California Sunsets #35 ~ Golden Hour Contest

These are my entries for Sunday's #goldenhourphotography contest hosted by @juliank.

“There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.”
-- Carlos Santana

These photos were taken tonight (Friday) in Santa Monica near Lifeguard Tower 22 with Pier and Santa Monica Mountains in the background.




Santa Monica Location Click Here

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Oh.. It´s like a dream...miracle of mother nature!
Definitely, one of your best shots (for me) :)
Have a nice upcoming weekend!


Much appreciated. Thank you.

These shots are stunning. You feel like you are there. I zoomed in on the last one and saw 2 surfers in the water!


You caught that! I first was trying not to catch the other surfers in the photo. I do have them catching waves but it was too dark to make for a photo.


There was a surfer coming out, so I assumed there would be others and starting zooming in! Short wave intervals, thus why the short boards.

Always sweet how the surf catches the sun!


Sometimes the sunsets are so good that even photos from a flip phone come out great.

Wow these just keep getting better and better, the first one with the surfer is just amazing!


Thank you. after a couple of months it will be boarding sunsets with no clouds... ;)

this photo graphy is a remarkable occasion for a beauty seeker who has an aesthetic thirst for poetic feeling.....

The bloody sea and the bloody sky are amazing. Beautiful photoshoot.

cool photography


Thank you.

Wonderful hues of gold scattered in the sky along with the mighty contrast of dark sea. What more do you need to make a stunning picture of a beautiful sunset.

Beautiful photography

wow................amazing ...Its real view. I love to watching sunset.
Why winter is so beautiful in southern California sunset? Do you know dear @armentor:- ?

Beautiful and natural scene, the evening sunset makes the photo colorful and unique . Nice and beautiful photo @amentor


Thank you.

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wow amazing, very beautiful. thank you for posting this because I am looking forward to your post @armentor


Thank you.

waaaaow my mouth is opened after seeing that big image of sunset

The sky looks like the gold. Great photography for the #goldenhourphotography contest

Beautiful attractive photography....

Your Golden Sunsets of California are always worth a "trip" to your blog!!!!