Breaking Paradigms Chapter 4 - The Freedom I Wanted so, Becoming a Reality - Work From Home - My Target...What Is Your?

in freedom •  4 months ago
Hello Steemians, hope everyone is doing well

On this post I wanted to continue this series of chapters I’ve been working on, the talk on paradigms I find to be very important for everyone, and they were key to my own journey.

I do recommend that you check out the other posts on the subject, so that this whole thing makes more sense to you.

Let’s continue.

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After about three years of having closed the office, moving all operations to my home office, I started to allocate time to take on another journey. To learn the financial markets, and tackling the beast.

I started learning about stock trading, and found myself deep in research for many months.

Believe me, you must focus a lot to learn how to tame the “beast”, it took more than six months for me to feel comfortable on my analysis and take the first steps investing in the markets, but I had done a lot of research prior to that moment as you would imagine.

I can tell you, the moment you invest your own money into a business venture, almost independent of the amount, you start to feel that tingling in your spine. But you have to learn to be cold, have a strong gut, you can’t react emotionally to it going up or down, because that is precisely how you lose the game.

With time it becomes more natural, and with knowledge you become more confident in the steps you take, you find yourself taking bigger risks because you are armed with new knowledge that you did not have in the very beginning.

This phase of my life was very intense, and to explain it in detail would take me 500 posts, to encompass all that I had to research to get my feet wet, but as a general overview, I chose 40 companies that I was going to research about, studied their statements, and determined their real value, this was a way to eliminate the ones that I did not feel comfortable with. In the end I arrived to the conclusion that I would only trade 20 of them.

In the first months I was able to make on average about 1.5% per day on a good day, and with the passing of time, I was able to get up to 3% per day. It may not seem much to some that deal with very aggressive operations on the stock exchange, but I can guarantee you it’s not bad at all. Of course a lot of it has to do with the capital you are investing with and how you are budgeting your life.

For me this signified a great source of revenue, and dedicated myself to this very thing for over a year every single day. After a while, other endeavours started to take up more of my time and staying so long in front of a computer screen started to take its toll. After all I would not leave the computer until I had hit my target of 3%, I was that determined. But I can guarantee you, the revenue I made was more than enough to allow me to have my financial freedom, and that is the important here.

“Having your financial freedom”

To sum things up, the important message I want to leave you with is the following:

“Breaking the old paradigms was the first step for me to be able to venture into a different frontier”

The fact that I decided to work from home was very important so that I could even try to do this, so that I had the time to study the finance market, and build a system of revenue through it. I owed this opportunity to my previous choices.

I would be grateful if you understood the importance of resteem these posts to build a community with a positive mindset. This is my greatest goal here and you who accompany me know! This is my greatest truth and I do with my heart. Many of these information that are useful to you may be important to other people who need information for your personal growth and that is the most important thing to achieve any goal in your life and remember: Give a upvote between you who take the time to comment and discuss constructively. This has happened here and I am very glad to see you helping each other.

See you on the next post


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Dear sir!
Experience is not needed to move into a new subject area, just the scene of your decision and passion is enough.No one comes to maturity by birth, circumstances and problems, making 24 karat pure gold by burning the man in the fire of assessment. It is not important to win but important is to participate.Failure inspires us and motivates us to make a better effort.Taking the time limit, we make some money while doing a government job, but the punctuality of this time is like a chain in the freedom of our thoughts,that makes us a robot machine.The same paradigm needs to be broken.To work differently in a traditional way, always have to face anti-society propaganda.In such heterogeneous situations, who are willing to achieve their objective without distraction, they are able to truly break the paranoia.
We need to look at the world from our own perspective, from the other's perspective, we will be unable to choose the right wrong.Two aspects of life are success and failure, goodness and evil consider this as a criterion to determine your goal and start new thinking of a new era.
Regards sir.


Great comment my friend. Nothing to add. Regards

Hello @chbartist ,I'm happy to find that there also people exist like you who wants to help others. Ups and downs are the part of life. So we shouldn't react emotionally. The profit increases slowly as slow and steady wins the race.
I'm agree with you that we should upvote those comments who have a meaning. In this way we can build a strong community. I'm here to support your project. Have a good day

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Life is all about learning and developing as an example for others. Some become bad example while successful persons inspire others and help them to develop as successful people. But it is not a bad of roses to be successful in life. It takes lots of efforts, energy, innovation, improvisation and determination. Learning from mistakes is very important and so is the mindset to avoid repetition of mistakes.


Welcome dear!


Yes...setting an example for others is so helpful as happiness comes via helping others along life's journey. Thanks for your comment.

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You're welcome!

Knowledge is power but learning is a superpower! Learning from our mistakes is a major factor in success. I believe every successful person would say that the journey takes more than just effort but real dedication. And that is all part of the paradigm!

At the beginning of any work, we do not get success, but we should work patiently. We often get rid of muskilo and we feel that there is no solution now but we are wrong we always have a choice


Exactly, we always have the power of choice!

Me encanto el post, me senti en cierto sentido muy cerca de ese punto de vista.. A medida que pasa el tiempo la cosa va tomando mas forma y uno confia mas en si mismo, para invertir en la bolsa, ese paso es fundamental.

La felicidad esta siendo Libre!!


Exacto, es así como las cosas van cambiando. Saludos

Well done, i've worked from home for years now. I'm trying to integrate learning about the financial markets while I'm doing other work. But I'm committed. :)


But your attitude is correct. First study the market because that is what will make you successful. Success

Thanks for the new direction and for the positive light you are shining on steemit


Thank you friend!

In whatever you wish to attain in life, determination must always be your leader. It keeps you focus and keeps you on track. I have always wanted to get into trading but I always have the fear that I might lose all I have. And also I think I need lots of training to get started. Even though I am determined but fear draws me back. I would say go for it if you really want it. Put fear aside, don't be like me

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But you're right. If you have not studied the market for a long time you may lose a lot. Regards


Okay sir but is there any trading website which accepts a minimum of $10 worth btc? I want to get started from there. Pls can you help me

Great encouragement! Your example is truly my dream to stay at home and have a home office and make the money work for me instead of me for the money. Markets are fairly tough to dominate but its all about discipline I guess. Financial freedom should be the true goal for all that aspire for decentralized future!


Freedom is the best things of life! Success

This is the another side you that you are also in share market I didn’t know that. You are changing the way of my thinking. And you said that resteem this blog so I have done with that I also want that this community should grow more and know your great thoughts

Seriously the first time of investing is always a hot cake and one might even give on the way if one gets to lose his first investment. But that's risk thought. Just like you said, one needs guts in order to cope.

I have always been dreaming of working independently, establishing my own organization and attaining financial freedom and I hope in no distance time I will achiece them.


As sure my friend you will find it if you really want it and fight every day for it to happen. Just do not lose focus.

You're doing well, my friend, you've your own choice, how you'll run your life it's up to you, you've freedom, following your steps some may become success, rest may go faster even more faster, I got a agree with you what you've written thanks for helping us with your experience.


Sir you are big source of motivation for beginners like us. We all want that this community should grow huge so resteemed this.

Off course, breaking the paradigms mean rebuild our mind to be successful in life. Having office in home is a great success, I wish my office in my home. I support your mission totally. Although I'm new here but I'm ready for full cooperation. As we know that union is strength.


Thank you @amir25. You're very welcome!

Hello u rightly said, there comes a point ,"you start to feel that tingling in your spine".... How you maintain patience.. when there is slow or no growth?

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You get used to it, but you have to try to move around a bit and take some action. There are for example short, medium and long term stocks. If you are positioned only in the long term this will be a bore. But if you start moving to the short-term side the adrenaline will start to appear because the risks are higher. REgards

Very nice @chbartist
I think you have lot of patience and determination.
It would be useful if you could please describe how you learnt to understand and tame the stock markets.
Thank you


Hi friend, is very complicate explain about stock market. But I'll think how to do this slowly because it depends a lot on the market and there is no specific rule. But if you are already in the crypto market you can do an exercise to understand the trade. Go to the binance chart for example and see the top 100 coins and start jotting down and analyzing the ones you are most likely to invest. Start evaluating throughout the day and you'll see that there are many trades opportunities to earn 1, 2 3% or more in 1 day.


Thank you
I will do

I'm reading and following your posts because I find it very meaningful especially in my life right now, and what I am going through. It hasn't been easy for me but learning is a process....


Yes, I see your point of view. Learning takes place when there is progress in the process...

I very much appreciate what you share to us.. You are able to enlighten our minds about making a choice and pursuing it.

and staying so long in front of a computer screen started to take its toll.

What bill happened to you? Lately I have a lot of headaches and I think it's because I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, as well as back pain from sitting so long in a chair that is not ergonomic (the dining room chair) 😩


Maybe you need to go to the doctor and see if you need to start wearing glasses and if you already use you need to see if you need a lens that filters out the prejudicial lights that the computer emits or you need a new chair! LOL. regards

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You can say you want a positive community but your actions speak of selfish behavior. This post, in essence is speaking about how much work you put in to "play a game" which was and will always be a gamble.

You see, there's so much technical analysis on Steem and not one intellectual or semi intellgent individual will support that "advice" which warns about how it's not advice, because at the end of the day, it's only a gamble where you look to unload your "stock" on the next fool who'd pay what you paid plus the 3% and without that next fool you're the one stuck holding the bag, waiting for the proverbial fool.

What's really comical about that, is here, you can invest money into Steem Power and you earn much more than 3% simply by curating content. I

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Hello @chbartist,

Interesting! This post means a lot and it shows your learning skills under pressure situations when you are investing somewhere. Learning under normal circumstances won't be as interesting as compared to learning when you are working for a target. You will be eager to dig more and more when you have to achieve a goal. These will be the most worthful and fruitful times of life which teach us unforgettable lessons... Nice Work!!

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Good post

On it! Homebase indeed unleashed the liberty within me! Enjoying the time I have in the world to manage all that I wanted to do, explore and learn. I earn more than what I am earning in a most convenient way than ever! what i learned that I also want to share to you is that we really have to take a step of Faith and be positive that everything will be fine. you just have to be firm in your decision to take other options, shift you mindset/paradigm and learn to embrace the changes. cheers to us @chbartist!

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I am in Homebase less than a year now. It is really no harm in trying other options to see limitless opportunities. Well, it is just taking a risk and be more productive in your time management otherwise you won't earn well. But once you get in track, you will enjoy learning so many things that interest you most at your convenience. break that paradigm that keeps you from moving forward and thank me later! :-)

I'd like the idea of working from home or the so-called Homebase. However, I haven't tried though. I'll try if this will work for me too, in time I guess.

I actually want to try this work from home idea. I just can't try it yet coz I'm afraid of the changes especially when it comes to finances. it's not so easy right? but let's see, soon I'll try if this will work for me too!

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Excelente @chbartist !
Este mensaje... "Romper los viejos paradigmas fue el primer paso para poder aventurarme en una frontera diferente"... sin duda alguna es un toque al ser pensante y logico que lo pone a reflexionar para trazar una raya en el piso como aquellos corredores de fondo...hacia adelante tienes un gran reto...avanzar, aventurarte y llegar a ganar...atras está el la opción del "no intento, el no hacer nada..el no arriesgar".
Le quedo con lo primero...avanzaremos después de la arriesgo...!

Learning and passionately doing work makes person more and more successful