An Entire Mall Filled With Nothing But Shoes!?!

in food •  11 months ago

A mall that consists of nothing but shoes. Seriously. That exists here in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Watch the full video below:

Or, watch it directly on YouTube here

We use this action cam to shoot our videos.


Until next time,
@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)

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Start vlog with Laska´s tricks is the best way!She is so cute:)
OMG! how many shoes they have there?! It looks like shopping heaven :)))

Hahahahahahahahahaha this is a very funny one and you guys did great. I mean that.

I am really hoping to try out all the amazing treats you guys ate there. But come to think of it, Maddie finished that giant food? Wow!. Way to go. Hahaha

That is one nice looking shoe. I can't wait to see how it will look on Maddie. The colour is perfect too. Love it.

That mall is actually big. Just like the biggest mall we have right here. We have that in my city and it is the biggest in the whole of Africa. I do get my fruits there. Really amazing.

Well done guys. This is post Meagan's post hahaha. Really proud of you guys.


Hello, very good your videos, Go of store and buy shoes fascinates me, the Mexican food I love it makes my mouth water. The mall very beautiful. Greeting

The bike looks fun! I'm looking forward to being there next month. On the Spanish pronunciation, letters are always the same. "E" is always like "egg", "I" is like "ski" ... ni importa la palabra

I believe that you pronounce well, but you could try this tongue twister to see the difference between ere and erre.

R con R cigarro, R con R barril, rápido corren los carros cargados de azúcar del ferrocarril. ERRE con ERRE cigarro, ERRE con ERRE barril, rápido ruedan las ruedas del carro cargado de azúcar del ferrocarril.

Hola chicos
Me gusto mucho el lugar del desayuno. Rico café y rico desayuno.
Si definitivamente deben ir a recoger el desastre de LASKA. jijijijijij
Buen lugar para una lectura de unos 15 minutos y luego toman la Ruta 66 que seguro los lleva a buenos lugares.
Hora de hacer ejercicio con la bicicleta.
Waaaooooo ni hablar de los Zapatos. Zapatero a su Zapato o Zapatos NUEVOS. jijijijijji..... Tienes muchos lugares para escoger.
Bonito los que compraron. Me gustaron mucho. Ahhhhhh Pero no es mi Estilo.
Claro... Primero el entrenamiento de LASKA.
No los vi recogiendo la casa.
Y Jordan ¿Ahora es Mago? jajajajajajaja
Rico ese almuerzo.
Bueno Muchachos hasta la próxima.
Saludos y Gracias

I never get tired of talking about you with my friends, they are the maximum to see their videos make our days

I mean, women do love shoes, but this is too many shoe stores for me! Its great to see you guys are having such an awesome time!

excelente informacion la verdad desde hace mucho quiero una aventura y comprame un par de zapatos pero aqui en venezuela es un lujo buen post

Awesome. I'm planning a trip to Mexico City and Cancun in the summer. I've been getting some ideas and tips from your videos. Excellent work, keep them coming!

im happy as your husky on watching your video. very well presented. Start with a coffee and end with 3.38 USD item.. :D :D.thank you.

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Hi @tangerinetravels, great adventure!

We are @layra , Mexican Crypto media helping people in spanish understand and use blockchain, bitcoin and alt´s in their lives and businesses.We focus on helping people create their own criteria and avoid scams and fraud in the crypto ecosystem.

Let us know when you visit CDMX or mexico city :)
Hopefully we can do something in collaboration

All the best, Saludos

1487391726_viva mexico.gif

For the uber driver, rate him a 1 star... its common for taxi drivers in mexico to do that, if they notice that you are not from the area they would play that kind of trick on people. It happened to me too so please rate him a 1 star