Tangerine Travels Visits Tlaquepaque

in food •  11 months ago

My goodness, there are a lot of cool things to see and do in Tlaquepaque! It's like you're at an art fair with vendors selling delicious treats every time you turn around. So much yum! Maddie's sister was here visiting and Tlaquepaque was how we decided to wrap up her trip.

Watch the full video below:

Or, watch it directly on YouTube here

We use this action cam to shoot our videos.


Until next time,
@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.10.56 PM.png

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Greetings, sweet and honey Tangerine Travels.

Pretty cool that your trip is made. I thought it was very funny the picture of this llama logo on your video call. I would like you to tell me something. How can you always be traveling? Paid travel with money earned in steemit? Or take a trip well low cost? I wish I could travel that way, but, unfortunately, there's no way for me, because I have no holiday or weekend. I have to work every day to less than one day's work a day to less than income.

However, if the steemit continues to work well and the price of the bitcoin climb, making the price of the currency steem and sbd rise together, be able to travel and spend some time working with issues relating to the steemit.

I hope this can happen next year.

Thanks for posting and good night!!


Hey @julisavio,

So far, Steem has accounted for most of our earnings but we are also building a YouTube channel that will allow us to have more funds as well.

In addition to Steem:

  • We currently earn about $200 USD per month from Patreon
  • We earn a little bit from Amazon Associates
  • We earn some from people contacting us wanting to donate via PayPal

We haven't made any videos yet with paid sponsorships but we're starting to get a lot of people contacting us wanting to pay us to feature their products/services in our videos. We'll start accepting some of these sponsorships that are a good fit for our channel, and soon they'll probably make up the majority of our income.

It also helps that we try to live pretty frugally. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to get by up until now.


Ahh, OK Miss Tangerine

Thank you so much for the explanation.
Good night!!!

I love colourful flags everywhere in streets.. In Mexico is everything more colorful and more happy :)
btw. 15 pesos for that snack.. it looks so delicious:)

I think the weather there is always to the extreme, right? I kinda love cold weather. I just enjoy the freshness, coldness and the water everywhere. On days like that, i just want to stay indoor all day.

That is one giant meal for Jordan and Meagan. Jordan, are you trying to gain extra pounds like Maddie suggested? Hahahaha

Yes, you both nailed it.

The corns are so big!. Woooow!

Really glad you gave Meagan a wonderful time. She is super exciting too. I like her. I wish her a safe trip back to Washington DC.

I really enjoyed having her around, really.

Well done guys.

It looks very interesting and beautiful place and I dont know why I haven’t visited there so far since I lived in Guadalajara.

I love your video's

I love your videos, there's so much food 🤤

Chile relleno looks pretty good. Tlaquepaque is beautiful I hope I cam visit one day. Great you guys are having fun! Gracias amigos.

Maddie is pronuncing "reposado" right

Tlaquepaque is a nice and busy town fill with interesting places and the town really looks busy with businesses and other activities. it is a fun place to visit and from the video you guys are really enjoying yourselves.

Hello, very beautiful Tlaquepaque, I see that they enjoyed a lot of it, Maddie sister is going to bring back very good memories, what good hosts they are. Greeting

guaooo that great trip I see that Tlaquepaque is a radically explendida city, many places to visit and fun, I also provoked the es esquites he he he, delicious, and good goodbye to megga, I think he was happy ...

I think this is one of the videos that I liked the most, it was really fun to watch. And now I want to eat esquites. Reposado is said reposado :P I think you all pronounce it well :D Saludos!

Andele manitos.
Me encanto Tlaquepaque
Megan comió lo que quiso y cuanto quiso. Genial
Bueno..... Ustedes dos no se quedan atrás.
Por favor Saludos a Laska
Ahora me toca a mi decir "Reposado" o "RRRRRRReposados" jajajajajaja
No mejor le digo Reposado.

Such an adventurous person. The thing that you experience woundrous adventure makes you look like a joyous person.

You guys are inspiring me to start a Vlog... but I couldnt deal with trolls, so I guess no Vlog for the time being hehehe. I would like to suggest (if you plan to travel a bit more) to go to San Cristobal de las Casas, that place is amazing too, is one of my favorites places in Mexico


also, dont roll the R hehehe


The best corn is the grilled one, it is served in its own leaf. Asl for it as Elote Asado.