Common Sense... or "Don't Judge Me, Monkey!"

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Side note here:

As time progresses and we (meaning the citizens of Steemit) settle into some sort of routine with our activities here, it seems to me that more and more content would fit under the general heading of "Ulogs."

I realize that I seldom write "article-like" things about "specific topics" anymore... I pretty much just write musings and opinion pieces. Which actually makes me happy, because that's what drew me to blogging, in the first place.

No, not when I joined Steemit, silly! When I started blogging, circa 1999.

So I wanted to start by sending a quick shoutout to Terry (aka @surpassinggoogle) for recognizing the value of "The Internet of People," all these years later!

Mountain majesty... near Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Anyway, the Whole "Judgment" Thing...

Everyone seems so damned busy putting others into neat little boxes, these days.

It happens a lot in the political arena (especially) but also elsewhere. On the greater scale of things, I guess I am what you might call "Liberal leaning," but not in that toxic and weird-ass way that's being purveyed these days. More like a traditional... 1950's(?) liberal way; lookout for others, not just for yourself, and common good and all that rot.

The judgment part comes into play because these days it seems like we're all "supposed to fit" whatever labels we may or may not — partially, or fully — identify with.

As in, I don't GET to be "a liberal" who believes in a "common good," while also believing that people oughta stop whining quite so much and instead step up to the plate and practice some self-reliance, rather than sit around and wait for some magical "it" to come around and solve their problems.

Fall leaves

A Traitor to my Tribe?

I remember a particular concept that seemed to arise during the George W. Bush Presidency — in the early days of the ostensible "War of Terrorism" — in which we were presented with this idea that "You're either WITH us... or you're the ENEMY!"

It is a paradigm in which there is no "space" for independent thought.

A paradigm under which there is no room for me to say "Well, I agree with SOME of what you are saying, and I think some of it is outright stupid!"

I don't get to SAY that, because I am no longer adhering to mob rule. Now I am questioning the mob, and that makes me a traitor. Or something like it.

Can we find a BALANCE, in all this?

Stupidity... and Judgment

Anyone remember the McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit?

What IS with this overall deal of abdicating our responsibility for exercising some version of common sense?

And getting back to the main event here... why does it make me judgmental to wonder whether someone who who orders hot coffee (as an example) and then is surprised the coffee is HOT was dropped on their head as a baby?

Because not being able to connect those dots just makes you plain effing stupid!

Now, some people want to get into that as an issue about my lack of empathy and compassion... but I can assure you, I have lots of empathy and compassion for being burned by food... as someone who has repeatedly had the roof of my mouth scorched by steaming hot pizza, straight from the oven!

Yes, that makes me stupid as f*ck, but I OWN it, and it's not Pizza Hut's freaking fault! I judge myself, thank you very much.

And I reserve the right to judge YOU, if you sincerely believe that a "Warning! Pizza in box may be HOT!" label would have made a difference to the roof of your mouth... nope, you're just dumb as f*ck!

Like me.

And you can't duct tape stupid...

As always, comments and feedback invited and welcomed! What do YOU think about the whole "stupidity," and "excessive warnings" and personal accountability issue? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!


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I always enjoy reading your posts since you are such an amazing writer which makes it so easy to understand.
I really love what you wrote about

we all "supposed to fit" whatever labels we may or may not — partially, or fully — identify with.

This is so true these days, but more and more people are waking up and seeing the truth and start questioning things like our governments etc. At least I hope so.

I totally remember the McDonalds incident which was the craziest thing I have ever heard and I couldn't believe what this world has come to.


Thank you @denmark for always awesome topics.


Thank you @joalvarez; appreciate the kind words.

The US — in particular — has become an extremely litigious society, and the constant pressures to "succeed" seems to be causing people to act in ways that defy common sense. Reminds me of something I once heard a comedian say, as part of his act: "I made my fortune the old fashioned way: I SUED somebody!"

It's really only a half-joke, if you consider the state of our modern world.

Had to come and's refreshing to hear someone say out loud what a lot of people are just thinking to themselves! It would be nice if we could just hit the "reset" button and talk to each other like humans again.


I think we've somewhat gone overboard in "normalizing" what I generally think of as "non-achievement." At some point (in the 70's, I think) there was this whole "positive self-esteem movement" under which people started handing out "participation prizes" for simply showing up. And so (it seems) there's a whole layer of people who stopped trying, or just expected to get everything served up on a plate.

but duct tape can make the stupids quieter.


Reminds of a t-shirt I saw some years ago. In big letters:


In smaller letters below:

(just not fast enough...)


similar to the RAH quote.

  • “Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”

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yup...which is why I mute that kinda thing
duct taping the stupids..

Hi, friend,

Your story here made me laugh out loud...

So glad to hear that you can own the responsibility for burning the roof of your own mouth on a piece of pizza... I just had a slice at Costco the other day myself, good old New York style cheese pizza. ;)

I hope you've been voting for Steem to win the Netcoins contest?

If not, please do; it's looking questionable as VERGE seems to be a real competitor.