Fresh Cucumber, Tomato, Squash and Chillies From My Garden. :)

in food •  5 months ago

This year I planted a wider range of crops in my home polytunnel garden. Here we have some fine specimens in the form of an heirloom cucumber, 2 squashes, some tomatoes and chilies!

I always aim to grow foods that I feel benefit my health and that are full of flavor and colour when grown my way using rockdust and no synthetic chemicals. Thankfully, this method actually makes everything I grow taste better and grow nearer its genetic potential, so I get to choose to grow whatever I like! This year I started off with a box of 100 sprouted plants and probably about half of them survived to maturity (I lost some just because I am too busy to give them all the attention they need).

I'm not much of a fan of chilies actually - they are truly a case of false advertising since they definitely don't chill me down at all! I'll most likely give my chilies away to friends and neighbours, but the rest of my crops will be used in dinners, juices and smoothies as long as they last.

polytunnel crop sep 2018

If you want to know more about my polytunnel and how to make one yourself, check out the link below:


How I built my polytunnel.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Wish I had my own garden. Mabon Blessings. That is Autumn equinnox or second harvest


Thankyou very much! Well, everything is possible when our own inner garden is empowered :)

Awesome photography, very clear and charming



beautiful pics brother,tree with white flowers looks stunning.


Thanks, yes - that tree was already here when my parents moved to this house - it looks amazing for a few days a year.. It is an ornamental cherry tree - so no actual cherries from it.


thanks for information , can you follow me?i have posted some pictures

wow informative blog and totally awesome and beautiful photography :))



i like very organic

Good. Thanks

Great harvest @ura-soul its a good thing to get your own veggies from your own garden and it tastes way better than from the store. I was also pretty busy to harvest our fruit trees lately. We have one plum tree that got us more than 50 pounds of ripe fresh plums and we made a lot of jam and pies from it. Thats so much fun...I wish you a good harvest season everyone!!

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