Yesterday's dinner: French toast with vegetables, cheese and fresh basil. It is a favorite delicacy in the Czech Republic

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Dear friends, Steemita!

Yesterday I made an easy and tasty dinner. Four days ago I baked my bread and yesterday I served it in eggs with vegetables, cheese and fresh basil.

This is a quick dinner that will feed all the hungry necks ;-)

Ingredients :

  • Home-made bread (older)
  • Eggs (salt and pepper)
  • Hard cheese
  • Fresh Basil
  • Tomato, kapie, cucumber, onion, garlic, pickles
  • Mustard
  • Rapeseed oil


1.) Prepare a toast (put garlic on toast)

2.) Break the eggs to the bowl. Immediately add salt and pepper. Mix everything well

3.) Bread with both sides dip into the egg mixture and let them soak up

4.) Fry toast until golden brown

5.) Smear finished French toast with mustard.

I serve French Toast with a tomato, kapie, cucumber, onion, garlic, pickles, fresh basil and finally I add grated cheese

Yummy dinner is ready ...

Bon appetit!

Here is a link for making of bread:

Have a nice day

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I think it is so delicious. It is really a new food item for our country. I will try it in my house. Thanks a lot 4 sharing this recipe.

Wow, if there is any adjective I have to use to qualify it, I will say, this is more than being yummy. This dinner looked sweet or fresh. It will be cool if you can invite me to have a taste with chill 🍷, perfect.

Looks very nice and delicious. Providing recipe is an good idea which can help people to cook at home. Thanks for sharing.

nice recipe i willtry this but if u make video on this that how to make then it will be more easy

hmm.. I feel hungry to see your post ..

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It can be an ideal dish, I feel hungry too

Yum this looks so good!

Ohhh!!!!!! It's so cool!!! Good work. These vegetable toast look delicious.

@ivet wow !!! it is looking so tasty . i am sure you have joined.

Good recipe. Thanks, @ivet
And the photo was very good.
So yummy.
I made it.
However, such bread as you I did not have.
As for the link thank you very much!

And still added to this dish on thing a small fish and boiled egg!