Korean Cuisine in the Beach of the West Sea, Korea

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After looking around the port, I took a lunch in a small local restaurant.
Whenever I dropped by the beach village, I always took the fish cuisine.
But in this village I could not find a restaurant for the fish.

2018-11-15 11.46.44.jpg

Their only menu of the restaurant was the soup of the beaf intestines.
It looked simple, but it is really difficult to make this soup tasteful.
In Korean cuisine, the side dishes are so important, but in this soup the side dishes are simple as below.

2018-11-15 11.46.00.jpg

2018-11-15 11.46.25.jpg

2018-11-15 11.46.32.jpg

2018-11-15 11.46.38.jpg

Actually the side dishes seemed not needed in this menu.
I put the rice into the soup and waited for some minutes while the flavor of the soup permitted into the rice.
Then the taste of the rice is changed dramatically.

2018-11-15 11.46.12.jpg

I didn’t post relating on the cuisine for a long time, because I could not find something special menu.
But this beaf intestine soup was really nice.

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Every country has their own taste of food. In pictures I notice that Soup has many side dishes which is nice.

This is the first time I have heard about this soup! No it's not common in my country. But when I see this menu I mean other dishes I feel it's simple but yeah I also like that simple menu! According to your tone you had a delicious soup at that restaurant! Thanks for sharing such great experiences with us!


Some restaurants have their food very delicious fun... I always love your photography. My lovely friend @slowwalker

How nice that I read your article 5 minutes before lunch. After your photo, the appetite does not allow you to think about anything other than food.

hi @slowwalker greetings from me, Seeing the food seems delicious, but I prefer to see the soup because I really like soup😋😊

When I go to Visit some of my Friends who Live in California we Usually go to have Korean BBQ................@slowwalker

Looks very tasty and probably healthy for you as well thank you for sharing my friend @slowwalker

@slowwalker, Seemed very delicious & nutritious Korean cuisine. You found better meal for your healthy. How much cost included those menu? Soup increase my mouth watering. I prefer those soups much.

Very sweet to see this, this can also fly with some contest on food going on here.
Seeing a dish with aide dishes this much is sweet, love it. 😍 😍.

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내장탕을 정말 좋아하시나봐요.ㅋㅋ

So yummy. 😍 looks very delicious and beautiful! 👌
Presentation is fantastic, Beautiful work, good enough to eat! 😂
Very colorful and Love your article, God bless you.

I like the food on the beach, it's so fresh
It really looks delicious this soup.
I have seen some photos of the meals that you have published and I have seen that the Korean food is very varied and that they look exquisite.
Pity that where I live there are no Koreans, to be able to know their delicious dishes.
I hope you have enjoyed the most of your food.

It looks very appetizing, dear @slowwalker
I hope it was delicious and satisfying.

I like when I eat a lot of different seasonings and spices.
And Korean cuisine is very diverse!

Thank you for the bright photos!

Wow!! Look soo yummy the fish is extremely good but beaf soup is my favourite 😅

That is really other type of posts, that I have not seen in your blog yet, as you say fish restaurant are also my favorite and fish soup is something I know from my childhood, although my husband hates fish soup, especially the smell of it. So since we are married I have never cooked it and actually have never had it. Looking at the menu in that restaurant, soup that is made of intestine, a bit unusual for us but it looks really delicious served. I believe it is a good remedy when you have cold especially to see some green onion.