Bioshock on PS4 - what do you think?

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I am extremely late to the party on this one but that is what happens when a vast majority of you gaming decisions are made by the specials the PS Plus Network provides for you.

This style of game is called retrofuturistic, which is a new term for me but I can immediately understand what they mean by that so yeah, that is the the appropriate name for it. It takes place in 1960 in the fictional (obviously) city of Rapture.

From the start the game has pretty impressive graphics and although I did not play the original back pre 2010 this one has obviously been remastered and I gotta say, I dig it: It is creepy as hell, has fantastic ambient music and sound effects, and the background visuals are also outstanding.

One of the things that appealed to me right out of the gate was the fact that aside from the rather long movie played at the beginning, which I suppose is kind of important to understanding the plot, the cutscenes are extremely short from that point forward and a vast majority of the story can be skipped if you are not the kind of player that wants or needs to know everything that is going on. Instead, the story can be found in optional "logs" that are strewn about the map. These are so wonderfully made that I think most people will listen to them.


The game is very metroid-vania although I wouldn't go so far as to call it any sort of open world. You can return to previously visited areas to open up previously unavailable content and there are certain enemies, such as "Big Daddy" (pictured above) that are probably better left until you have a little more experience and weaponry. Big Daddy will not seek you out like the other enemies will and will make quick work of you if you don't have the correct weapon equipped.


Generally speaking, I am not really a fan of FPS games, but I am digging this one but will be honest when I say that I am playing the game on "easy" at the moment. Since I got so many games at one time by acquiring the "Collection" I am not going to try to become a master of this. Some people think this is a weak way of playing a game but well, I'm not 15 and on lockdown in my parents' house. I am in the upper echelons of the casual gamer category at best.

Thus far I would say that I am very happy with this game, but if I had paid full price for it i reckon I would be a bit upset but this has a lot to do with me not generally being a FPS guy. This is one of the best selling game franchises of all time and even though I am getting around to it 13 years late, I'm glad to have been a part of it.

What do you think? Did you play any of the Bioshock games? If not I think this one is a good score for casual gamers and it costs almost nothing on both Steam and in the PS Store. If you are a PS Plus member it is free this month... so get in there!

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i got this in the Plus membership and I kind of like it. I find myself being quite lost on a regular basis and the game (for me, I'm not good) was far too difficult on Medium and waaay too easy on Easy.... Guess i need to git gud

it might just be because the game is a bit old now. I hear you on getting lost though... sometimes I look at the map with the arrows going this way and that and i'm none the wiser for having looked at it. not a fan of the random turret spawns either... it's like "who put them there? I was just in this room. Did someone come in and set these up in the 2 minutes i was just over there?"

lol, yeah but respawns have always been a bit of a mystery in any game right?

That's true, i like mmo respawns that you can see appearing right in front of you, which was especially fun back when people would killsteal since the loot went to whoever got the kill strike in. That was a long time ago though. :)