Playing Bass versus Playing Guitar

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I spent one summer as a kid in the moist cement air of the garage learning bass on my mom’s red four string while taking lessons from my dad, but somehow got frustrated and stopped.

A couple years later I picked up guitar, at age 16. And guitar was cool in my eyes — though I had competing feelings that I didn’t need to be cool, that my dad was a guitar player, that I should play something different and that I could change the world on bass.

When I got into guitar something took me over and I began learning everything I could, playing everywhere I could, disregarded all my family and roommates’ noise complaints, rallied bands together, with one called the Jimbos that still talks of getting back together and now I play all the time. I love it.

I’m glad I did not focus on bass, but still feel I could change the world if I had.

To me that feels like being a entrepreneur. Sometimes it doesn’t matter which instruments you use to get to the next step. Plug in and play non stop because that’s the only way you’re going to get there.

— Capt. Ned

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I have played both guitar and bass. And I also play a bit of piano. I’m pretty good at creating melodies...and layering too. Maybe we should start a Steem band?

What are some possible band names, you ask? Hmm...

Ned and The Detractors
Block Rockers
Oracles of Steem
Linear Against the Curve

What do you think? Any other suggestions?


Good one Nert!


Toxic Douchebag

I tried combining the two most used phrases when referring to the two of you. =)


Hey, that was my line!


Steem Against the Machine


Blockstreet Boys presents Ned and the Scotty Dogs


I vote for The Steemit Experience.


How are you? Miss your condescension! [and the gifs/memes, you were actually more funny than annoying]


How about 'Octaves of Steem' or 'Steem Octaves'.


I love Oracles Of Steem
I'll join the band 😂


You need to pass through series of auditions first before you get a Go pass @julietisrael.


I would probably have my seat and be your guest. I'll be glad seeing Capt. Ned play for me.


Governor and The Relief Valves?

I just posted your first song text.


I have a suggestion.. What of the steem waves


I don't think anything.


This Steem band with Ned is going to be the hook. Top chat of all time breaking America Billboard Top 20 chat, if this gets to happen


Hah, it's funny because we don't know for sure if it's true or not but assume it is based on reputation! :)


The 97th steem squad!!! Im big on music, its what i use as a career, lol, some pretty cool names there though

  • Ats in Chains
  • The Rolling Steems
  • Steem Temple Pilots
  • The Cureation
  • Nine Inch Ned
  • Queens of the Steem Age

afford to play guitar! Do you see the STEEM price?


I came for the memes and this got me 😂😂😂


He saw it, what should he do?
If you were him, and you can play guitar, so you won't play now?









Tell Everyone!

Together we can grow!


Steem band. Bringing the peoples talent over the blockchain

It’s always a working process , you can play either and they can be good in their own ways

Practice makes perfect . Learn from your mistakes

Off topic - suggestion.

@Ned, here on Steemit we have someone who is subatomic particles researcher (Large Hadron Collider at CERN) and he is now for over a year posting VERY QUALITY educational posts about the subject. Btw, he is also organizing for Stemmit members a visit to CERN.

Suggestion: There are some that got delegated steem power that does not deserve it. Why this scientist that is doing such a great educational job, shouldn't he get some? Check some of his posts: @lemouth

Edit: actually I see he is delegating around 5k steem power. But these are kind of members that should have full support imho.


Thanks for the nice mention and the nice words (even if it is a little bit embarrassing, TBH, as I don't like spotlights much :p).

I am sure that ned knows about SteemSTEM (which is the project I co-run and to which I have delegated 30% of my personal SP, btw), and the objectives we have here on Steem (we made a project update yesterday about them).

PS to ned: it was cool to hear you playing... and singing!

Just like me, a software engineer who enjoys playing music with z fingers. I although I'm all pro with bass, I'm glad I didn't over work myself with it though. Now I'm focusing more on rhythm guitar and a little of the lead aspect but all the same, I'll love to pick up my nylon strings and play with you anytime » fingerstyle.... @ned.

Hey man, I'd read yesterday your article about discovering yourself and today watched you singing and playing guitar and I'm having enough to say you something although I didn't want to say anything:
Never lose that sensitivity because it makes you greater and a leader whose to feel proud.


I couldn't agree more @dresden :-)

Como estás by the way?!?


¡Que viva ese spanglish, @surfermarly! 😃
Pues con mucho trabajo desde que emprendí mi propio proyecto aquí en Steemit: The Talent Club.
Si a eso le sumamos el trabajo que tengo fuera de la plataforma en mi día a día y el resto de cosas que intento hacer, se traduce en un no parar pero intentando quejarme lo menos posible.
¿Tú cómo estás?
Vi el otro día unas fotos tuyas chulísimas surfeando en plena cresta de la ola.
Saludos, Marly.


Jajaja a que sí viva el Spanglish!
Me alegro que estés tan busy. Creo que siempre es mejor que no saber que hacer, aunque a veces nos falte un poco de aire y nos vemos algo apurados. Cuéntame más del Talent Club si quieres.
Yo genial, acabo de volver de Bali (una pasada)! Surfeando en la cresta de la ola? Tiene que haber sido otra!!! Jajaja Bueno intenté coger alguna...:-)

Sigue bien!!!


¡Vaya vida te pegas!
De mayor quiero ser como tú 😃
Seguro que disfrutaste del viaje.
Te escribí por Steemit Chat sobre el club y eso 😉

The voice did rhyme with the sound produced by the guitar.
Very cool.
And you sounded really emotional :D

forward @ned you are an example to the world luck and many more success

Ned why don't you use or I notice you only post YT videos? Is there a reason why you don't use Steem Platform for videos?


Tried three times to upload to dTube from mobile :)


Aahhhh... I thought my mom and I are the only ones having problems. We tried DTube and DLive and we can't upload either. Sometimes it worked but most of the times we spend hours and it won't complete :( Thanks for replying! Now you're cool! :D


Oh and whose version are you playing? Lyle or Grateful Dead?


Hello my dear @ned i hope that you're good. This is a special and humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it. ❤

if you were focused on the bass, maybe steem and steemit would not exist and you were playing with some band like "iron maiden".
When things happen is for something your future was not to be guitarist or bass player your future is "here" being an entrepreneur already recognized worldwide.

@ned Not too bad at all, voice and guitar strums. Pursue your passion as the old saying goes. Reminiscing good ol' memories, it keeps us alive!

Awesome cover! I suppose it is quite beneficial to be talented in more fields than one as a CEO. Again, nice job!

Update: Now my dad is binging Grateful dead. I feel like I'm in the 70s.

wher the fuq u been yo?
We got mad work to do and here you are playing with ur noise maker!
tisk tisk................ im not mad just disapointed ned.

cheers yo and its all about that bass!

saw 'em a week ago in Hartford... nice rendition you did here..

Sometimes it doesn’t matter which instruments you use to get to the next step. Plug in and play non stop because that’s the only way you’re going to get there.

Sometimes, you need to create your own passion. And that's will be a good propeller to success.


Very well @Lordjames, it's just for us to focus and know what we all want out of any instrument we decide to play.

Wow, I didn't know you were a musician... :-O

I love that musical instrument, excellent friend @ned, here with my husband enjoying the video

omg is there anything you can't do!? You should start a @dtube channel and upload some of your songs! Nice guitar btw, is that a Fender?

What's with the Captain anointment ?

Talented young entrepreneur! I would always go with guitar since for me it is easier to use and not the complicated though. You really feel in your element when you play such instruments.
Bass is quite complicated to play though.
Singing and playing guitar has been our family bonding.
Good job @ned

@ned, indeed each person has a different tendency in art as well as in life. But to live what is wanted with the maximum and istiqamah would have a tremendous positive impact in grasping the future

Haha yes, I learned to play guitar when I was a kid too and stopped after a few years... xD Great video with nice skills on the bass! 👍
Greetings from Germany! Jonas

A steem jam would be cool.

What amp is that you’re playing? Sounds very twin reverb or vox-ish.

Of course I’m on a phone so I can’t tell for sure.

You need to post more stuff like this.

Greetings, Ned.

Pretty cool song you put on. It's funny eaten, I rather play drums, because I find it more fun to follow her rhythm. However, to listen, I prefer guitar solos, like those played by Iron Maiden hehehe

Thank you for posting and good night!!!

You may be geekier guitarist than me, but I got the name first :) Rock on Ned

Of course I did buy a guitar with steemit earrings

Think we all have a case of the alt-coin blues. Keep rocking on.

This is awesome....i live the synchronicity of the tune with your voice...

Lol.... 🤗You were almost sounding like Don Williams, one of my favorite country music singer.

Nice one @ned

That was a pleasant surprise. Wasn't expecting blue grass.

Aside Cryptpcurrency, never knew you could play guitar at the same time sing so good. You should upload with Dlive or Dtube next time, you need to be rewarded for your talent. You are good


This is @ned.... Did he tell you he needs the reward?
Can't you see he even declined payout? 😂


Very funny my friend. Surely, I know the payout was cancelled. Was only pointing out that he should use Dlive or Dtube for the posting next time since its a steem based app.
Regardless, even the richest man on earth still need money. Ned's talent needs to be rewarded.

@ned You're cool, playing musical instruments is like steemit the constancy makes you better day by day

Hello Ned. It is really important to carry out the activity that you are satisfied with and for which you are qualified. Parents are a guide to start, but it is important that we trace our path. I do not know much about music, but it seems like country music that you play. Congratulations for doing what you like ..

What would happen if you had chosen the drums ? :))

I never had the interest in trying out bass guitar back when I was really getting into music. I think probably because everyone and their damn grandma was playing bass in my highschool. Made it really hard to try and jam with people when you only know one or two drummers and 12 people who play bass.

Well, probably that and I'm really into metal music and always have been. There are so many crunchy and insane guitar solos and riffs, I couldn't help but pick up the guitar, haha. Learning guitar was rad though as a kid, lots of good memories and ridiculous songs being written. I'm hoping in the next year or two I can pick up a guitar and get back to writing music. I really miss playing, yo.

Talented man - next Put your Song on dlive ;)

This is so inspiring @ned. You're actually motivated me, thanks! ♡

Our CEO has posses multitalented personality, young energetic, musician ,artist and dynamic thinker.Heads off to you sir and thanks for steemit .

Guitar wins over bass my old mum used to always say, oh no wait. That was me.

Nice playing!

Playing instruments isn't my thing and I have a lot of people around who are good with guitar.
@ned, you're good at it and I believe you could still change the world with the one you know so well and mustn't be with a bass. Like you rightly said...

It doesn't matter which instrument you use to get to the next step. Just plug in and play non stop because that is the only way we're going to get there.

You are great sir @ned.wish you all the best

I also played guitar before and it allows me to play wonderful music and enjoyed every moment learning that instrument.

If only the world could change.. I would have loved to change it too (smiles).. I only wish to enjoy my living in a world perfected by God ..

I really appreciate this post if it's trying to relief us from the tension of steem current situation.
For those patiently waiting for HF20 and decides to listen to the Base of Blockchain technology pray that God goves you and your team grace and strenght to carry on till we all smile.
@ned play on so we can listen and dance on.


Yaaay 💃
Let me get my dancing shoes

I use to play the violin as a kid. Use to drive e my folks crazy. Hours a week of me sounding like finger nails along a chalkboard I’m sure. During the winter times the strings would break often because they were kept in a colder room at the school. So it was not a very cheap thing to be involved in either.

I miss it dearly. Sometimes when I’m listening to a heavy string instrument song my fingers still move as if I was trying play something. All the fun and interesting sounds people are able to produce these days. One day I would love to get into it again and play rock along with other styles of music on a violin having the right equipment to do so.

One thing required for us to fulfill our dreams is determination.
It's a good thing you didn't focus on bass though.
Being talented in more than one field makes you a force to reckon with.
You sounded really cool 😎
Great one

I knew you could play. I taught myself guitar when I was 16. Now several decades later Steemit gave me incentive to pick it up again.

Nice one, feel free to join play your music on dsound or dlive, XD

Yeay!!!!!! 😂😂😂

You are good at another exclusive thing..... Music is life am sorry if I offend anyone who is not doing music

You dropped bass for guitar and funny enough guitar is harder..... You really have good taste for music and I have this soft spot for people playing guitar most especially ladies

I left bass for drums now am a professional drummer and for the Record your voice is cool.... Keep soaring @ned


You really don't have to do music 🎶 to know that music is life
Music really is life, there's no argument about it.

That is nice sir @ned . I used to play my guitar sometimes and it's true for me that guitaring relieves my stress

You sound really good on guitar! I like music from this time period. That song is from 1970 and I like early Grateful Dead, especially their first album since I'm a 60s music kinda guy.

I like the analogy of using different instruments to get where you wanna go. It could be through music or programming - both are a means to compose something cool using the respective tools of the trade and a passion to create. When things settle down here and you have time for your next adventure, maybe the Jimbos will rock the world in a similar manner to how Steemit is doing it now.

@ned I must confess I had to settle in to listen to those strings you pulled if you hadn't been a writer on steemit we would have mistaken you for #passenger playing a folk rock kinda genre.
My dad loves musical instruments in which he doesn't play any but he really want his kids to play at least one of them in which he registered me at a coaching centre but I never went, I'd prefer to stay at home and play video games. But presently I am in a full regret about this because most of my friends now play musical instruments.
But now I am fully interested in pulling strings too, would go and register myself at a guitar coaching centre this weekend and would soon make a post with a video of me pulling strings just like @ned just did.

How cool's that!? Wherelse in the world would you see the CEO of a company playin' the guitar (pardon: bass) than on the internet of value...?

I already wasted some amount of money and time trying to learn various instruments I come in contact with,but I end up giving them out to friends whenever I get tired of learning.... Now that I see @ned playing the guitar, I fee like getting a guitar .....i pray I don't get fed up this time.

Hmmm, I for a moment I pictured you playing the banjo! Steve Martin, the comedian, is a kickass banjo player.


I put a year into banjo too. :)


Play some!


Maybe your next video should be you playing the banjo then, you are really a talent 😎


That is so much ideas and skills put together in you. I will love to see a video of you playing banjo

I play dumb bass guitar too.

I love the sound of your guitar, here also some sound, I also wait for you. Ned.

Nice, I picked up the guitar at 16 years and then put it in a closet six month later....Fast forward to age 50 and my wife wanted a mandolin for Christmas. She never really played it so i did, her interest turned to guitar and the cheep guitar with the high action put her off. I began self teaching myself on that bad guitar, and she turned to what really came natural singing. It just snowballed from there soon she was our lead vocal in our Worship band me on acoustic and our very talented other band members on drums, lead electric, bass, and keys ( i really couldn't pull it off without them! ) Such a passion, i just wish i had not put that guitar in that closet!!!!

Man! Hahaha you have a good voice, and you play very well like a beginner, jaja. If u can see my latests post i play guitar too, i can recommended to you some good guitarist to learn about how to play like a pro.

Your sound in crypto-god his ear. Hopefully this will then let the right bass down to the crypto world. I would call the hit then Steemspacito

Niceeee, Not only do you shred but it sounds like you’re also a Deadhead! You catching any Dead & Co this tour?

One of my fav. songs great job @ned .

When do you work?

It is never too late, although now you have found another way to change the world.

Hello sir, @ned
There is an unchecked menace of cyber-bullying taking place on your site which chearly goes against Section 15 of your user TOS however seems there is no Mechanism in place to checkmate it. Some people have now become judge jury and executioner in Steemit matters and If you speak against their actions they downvote your comments and all your posts.
Example of one happily claiming he is untouchable.

I hope you look into this cause if unchecked will lead to a massive exodus.
Thank you for your time.

How I think I look playing an instrument :/

Best wishes to you.


I love 2cellos those guys are amazing.


Yes! they are amazing! Good way to get pump up...listen to them :D


Very funny 😂

you are so great, you can change the world in any way, of course with the hard work you can all enjoy it, I am very impressed with you,

@ned guitar saved my life once...
I always wanted to play and never put in the time to learn.
Then all at once in a whirlwind I found myself jamming everyday for 2 years. I had a band and it was some of the best times ever.

Now I look back at that rough patch in my life and think how beautiful it was because I learned guitar. I also picked up bass and piano a bit, but guitar felt the best.

Cheers man. I know you probs never read these comments, but much respect on your character. I think it's rad

We are our fathers children and always trying to have an identify of our own and chose a different path. We are doing so in order to prove ourselves that we can be better, that we can do more, but always we end up doing the same as our fathers. I think that somewhere in the ADN we have the path chosen and even if we fight it we follow the same path.
Now, not little times, that path is good and we just enrich the family tree and have a happy family. Other times that path has dark moments and we just hope to surpass them. But, nevertheless, we have the option to do things differently at any time or at least we think we have the choice.
I am still fighting the feeling of being close to my parents, follow their ideals and beliefs, while I struggle finding my own path. While having them both would be the ideal situation, life proves it different. But, nevertheless we are all shaped by the family and it is to us to have the power to take the goods and treasure them for that.

Hello my dear i hope that you're good.
This is a special and humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it. ❤

Is it time to play the guitar? Get a hold of yourself. plz!!!

Yeah, I agree Ned, sometimes it doesn't matter which instruments that you play, just plug in and play non stop.

Practice makes perfect and way to go, I liked your song, you play really well =)

Upvoted =P

You play guitar really well. You will surely get there where you want. All the best!

But the thing is wheter will I get some flags just because I comment under your post? I had to earn a bunch of flags the other day!

Very cool, I like your song.

You have a nice voice @ned!
I soon learned as a musician, having really good musical taste is the hard part. We used to say in music school, learning how to listen, was the hardest part. Anybody can play, few listen.

Bassists can change the world. Even Polish bassists.. ;-)

If you can play at the level of Jaco, or the guy above, you are the show. But there's little room for anybody else ;-)

I've played both 6 string and electric bass, and string bass in orchestras as well.
In 2009, the economy was down, and I just lived on savings, didn't attempt to find a job, and just stayed home and learned 6 string electric for the first time. In a year I sounded really good; "practicing every day for at least 20 minutes" was my personal rule, but it soon turned into a 2 hour session every time.

I forgot to mention, that's when I bought the 10 electric guitars, and hung them around the apartment.. ;-)

I have to say it involve different skill for these two instrument, though it look almost the same from somebody XD. In my point of view, bass is much harder compare with guitar if you put it in the same level. For example, maybe you could play a guitar solo after you practice for about half year. But if you want to play a bass solo, it will take years.

But of course, I love both of these two instruments!

There is one thing about playing guitar, you can always learn a new song, different styles like jazz or classical. Also playing different guitars not only sound different, but they play different. Electric, acoustic, classical...

I've been tinkering on guitars from about 1980 and there is always something new to learn... just like life.


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Wow so cool, and so true @ned !😊💕🎸🎵🎼🎶🎸

Maybe you and Jerry Scamfield can form a duo. . Ned on bass, Jerry drooling lyrics to a song while his shitty beats play in the background. I would actually pay a few SBD to see that.

Finally , after all those months another guitar video eventhough I can't find a lot of time to play guitar right now I have a feeling that I can still rock it , I will contact with Fender and add you to their authorized artist list !

You can change the world with Steem Blockchain.

Steem > Bass

My life's dream was to become a Pianist, then my my brother who was learning drums bullied me into being a Bass player so he could have someone to practice rhythm with. In the end I fell MADLY in love with the instrument and like all things, if you see it as limited then it will be limited. I have dedicated my life to pushing the boundaries on my instrument and have helped out countless people by doing so! Hope we can jam one day together!