was being reported, but like with the novel coronavirus, this number was based upon only including patients sick enough to be hospitalized. Later, researchers estimated that 5,000,000 Americans had symptoms, but only 20,000 of them were hospitalized, so the real mortality rate for symptomatic (not exposed) patients was 0.024% - FAR less than 6%. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/15/12/09-1413_article

Experts advise that you should be far more worried about the annual influenza illnesses to which almost all Americans are exposed (which, BTW, also come from China). " Most kids who die from the flu haven't been immunized against it, he said. And many were previously healthy. "If you're worried about your health, get your flu vaccination," Hotez said. "It's not too late."" https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/924306

"How dangerous is 2019-nCoV? The current estimated mortality rate is 2%-3%. That is probably an overestimate, as those with severe disease and those who die are more likely to be tested and reported early in an epidemic. Our current knowledge is based on preliminary reports from hospitalized patients and will probably change. From the speed of spread and a single family cluster, it seems likely that there are milder cases and perhaps asymptomatic infection." https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/924555

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