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Try Your Luck With Japanese View

Our game is FINALLY online and in operation!
You can try it both ways playing, new way with deposit and steem connect or the old way without deposit and without steem connect!
We are SOOOO excited we can finally introduce you effects of our hard work!

Our amazing artist prepare for your small piece of japanese art and we belive you will all love it!

How To Play

  1. Go to
  2. Login with Steem Connect
  3. Make deposit.
  4. Refresh deposit after a few seconds.
  5. Click on "Steemerald Fortune" and try your luck!

    Or if you don't like deposits, (the old style):
  6. Go to
  7. Choose second tab
  8. Login with your Steem Credentials directly in the game.


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The site asked me for my Steem credentials if I do not deposit STEEM. It doesn't give me the sense of security.

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Hi! It's cause we've got two solutions implemented, one is based on deposit, it's the one you didn't chose. And the second without deposit which is based on live transaction signing process. We are trying to highlight this always.

Hmm. I don’t think I’ll be giving you any of my Steem.


Sounds sketchy?


I don’t want to accuse the author of anything but “making a deposit” doesn’t give me any confidence that I’ll get my funds back.


Well sir, you can withdraw it just after making it, however trust factor always exist. We are doing our bests by increasing value of our site, by preparing and buying valuable graphical assets. I think as the time flies and we grow you would be less likely to suspect us of being dishonest.

Is it provably fair ?

Well thanks for letting us do this one. Looks a lot of fun. I'm in Vegas (born and raised) so seeing this is just a touch of home anywhere I go. Thank you very much.

Nice to see some good news these days,

This could be the best thing that happened to steemit since, steemmonsters....
Interesting... Very interesting.... It could be a scam, but I guess we have to try!
Do you have roulette?



We are focused on slot games and different kinds of them our main goal is to be an amazing slot provider.


I see, well it could be interesting to try, I always loose when I play slots...
Ha ha... But I know some people who get lucky with slots, just not me...

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