Life is really short.

in friends •  last year

Reflecting on this plane ride home from San Francisco to Austin.

On Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. On relationships I’ve made because of Steem. On family.

Sometimes there’s hurt. Sometimes it’s hard to be present. Some times it’s hard to see our friends’ pain.

‪Life is really short in the long view.

So if we care, then we should try to connect and understand.

You may not know I’m thinking of you, but I am. And value our time together, ideas we’ve laughed over and think of you smiling.

— Capt. Scott


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Thanks, for this @Ned. Bourdain’s news hit me hard, too, and had me thinking about mortality.

Here’s a short appreciation that I posted, today:

Sweet dreams, Yahia



Yeah my friend, a boss @ned. Life is too short to be grumpy all the time, life is too short to be a sadist, life is too short to be antisocial, life is too short cause life itself doesn’t know when it will end.


OMG! This is the first time I heard about Anthony. That's very sad. :(

Nice post. Hope you had a fun time in San Fran.

indeed sir ned

Very well spoken! One should never neglect the real importance of the people that cross our way. Might it be for a long or short period of time only, every single moment contributes to the person you are today.

very sad. suicide is not the solution.

62 years is not a short time, imo. Although, it's also, not long enough. He's not even at the retiring age in most countries.

Speaking about how we feel, if something is wrong, should be as normal as complaining about if we have psychical problem. Time and education will get this to the level it needs to be. @ned

Unfortunately it is too short. So we should do what we do in shortly time.

I'm wondering if this is another "suicide" that was not really a suicide. Why would they want him dead, I do not know. I feel terrible if he was suffering from drugs, depression, or both. Blessings that his journey home is a peaceful one.

PS. On a side note, his restaurant in NYC is wonderful, and he had so much talent and was amazing at what he did.

God Speed,

Eagle Spirit

The condition of life is ever changing and subject to influence by everyone we come in contact with and mostly ourselves. We interpret stimulus, act, react, and change every moment. We should not fear living the life we want and should never settle based upon our fears.

Life is truely short @ned. One has to make the best out of it. Thinking and doing quite a lot for steemit? That will transform to new and great developments. Thank you.

BEAUTIFUL post @ned! Thank you so VERY much for such a BEAUTIFUL post! So MANY People are suffering and it is so VERY sad. We all must work together to make the world a happier and kinder place. We all must take the time to listen and help in anyway that we possibly can. We all are in this together. We all are loved VERY much and we all must be strong! Stay positive! Let's all have empathy! Love and Compassion! We don't know what someone is going through. Please be kind, understanding and patient. And again, take the time to listen and try to help in anyway that we can. All the VERY best! Positive Energy! Light and Love! STEEMIT is giving so MANY People hope and help! Thanks Again Capt. Scott! You are GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks for all that you are doing for the human race and for truly caring! Rest in Peace Anthony Bourdain! You were such a blessing here and you are truly missed! I love you all! You all are in my thoughts and prayers! As the Capt said keep smiling! You all are loved! With Love! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

all my condolences for your friend . bravo ned you give us a good hopefulness with steemit #inNedwetrust

woww! Corto pero muy reflexivo, muy profundo, me encantó @ned Excelente!
Yo particularmente pienso que "lo ideal" es decir siempre lo que sentimos y a quienes lo sentimos.
Si amamos a alguien, debemos decírselo, La vida es muy frágil

Me encantó, éxitos siempre!

It is well with our souls

Steem changed my world, I am glad to have the opportunity to tryout before my life is over, steem on ✌️

I am not sure who this man was. I will do some research. I am sending you lost of love and healing energy. I am so sorry for your friend left so soon. 🙏 namaste

Yes life is so short, and it's painful to see the people close to us passed,all we can do isto live our life to the fullest and don't waste every single seconds of our life.

Life is short, but memory will last long. Cherish life and do good. Live, laugh, cry just enjoy it.

I think master @ned is getting melancholic today. Speaking of suicide though, I found out that intelligent people are more compelled to go this route than the average minds.

I don't know the person @ned is talking about but this kind of mental behavior applies to most people regardless of social status.

Nobody nailed it deep than Agent Smith - the supreme exponent of nihilism to have emerged in modern pop culture.

Anthony’s suicide was a shock to the world.

We need to speak up about depression and mental health. We need to let people know that speaking about these things is not a taboo.

God help us all in this race called life!

Stay strong chief, life is filled with nothing, only the memories we leave behind is something

I heard Anthony Bourdain's news this morning, it's so sad :( And it was so weird because I and my friend talked about him and his book while we were having dinner last night. It reminds me I have to take care of people I love more. Hope you had a great time in San Francisco @ned!

It is true our life has a life clock where it will stop working so it is important to connect with everything that is around us and better even here in steemit making new friends and share with them and feel that they are not alone

Rest in peace Anthony Bourdain

We all are swimming in the same river,sometimes we come across with giant waves, sometimes we meet very beautiful seashore where we meet life.
Life is like an unsolvable question,please sir forget your yesterday and live beautifully" today"because today comes only as today.

You may not know I’m thinking of you, but I am. And value our time together, ideas we’ve laughed over and think of you smiling.

Aww...thanks, Ned. What a sweetheart!

yes life is indeed is we have to learn how to love each for them..because if they leave it will be something big we cant replace...

Condolences to everyone who was with Anthony Bourdain, Life is realy short so we should take life positively and treasure it as we are happy on what we do. @ned hope you have a blessed day!

Thanks for creating Steem Capt. Scott, it brings light and hope into many lives, mine included.
The world gets a little darker every-time somebody like Bourdain leaves it by choice.
If somebody that has touched so many lives cannot feel at ease and happy; can any of us?
Can happiness be obtained or are people just born with it?

Life is too short but it ‘s worth when you are able to try a new things and challenge yourself before the time comes.

Everything thank you @ned
From you I have learn to be succes in steemit
Thanks for your efforts and also to make many people in steemit smile.

Many people live like we have all the time in the world but the truth is life is short and only our family and friends with the people we care about can help us make the best of it

I'm thinking of you as well @ned! Suicide is a real drag. Philosophically I think that someone should have the right to take their own life if they don't like it but in practice it is pretty fucking terrible.

Rest In Peace. Yes brother, life is short and everyone have to leave the life's dairy, our every day is like an page of dairy where before turning to next page we remember all the journey of one day and this way days go on and on and on then a time comes when our dairy will not left with any pages and then we become an memory in thoughts of our family, friends and society, we can understand your pain and it's really unfortunate but know one have control over timeline of life.

When our close one pass away the greatest thing which stay with us is memories, now memories will remind you and others and inturn will give strength.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed brother.

Well said @ned. It’s so important to take the time to pause and acknowledge the value present in our lives. We never know what others are going through. Tony’s passing really had an impact on me as well. He was a great inspiration to me. Hope all is well!

Agree with you, dear @ned...
Life is indeed so short so let's spread love and care to each other... So this world become a more beatuful and better place to live...

Have a great dan lovely day....☕❤

Cheers from one Captain to another.

Life is really short - that's true.

  • A really carefree period of childhood lasts for a max of 5 years. We are defenseless, but our family cares for us and includes us with love.
  • Kindergarten, primary school, high school - this period does not last for so long.
    We already have some responsibilities, but it is nothing major. (Most children want this period to last for the shortest time. Most adults would like to return this period.)
  • College - a short period of endless parties.
  • Adulthood - responsibilities, responsibilities, same responsibilities. But also life, love, family, work, hobbies, friends, ...
  • Old age - less responsibilities, more free time, less power, more pain, less autonomy, more defenselessness.

Life is really short - Sadness, pain or suffering do not disappear, but there are also beautiful moments of life.

Steem On!

Totally, i agree!!😎👍🏻

All we have in right now. The past and the future doesn't exist. So enjoy RIGHT NOW.

“I have the best job in the world. If I’m unhappy, it’s a failure of imagination.”

And that my friends is the most tragic failure of imagination I've known in my life. I just sincerely hope it wasn't a drug induced one that would have passed by morning. Either way, thanks Anthony, watched your latest Berlin episode of Parts Unknown - witty, sincere, profound, and bang on the money.

I raised a negroni to you on Friday - cheers!

Life's really short playa. So do something about steem price because I have a son to take care of. So, if steem's price moons by 2310 I am afraid me and my son will be dead by then too. At least this chef died rich, I will die poor too!

Yes. I can't agree with you more on this. Life is short. Which also means that sometimes, there are things that we have to do quickly. SMT is the thing for you. Do something about it. I want to see SMT released before getting old or dying. Please do something about it. LIFE is short bro.

So if we care, then we should try to connect and understand.

We really should be more kind. If we think we are kind, then we should be more kind. A little help, a little smile might be the thing that will save someone from the brink of destruction. There are times that I see sadness in his eyes on occasions that I watch him on TV. He tries so hard to cover it but there are instances that something clouds his face. Reminds me of Robin Williams. Behind the laughter, there is pain.

Yes.Is very short and we have to do what we like.I start a project here with daily blog and i like very much what i do.

Sometimes the apparent is not visible to us. It's good to pause and reflect from time to time... Think about what really matters. Plane rides are perfect for this - especially if they don't provide onboard WiFi..:-)

Safe traveling, @ned.

Life is short, we must make the most of every moment when you are together. any thing can happen at any time...

1st one is the best one!!
its too good!!