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The name LIMBO itself is taken from the term Limbo which has many meanings when viewed in terms of religion, culture, and non-religious aspects. In essence the meaning of the word Limbo here can be interpreted as a space and time which is on the 'border of hell', taken from the Latin limbus which means boundary. The mystical and dark atmosphere in the game really illustrates how grim when we get stuck in a situation like this, the situation experienced by an unnamed boy. He awakens in the middle of the wilderness that is not clear his origins, while searching for his disappearing sister.
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1. Gameplay

Playing Limbo first does not feel like playing another game. At the beginning of the game you will be immediately greeted with an opening scene where the light begins to emerge from the darkness. But after a while nothing has happened and you will be a bit confused, there is no game start button or tutorial. I even think this game crashes or hangs but when tap and slide blindly on the screen to try something then the characters on the screen start moving and dititik that you enter into the amazing world of Limbo.

Just like the character of a child we play, we as a player will also be confused with the game. This makes us feel also the child's confusion, no tutorial how to play or interface. This game also only features pause and rewind only.
Your task in this game is to guide the child through the dark plains to reach the final destination. Along the way you will begin to know what's going on. Relax, there will not be spoilers in the reviews this time, just in case you decide to buy it. To move your character simply swipe and hold it towards the front or back and the child will start moving in that direction. You can also swipe up to jump.

As you walk you will find traps, hindrances and enemies. Your job is to find a way to get through that hurdle, but here's where the excitement of the game is. For example you will find a trolley that is blocking your path so you have to pull it. Here you can walk closer to the trolley and then our character will start holding the trolley, you can tap and hold the trolley towards the back to pull it. But remember this is all not being told you should try it yourself with your wits and find new controls.

As the game continues the obstacles and pitfalls become more difficult and creative. One of my favorite parts at the beginning of this game is when you face a giant spider. You are required to use a trap to break the spider's legs but the trap lies on a tall tree. The solution is simple, sensible and requires patience.
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The beauty of Limbo's game is that there are rarely any similar traps or obstacles. Every time you go through an area then the obstacles you face are always different and that's what makes it a very solid game. But on the other hand you will often die in this game (hundreds of times) because this game is not designed to be solved in 1 way. Usually you should observe what happens if you do a or b, sometimes even a puzzle can be solved just by staying and waiting for something to happen.

This is where Limbo also brings his element of surprise, when you're walking slowly suddenly there is a giant spider coming and then rolling you into a cocoon. Or when jumping over a platform that looks pretty safe suddenly heavy metal traps fall from above. It will surprise you, not to mention the dark atmosphere.

Limbo's overall gameplay is cool, creative, unpredictable, challenging and also enough to spur the heart. It is rare for mobile games that have such a quality that players can be made soluble in the game.


Limbo as you see is dominated by black. But it still looks good, you can still see the object clearly because of the use of clear color gradations. Depth of field is also well described so that although 2D but still memorable 3D.

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There is no music in this game but there will be sound effects such as spinning wheel, trap covered and others. Uniquely this game also has no interface, there is only a pause button on the screen and does not also have a main menu. Once you enter Limbo you actually jump into the game.

3.Pricing & IAP

Limbo is sold at Rp. 49.000, although for the size of mobile games is expensive but when compared with the PC version (Steam) for $ 9.99 then this mobile version is somewhat cheaper. You will be presented with 40 chapters in this game and any average hurdles can be completed within 3-5 minutes (if not repeat, which is not possible). So with the price of Rp. 49.000 You will get a long playing time.


Limbo easily became the best game. Traps and obstacles that exist in this game is designed with a very smart, unique and creative. But at the same time we can also use logic to solve it because Limbo is not a puzzle game that the solution is too "magical". You must have this one game.



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Finished this game long time ago and also finished Inside a year ago which was a masterpiece and now i think im gonna play it again on android. Really fun game .... PLAYDEAD is the Best.