Garage Rock From Kansas! Twin Spin From The Morning Dew!

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Possibly the coolest band ever, from Topeka Kansas! The Morning Dew were a very cool Rock band with 2 notable songs in the mid 60s. First we will listen to a great Garage Rock song called No More, then a slightly psychedelic two part tune called Epic The Mann/ Death Is A Dream.

No More is an up tempo dance song that really rocks! It starts with the 4 chord progression, then the rhythm guitar, drums and bass kick in. You can definitely bop your head to this, or stomp and jump around.

Right before the guitar break, we hear one of the most blood curdling screams you will ever hear in a pop song! I'm serious; there is nothing quite like this scream!


I just don't seem to sleep at night no more. I just don't seem to love you right no more. I guess I'll say I'm gonna love you no more!
No more will I love you, no more will I care. No more will I want you, no more will I share!

After another verse comes that scream. Beware! Then the lead guitar really rips and shreds!

One more verse, which is the same as the first, then a few La La Las to work off the tension, and this 2 minute 47 second rocker is over; it is No More.

Get ready to dance! Do Not Attempt the Scream at a minute 21 seconds!!! Your vocal cords will be scared for life!

So that was 1966. Of course 1967 was a completely different year in music! You can thank or blame The Beatles for that. The discovered Eastern Philosophy and possible marijuana or LSD around this time, and their music got trippy.

The same transition happened with The Morning Dew. You're really not going to believe that this is the same band that you just heard above!

It starts off the same way - guitar playing just one chord this time - then the song starts and we have sort of a trippy sea shanty! Right after the first verse, we hear a tasty guitar break. Then back to some lyrics inspired by The Beatles, which build to a crescendo.

Next is a gun shot!

And next, the record dies. Seriously. You have to hear it to believe it. It stumbles around and falls over, dead!!!

But Death Is A Dream! The dream starts, and the lyrics point that out to you.

Death is a dream! Don't you worry my friends. Death is a dream. Come on and smile till the end.
We die every night, and born in the morning again. Living in fright of somewhere we've never been!

Get ready! This is like Nothing you have Ever Heard Before!!!

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