Healers, Ministers, Counselors and Elders: The Old Ways and the New

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In olden days — 100's or even 1000+ years ago — villages and communities had healers, counselors, artists, spiritual advisors, "medicine men" and story tellers, just as the world does today.

Even if the local people were sometimes mystified or intimidated by the ostensible "powers" of these people, they were generally appreciated for the value they brought to the community. As a result, these "wise people" were — if not revered — certainly taken care of and provided for, as part of a greater community effort.

Watching the last light of the day...

Perhaps callers couldn't exactly afford to "cross their palms with silver," but instead they might bring a meat pie or a dozen eggs in exchange for wisdom and soothing of their spirits.

What Happened?

As time has wandered on, we seem to have lost our way.

We became "industrialized" and "institutionalized" and now the healers and those who tend to the soul and spiritual well-being of communities increasingly struggle to find time and a place for their trade.

Here in 2018, it almost feels like we have "devalued" the intangible aspects of the Human Experience to almost zero. If you can't slap clamshell packaging around it and hang it on a rack at WalMart, it has little perceived value.

And yet?

It does. Because in our stressful modern times, people are seeking answers, and wisdom, and spiritual guidance in record numbers... while lamenting the fact that answers seem very hard to find. We feel lost and adrift... but it's hard to find anyone to talk to.

Have gratitude for the beauty of the natural world!

Why did that happen?

As a result of our discounting the importance of the spiritual and intangible — in the commercial sense — that "wise woman" or "lay minister" you are seeking advice from is off being a greeter at WalMart or a dishwasher at Olive Garden, or a bartender or something else for 60 hours a week, simply because they have no choice but to make ends meet in this modern world of ours.

This happens because we have been trained to think that their advice "should be free" (unless they have a 10-year college education and $250,000 in student loans), they have had to find other arrangements in order to survive.

I write these words not as a lament, but simply as an illustration of how the world has changed.

There's a fairly popular bumper sticker that reads "The BEST things in life are not THINGS," which comes to mind, here.

People jokingly talk about needing "retail therapy," but trying to make yourself feel better by throwing money at THINGS is never a cure, just an addiction.

We go on the Internet to "find information" and there is a plethora of it! And yet, it is incredibly hard to make sense of it all, and it somehow ends up feeling like an empty substitute for talking to someone in-the-flesh with actual life experience and insight. Even so, many end up "addicted to online groups," while not actually feeling any better.


Being a 21st Century Shaman

Being a Shaman/advisor/wise-person in 2018 is not easy.

I am a minister and counselor because it is my calling, but I receive no compensation for what I do. Although being of service to others is my calling, and always will be, I find that my effectiveness and ability to help is increasingly limited by the number of hours I must spend attending to "gainful employment."

Recently I made the decision to create a Patreon page called "Supernatural Passport" to ask for voluntary support for my work. It is a very humbling experience to essentially have to publicly "beg" in order to pursue one's vocation.

I will write more about the Patreon initiative some other time, but I invite you to think about this world in which we are so often faced with a stark choice between "basic survival" and "doing right."

It seems like they should be one and the same, and yet so often they are not.

Bright Blessings to everyone!

You are not alone!
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